India vs New Zealand, Cricket World Cup 2019 live score and latest updates

India vs New Zealand, Cricket World Cup 2019 live score and latest updates Neesham. Gets ball six horribly wrong after a tidy start, loses his grip maybe and that is a mile wide. Annoyingly, that means one more ball to bowl and Pant throws everything at it. Thick edge for four through the vacant third man region. Poor delivery in all honesty and it deserved the treatment. Really good duel between Ferugson and these badders, who are prepared to play shots against express pace. That, in my view, is cricket at its best. Tigerish in the field , these Kiwis keep the over to just two. de Grandhomme is a less threatening proposition than some of his colleagues however and Panyda works him around with ease here for some twos. Quick bumped from Ferguson, Pandya takes it on and gets a top edge…. that is going to…. land safe. Ooh, that was a huge risk. Hes a compulsive player of that shot, says Harsha Bogle on commentary, not sure of he didnt want to say hooker on account of their being ladies present, but a missed opportunity to reel out one of crickets most amusing cliches. Further moments of alarm later in the over when Pant blocks one back at the bowler and for a moment caught and bowled is in play but it does not reach him. Change of bowling, rest for Henry. de Grandhomme to Pant. Four off the over. Hot and heavy from Lockie Ferguson and his preposterous tache. Splice jarring fare, just one off it, and thats drinks. Tyers here to take over from Bagchi for an hour or two. Pant, surely the key, is batting well under pressure. And here is Pandya to face up to Henry. The ball follows Neesham, as it must, after that drop in the last over and he is powerless to cut off a good shot from Pandya in the covers. Four. But other than a wide, there is no further score in the over. Henry has bowled seven straight, three for 23 with a maiden. Off the first ball of Fergusons over, good length, Pant whips it through midwicket and Neesham who has just held on to a blinder, spills a much easier chance. It was hit hard but he would have expected to hang on. Herschelle moment? India will hope so.  They run a single. Pandya fences a single through point and Pant defends the next four, nose over the ball and with a bat glued to his pad. Alan Tyers will take you through the next 90 mins or so.  Bouncer from Henry that sits up pat a cake style and Pant pulls it fine for four. He presses on to the front foot and pushes a single to cover. He jogs the first 11 yards but has to get his skates on and dive when Santner gathers and fires in a throw at the non strikers that misses. Pant gets up covered in Mancunian muck … but safe.  Required run rate for anyone who thinks thats the pressing issue right now is 5.39. Lockie Ferguson is coming on.  Sourav Ganguly says that Dhoni dropping down to seven is unacceptable. And it is. Back in a chateau miles behind the lines while the youngsters are left to face the fire and swing of Boult and Henry. He averages 50.58 in 296 ODI innings for goodness sake. Boult arcs a wide down the legside and then serves another up on his pads. The India all rounder glances it fine for four.  Henry overpitches to Pant and the feted young left hander, Gowers a cover drive for four with glorious timing. Henry tests him out on the back foot and Pant, who made that hundred in the Oval Test last year and 159 asterisk at the SCG, squeezes it past point for a single. Karthik falls and Dhoni hides, sending Pandya in ahead of him. Whats going on?  Karthik c Neesham b Henry 6 A ripper! Spell binding catch at point, diving low to his left, so low his knuckles would have been grazed on the bikini waxed square, to hang on to Karthiks square drive.  FOW 24/4 Karthiks long runless spell is scaring Sourav Ganguly who says he has to find a way to rotate the strike. He hasnt been given much to hit and has left prudently so far. Here he plays a good forward defensive, pressing it firmly to point and then opens his right wrist to deflect the ball crisply through third man for four. Boult has three slips in so there are gaps. Karthik ends the over with a beautifully timed forward press that eases the ball through mid off for two.  The fush and chups Kiwi brigade is in fine voice now. Henry bangs one into Pant that trampolines and is called wide. Pant pushes forward to thread a square drive through point for two. He is reining himself in sensibly so far as New Zealand attack him, wide apart, with an immaculately full length, banking on movement.  