India vs Bangladesh 2nd T20 Scenario | Cricket Video Troll in Tamil

Hi.. All the 18 Villages peoples are came..? After Don’t say, Paramasivam didnt come, Ramsamy Didnt come, Five guys didnt come, Four guys didnt come. Because, I have more committment like this Once I came, Use me, Understand..? Brother, Hereafter still I stay in calm I’m not male. I will smash them If Anyone trying to stop me, While i beat her, I will kill you I cannot give guarentee to all Hey Stop it, Hey Stop it, please Please stop it, Hello Anyone open the door.. Please Hey, allow me to do my duty what, You Holding AK 47 in your hand, And Targeting on Soliders.? Once I give permission to you, You will shoot all of them..? Sambar mixing fellow, shouting..? Padayappa, Mom.. Don’t Take too much time Finish it, as soon as possible. Ok Mummy Did ironed my shirt..? It ready dude. Don’t Cry, I feel shamed for it Now see me, What i’m doing. What a performance done this guy..? I can’t able to see you in this situation, then how you feeling? Everything is familiar Lioness lion Tata Bye Bye, See you all next meeting..

51 thoughts on “India vs Bangladesh 2nd T20 Scenario | Cricket Video Troll in Tamil

  1. Dil iruntha Australia VA win panungada summa dupakuru team win panitu
    SA series devilliers duplessis Ila so only won Ilana no chance

  2. Pakistan Don't Make fun of the Opposite team after winning a Match that much…Why do You Guys Make those nonsense??A Game Have Winner or Looser…If u wanna Talk about the Dubs of BD Youtubers…They doesn't make fun of other team like you guyss…We are not like u….There is A Nonsense call Mauka Mauka too…Just made to Insult other countries by u Guys…

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