India vs New Zealand 1st T20,2020 Thrilling Match India’s Best Victory

they’re at Kohli for India who has won
the toss is elected to bowl first the and you’ve got the old firm of Guptill
Munro at the top the skipper comes in at three and they so desperate domra who
will have the first say and proceedings and we are all set to go Game one straight past the outside its martin
Guptill set a good time at eating part 508 runs at 46 straight we’re 170 once
the most runs by any player at one venue in t20 World Cricket well that’s a good
start on the up second ball and get dogs under
way it’s gonna go straighter than that otherwise they will that’s at or
delivery is perfectly timed that put him out short they let me strike
that has been exposed he’s he’ll another good stand-in 19 for now after two it’s
a good piece of bedding oh yes oh yes gloves here over the top this nicely weighted couple trade that
beautifully that’s a very cool piece of feeling
it has not been a good night so far – I have at the top of the man at
squealing and then a race away for another boundary for my gut – Oh Tommy
just sounded good when the head stays there and the fire through comes from
ductile you know it’s good no that’s not let’s not grab the crab straightaway
Monroe goes down the ground for four dead not get it will be taken and tahqiq
after being shot as he put a foot on the road no problems in my eyes anyway it
will be the first wicket couple who played nicely for his 30 University
first it’s 84 one Newson downtown and all the way as well
picks up his first six using his freak and another boundary here will run away
from shouldn’t do and that is 54 : Monroe off just 36
Dylan Reese just boy just boy I’m talking about any
that’s a big shot six hands from Keith Williamson and go again trouble big
trouble now for the Indian captain to get this back under control and there is
a terrific start to the side that I’m given at six
so soon hi buyers give that back to shake of the head the ugly house hitter
the only half in it and a big sigh of relief good earnings from Monroe he goes
for a 59 in the New Zealand 116 for two sample size out laughing that is a double strike for India at a
crucial stage how the experience Ross Taylor makes his
way to the crease as he he was in off the road
Japan was ill of the road and I’m not sure anyone’s too happy about their and
blue very very clean the oil Tyler’s been
cleaner they’re petrified something crossed and he found something special
don’t think that used to be the Ross Tyler zone maybe it is again all of a
sudden swagger widest angle it towards the lake Stuber Williamson picks up four
more the guys League side on the chart snored here he’s got shine our job
that’s how it was here and a long way coverage that nobody will strike the sex yes – Bella beer in one hand ball in the
other well done sir inside Williamson gets it past the van
up inside the circle a way to the boundary for four then that’s in the gap
as well wonderfully tied by the New Zealand skipper I’m looking to that gap but midwicket
man he gets it picks up for t20 54k Williamson and then it’s cleared up
slower and wider and nicely taken by the skipper very good innings from K William
said when it comes to an end Williamson outstanding tonight he’s gone
for 51 he 178 report slava on this occasion well enough no
not at all so he’s deceived him suffered as well and in the midst of a brilliant over
tres I of the ketchup so I fir didn’t get underway today he’s
gone for one 181 for five timing could occur that is a perfect
start to the 19th up in the air just over the head of cha cha and a t20
International half-century for Ross Tyler first one in six years white ball
cricket in particular 146 at an average of 44 fines Monroe straightaway overtop of extra cover
football could start to the other for India don’t Shama goes over and goes all the
way Spinelli all I should be out slide it up
beautiful and it’s at the lunch hour second strikes back to seven that’s a
huge wicket for New Zealand it’s sixteen for one thumbs in the gap takes up four
more so an expensive overall though it did take out the wicket Oh Sharma – gone
21 for one that is crisp they’ll tip to start with the slow ball
obviously full he wanted to rethink that is best the integrate
it’s a special shot from camera it’s widely tipped up and into the
boundary for force then to get a boundary this time the
boundary does come and it said the gap srimad wicked not great Tommy but it’s
so short the boundary still comes to KO roll there’s a game timing is bad all
the y46 tryna take opportunity it’s solely underneath taking it
not for a moment that is into the stand
50 the KO low this goes straight up here’s a picture
twos under this one salving good hands good hands
very good hands chris’ll drive so Rahul after with terrific innings of
56 gone and India have been 15 for to trace I young man in the middle with his
skipper instead a quick Anisa wickets and clips obsession for
New Zealand back into the game Tolly goes from 45 it’s 120 153 ship
them do they now stress ours having a piece of it there is a wonderful shot
just five balls into his earnings big shot that straight down the girl Kapoor
from Shiva do men like that the second time back-to-back boundaries for no sex and
as over-the-top as well as it no it’s not sound he gets in the way
sorry strikes for Shiva debate yeah do Veda packs
zhuzi not nine balls Indian out hundred forty two to four and Manish Barney
likes to burn up the order he likes too bad number three number
four maximum but he’s batting number six it’s a bit future claim there is as good
a catch on as you will say off a spinner Mike Hanson mistake
cattle mistake and you get punished that’s a massive moment as well in terms
of potential and swinging sex long way back to these teens in the business and all of a sudden that and the era
back in the driver’s seat again 32 from 22 now this lovely lovely charming
bright wrists not a denizen beautiful placement – glorious on side shots
they’ve got the captain swimming and india cruising furious betting
absolutely glorious very it’s got a little away
did he get there – bailina sensationally to deliver
insulative probably swag negating so much towards India it’s gone hi some that
the longest boundary and over the sphere that posted to 200

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