India Beats Pakistan to Reach U19 World Cup Final

Yesterday everyone was watching the Semi-final match of ICC Under-19 2020 World Cup. Under-19 stands for ages below 19. The match was between India & Pakistan. Pakistan scored 172 runs and were all out. When it was India’s turn to bat, they scored 176 without losing a single wicket. India had won the match! Batsmen Yashasvi Jaiswal scored 105 runs and Divyaansh Saxena scored 59 runs. Pakistan’s Qasim Akram was run out by the wicketkeeper due to a miscommunication with captain Rohail Nazir that saw both batsmen running to the same end. In the World Cup Jaiswal scored a half century many times. However, in yesterday’s world cup match he scored a century! Jaiswal used to sell Pani Puri and play cricket as well. He sold Pani Puri so that he could continue playing cricket and purchase his gear. He was then selected to play for the World Cup. He has achieved this because of his hardwork. Similarly, If you put your mind to it and work hard towards your goal, you can easily achieve it. All you need to do is work hard. If you keep working towards your goal nothing is impossible and you will easily achieve it. Jaiswal has become an inspiration to many Indians who love playing cricket. You all should follow his example.

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