India need 227 off 252 balls.  The host broadcaster shows how Boult set Kohli up, pulling him across his crease with the first two balls then striking like a cobra: Boult almost does for Karthik who has been defending well with a brute of a yorker that sears away, too and whistles past the right handers edge as he tried to protect off stump. Karthik has played out 16 dot balls.  Pant defends a couple solidly and leaves two more. And when Henry gives him some width he eases a square drive between point and extra for four. This lad can bat. India have even more wicketkeeper batsmen than England and its down to the Pant Karthik Dhoni trio of stumpers  to see them home from here. It helps that they usually have the lowest pulse rates.  New Zealand have found 1.3° of swing this morning. Only four innings in this whole tournament have seen more movement in the opening four overs. Boult swings one into the left handed Pant who twists his wrist to work it through midwicket for a single. Sweet stroke. Boult is making the ball talk. Karthik is struck on the top of his right thigh and New Zealand strangle their appeal. Karthik so far showing better judgment than Rahul.  Indias current run rate, not that its important, is 1.2. They need 5.2 from here. Different priority right now.  India have depended on Rohit and Virat for so long in ODIs. Is anyone else capable of stepping up today? Karthik, who has opened in the past, begins sensibly with five solid defensives. New Zealand have been sensational. Sharma and Kohli were undone by rippers, Rahul by his own indecisive prod.  HUGE wicket!Boult traps Kohli in front and the decision stays with umpires call!Follow over by over commentary from Old Trafford as and contest the first World Cup semi final live on Sky Sports here: Rahul c Latham b Henry 1  Nothing comes close to cricket on days like this. Truly the greatest game. Rahul cracks when India were depending on him and he nicks off. FOW 5/3 Indias two best batsmen are back on the hutch after 16 balls. New Zealands opening bowlers have started like a dream. Right on the money with everything. This would have been ideal for Dhoni to come in ahead of the supremely gifted Pant just to play the Williamson role but theyve sent the young man in.   Kohli lbw b Boult 1  His only hope that it was too high but it was umpires call. India are in nightmare territory.  FOW 5/2 Kohli lbw b Boult Looks dead Any thought that NZ would tear up their usual strategy and go with their quickest gun, Lockie Ferguson, is disabused. And how astute the decision to stick with Matt Henry was. Rohit flicks at one across him, doesnt make contact and jogs two leg byes but is gulled by the next ball, perfect line and length, hint of nibble. Enter Virat Kohli who does get a stride in playing forward, softens his grip and when the ball takes the edge it dies in front of second slip. Kohli gets away with a dabby glide down to third man.  Uh oh, law of averages catches up with Rohit Sharma. Puts India in a bit of dither after the successful run hes had. And gives Kiwis a sudden, early boost. One can sense a spring in their step seeing Rohits back Sharma c Latham b Henry 1 Jaffa, held its line outside off. Rohit had to cover his off stump but feathered an edge as he didnt get sufficiently forward and across to play it safely. FOW 4/1 A hint of shape from Boult, veering into Rahul who elongates his defensive and sprints a quick single as the ball dawdles towards mid off. Clever running. The next ball is dug in and Rohit rides the bounce, tucking it off his hip for a single past the square leg umpire. Rahul defends a couple, leaves one that stays true as it angles a cross him and chisels a defensive push to short midwicket who, after that first rapid single, is on his toes and stops the batsmens fancy ideas.  Trent Boult has ball in hand. Left arm over. Play! And they owe it all to their bowlers and Jadejas brilliance in the field. It has taken too long to get him into the side, but he has contributed superbly with ball and with his jack in a box elasticity in the field. According to CricVizs Fielding metrics, Ravindra Jadeja has saved 41 runs in this World Cup nobody has saved more. Santner fails to collar the full toss and berates himself, kicking his bat. He bunts it down to long on for a single. Boult plays and misses with a pull at Bumrahs bouncer but then hustles two with a hoick across the line. Boult pokes a single to mid off, Santner drives for two more after a fine stop by Rahul and he takes them to 239 with a leg bye off the final ball. India will have 240 to chase. NZ managed 28 off those last 23 balls.  