India Pakistan World Cup Debate #BCCI #ICC

Many people in India are demanding that India not play with Pakistan in the 2019 ICC World Cup held in England. If India decides not to play the match they will lose 2 points. Cricketers in India have different views about this situation. Harbhajan Singh said that India should not play with Pakistan. He agrees with what people want. He said it is okay if India loses 2 points India has a strong cricket team. Harbhajan said that India has to send a strong message, as the Pulwama attacks were extremely shocking. Ex-Captain Sourav Ganguly of the Indian cricket team said that India should stop associating with Pakistan in cricket as well as trade and bussiness. Sachin Tendulkar said that why should India not play with Pakistan? The Indian team is very strong and can easily defeat Pakistan. He said that whatever the citizens of India and the Government decide, he would gladly follow. Sunil Gavaskar said that India should not play the match with Pakistan. He said In all the World Cups in the 6 matches with Pakistan, India has always won, they have never lost a match. This time India give the two points away. No decision has been made yet. The BCC wrote a letter to the ICC. In that letter the BCCI said, they are worried about the safety of the Indian cricket team and the fans who will travel to England for the match. In the BCCI’s letter to the ICC, they urged the cricket community to stop all cricket matches with Pakistan for the World Cup.

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