Increase POWER in the HIGH BACKHAND, Badminton Tutorial

in this video we’re gonna talk about the
high backhand clear and this might be the most difficult shot to master except
the backhand smash and we’re gonna talk about four key points to executing this
shot to perfection so the first key point and maybe one of the main key
points is to use the elbow to generate power and together with the second key
point the supination movement the forearm rotation we’re gonna generate
the power this is only the arm the third key point would be to also
utilize the body so as I’m moving to watch my backhand corner I want to
rotate my upper body separately so my shoulders and my hip doesn’t move at
that same time so I’m not moving like this I want to rotate my upper body like
this so when I’m hitting the shuttle my upper body is gonna turn the other way
around the last key point would be to actually
lunch before we hit the shuttle so as I’m stepping I’m gonna use that step to
extend my hip and use that power to further generate power up through my
upper body elbow and fingers if I’m stepping and hitting the shaft at the
same time I’m basically only using my upper body maybe only my arm to generate
the power so it is just like a whip movement looks like this these two steps
are right after each other so is foot hit thanks guys for watching if you have any
comments or questions leave them below and we’ll try to reply you guys as fast
as possible the elbow is what gin

100 thoughts on “Increase POWER in the HIGH BACKHAND, Badminton Tutorial

  1. I enjoyed the video as always.
    I am trying to get out of the habit of tensing up before I hit the shuttle for an overhead shot as this loses power, correct?
    You should tighten grip as you play the overhead shot.

  2. Please make another video hand and wrist video I found the previous video very helpful but I am not able fully implement the technique .

  3. Have you ever got tennis elbow from higher tension and heavier racket when performing backhand clear? I mean like 3u 30lbs

  4. thank yiu for the heart symbol Badminton family. it means a lot foe my channel . as i have stated you guys have been a huge motivation and inspiration to my channel . please pass some feedback inn how i can improve my channel . please visit comment and subscribe to support

  5. This is such a good shot to of the few shots where my return is weak or loose point. Worth learning. Many thanks for sharing.

  6. Could you make a video about strenght exercises to improve power and swing? Not only for backhand, but for other shots as well. Thank you.

  7. I think i have worked out where i have been going wrong all these years. I dont think my forearm rotates anywhere near enough, if at all. Does my raquet strings have to face a certain direction in order to help rotate the forearm? I think my raquet strings face the ceiling so all i may be doing is moving the arm rather than rotating? Any tips on how to correct this?

  8. Any comments on how to prevent shoulder pain during badminton especially while smashing? I wonder if the pain comes due to the wrong smash action or is it normal for all players.

  9. Quick question…
    What shoes to wear? Is it ok to wear Reebok’s (Classic leather ones) or maybe tennis shoes?
    What brand is best and what shoes are you wearing?
    How important to have the right shoes?

  10. thanks for nice videos for teaching badminton, Also one the most important thing in backhand is how to grip the racket and it would be at the corner of racket towards body.
    it would be greatfull if you talk about this also.
    Many thanks and your videos are amazing

  11. I have seen this video many times but still cannot even come close as perfect as you guys…. Really nice to hear the whipping sound while hitting…… Thanks keep sharing videos like this and teach us forever… GBU

  12. What are the basic exercise for elbow so that backend shot is powerful. So is it just the movement which makes the shot powerful?

  13. At 2:57 , you say ' Foot-Hit' Do you mean ' Hit- Foot' ? In other words the foot lands slightly after the hit? Or do you mean what you say?

  14. Thnks for the details. But I try to hit but when I try to supination , the shuttle get sliced n go up to middle court. What wrong I m doing? Pls advice

  15. Excellent video. The only key thing missing is how to switch to the proper grip before executing the shot.

  16. Love from India, your video's are ready amazing and I learned lot from your video's. Can you please create a video for Backhand Smash?

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    Share this video to your friend.
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  18. But when i hit the cock it goes till the midill of the court it never goes back thats why i have to hit the cock and the first court only please i need of the training of the backhand please help me with the deceptions of backhand…

  19. Sir whenever I hit backhand… I feel a painful jerk in my elbow after impact to shuttle… Any correction can u suggest..???

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