Mitchell Santner picks up the length of Buvi Kumars slower ball and hangs deep in his crease to wait for it and larrups it through the covers for four. But Kumars two wickets bookend his final over and he ends with 10 1 43 3 Henry c Kohli  b Kumar 1 Takes on the longest boundary and falls 20m short. Virat plucks it out of the air, easy as Little Jack Horner and the plum in his Christmas pie. FOW 232/8.  Bumrah begins with one for 25 off eight and starts with a full toss that Latham is kicking himself for not pulling for four. Instead, surprised, he slaps it down to long on for a single. Straining for the yorker, Bumrah serves up another full bunger that Taylor whips through midwicket and again runs two because the field is too passive and deep. A slower ball makes Taylor look as out of touch as he was yesterday as he scuffs it round the corner, his timing all gone, for a single and Latham ramps the slow yorker down to fine leg for two.  Two wickets follow, off the last ball of the 48th and first of the 49th.  Latham c Jadeja b Kumar 10  Kumar gives him some width and he takes it on, carting it over midwicket and the greatest outfielder in the long history of Indian cricket, Ravindra Sir Jadeja, takes a brilliant catch running backeards and leaping to grasp it over his head. FOW 225/7 Taylor run out 74Correction. Apologies. Latham pushed it to mdiwicket and took on dead eyed iock Jadejas arm. Beaten by the direct hit FOW 225/6 Kumar has five balls left of his ninth over. He starts on a decent length and Taylor squeezes a drive past cover down to the sweeper for a single. Latham is treated to a jaffa of a yorker that burrows beneath his hasty jab down and goes through to Dhoni. The left hander gets away with a flick off his toes for two down to fine leg should have been one but Karthik is a bit of a cart horse in the field and they take on his arm successfully. Latham plays tip and run for a single and Taylor drives down to long on and hares back for a second. India seem to be happy to concede twos and save boundaries. With 18 balls to go that might be dangerous.  Many more happy returns of the day to an inspiration and one of my batting heroes . May there be more and more love and bliss in your life, Sunny Bhai ! And in tribute to the great man with the towering pads, Ross Taylor reprised the pace of his debut World Cup innings in 1975 yesterday, the magnificently obtuse 36 off 174 balls at Headingley versus England.  First things first: the weather. Its set fair with only a 10 per cent chance of rain. Ample opportunity to complete the match, then,. As for the state of play , as Scyld Berry wrote last night: New Zealand have 23 balls left to revive their chances of winning the first semi final and the World Cup for the first time. The resumption will make a game of 10 over cricket seem sedate, and a T20 positively pedestrian, when New Zealand try to escalate their overnight score of 211 for five off 46.1 overs into a total which stretches India. Whether Ross Taylor is in good enough nick to kick on after that scruffy, occasionally meek but important innings yesterday, I sincerely doubt but New Zealand, with Lockie Ferguson and Trent Boult, will always have a chance of knocking the top order over, Rohits five centuries notwithstanding. They resume with Taylor on 67 and Latham on three. Since Old Trafford was redeveloped and they switched the square around, the highest winning first innings score at the ground in seven ODIs is Indias 268/7 against West Indies a fortnight ago.  To recap, here are the teams:  NZ Guptill, Nicholls, Williamson, Taylor, Latham, Neesham, De Grandhomme, Santner, Ferguson, Henry, Boult. India KL Rahul, R Sharma, V Kohli, R Pant, MS Dhoni, D Karthik, H Pandya, R Jadeja, B Kumar, J Bumrah, Y Chahal. Telegraph Media Group Limited 2019 We rely on advertising to help fund our award winning journalism. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Thank you for your support.

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