India vs New Zealand semifinal | Analysis of World Cup semifinal 09 July 2019

Friends, Today I am going to talk about a very interesting topic. That is CRICKET. Cricket is not only a game in India. But it is a belief, ideology & religion. I will not talk so deeply about this stuff. I will talk about India Vs New Zealand World cup semifinal match. I have done an analysis on this match that I gonna share you. India’s journey is quite fantastic until now. The Indian cricket team is on the top with 15 points in the points table. Australia is on the 2nd place with 14 points. England is on the 3rd place with 12 points. And, New Zealand is on the 4th place with 11 points in the points table. India is gonna play with New Zealand in World Cup semifinal 2019. This match will be on 9th of July. So enjoy the match. India and New Zealand have played 8 matches together in the ICC World Cup tournament. In 8 match, New Zealand has won 4 matches. Inda has won 3 matches. One match was cancelled. India’s highest total is 252 runs in the ICC World Cup tournament against New Zealand. While New Zealand’s highest total is 253 runs in the ICC World Cup tournament against India. India’s lowest total against New Zealand in ICC Wourld Cup tournament is 150. New Zealand’s highest score against India is 146. This contest is really interesting. Why am I saying it interesting, I gonna explain. It is happening after 16 years that India and New Zealand playing against them in the World Cup. It will be really interesting to see. Which team gonna win after 16 years. Last time India vs New Zealand match was in 2003 in ICC World Cup tournament. India won this match.

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