as DC’s Avon quite focused out there I
love all the first delivery of this game plays the card from the umpire let’s put away by saving a little shot
from Serena not entirely timed to perfection but still first runs up the
back for Pakistan and say this way nice ride that’s a solid blow
that will be first for for Pakistan grassing shot blade cut amazing shot to apply Boston state that’s a good shot
picked on here – hi good timing the output is just a little
bit on the side important darling that one beautifulness
Claire once again hitting the ball India and getting the ball in the right area timba destroyed
that’s the furthest one down and the Indian supporters and the Flies
obviously ecstatic so up always gone for days hit you NFA that has a very very
good shot just the one bouncing over the right shot right shot very very well
played by side on my slide ever pitched that time let it go the treatment which
try squaring the wicket the shop excellent strength little catch out of the blue Robert Dravid has taken
a stunner going over the top first ball that is
faced one bounce and then trickle is onto the
boundary road they could be run out the finger goes up and yet again we see
in some our Moon hub being run out that shit before
hit well enough and that will bring up seitan was 15
he’s been quite superb this morning mr. Gatchell the
to users to apply it nice and fine third man has
got some work to though he’s not going to get there
this is sooner his pads and justice rallies and I were talking about the
importance obvious if your honor staying out there
he’s chick one straight down deep squeal extra there it is his 20th One Day
Internationals century and I guess if you’re gonna go 200
against India in an atmosphere such as this or an outstanding innings Missy’s Mira Inga’s we’re looking for a breakthrough very quick on target little lazy and
anticipating that length led all around it but a wonderful innings he’s out of it a lot but he’s got parole
for it you know I guess that so what Matt just takes him on straight away
well to it here we go it’s gone – you got the distance on it is 200 and safely
caught brave but clever and more importantly successful that’s a good head a lovely hit
inside-out one bounce over the rope that’s not away fine he’s got something
on it has gone off with Ebola and that
particular reason for runs let’s put a big one – mom you’re coming
underneath it it takes it comfortably let’s roleplay please trap beats the
manatee point just what Pakistan wanted this stage from getting the boundary and again beautifully placed
and this is a terrific finish for Pakistan consecutive boundaries will
take them to 273 and that is a Spore they’ll settle for after winning the
toss and deciding to bat first and the great was a background is about to start
proceedings from the West line int over the swing coming back in toward sections
and Walker will be the key week and of course Tendulkar on his way in spanking
fashion get that away it’s going away fine
and into the boundary he goes after one and at six slap up the fast who is allowing the
batsman that Whitman such an Toluca has cashed in on it big-time
let’s gone away in a flash let’s prick it at its best we make the stretch and
really hats off for middling that white one from sweat great timing that was just a gentle push and what a noble for India short ride this time it’s civil with the
apricot mr.
Kandra to any other go Chuck
that’s a nice field unis can’t appeal know that’s something
Pakistan can ill-afford at the start that’s glorious
that’s been struck with tremendous bomb in the chicken unis getting the ball pit stop say Bob
going on the drive hitting it up history Afridi making no mistake caught on the crease a spoon might live to rue that Abdul
Razak could see you I see Mike I’m telling up euros Agha should have been
on the circle the edge of the circle if he was there that would right down his
throat it’s gone before smooth midwicket
wonderful hands not being inquiry there
the head run floor anyway great running goodness me beautiful 50 in 37 balls and he’s come back to the second
six we’ll be
signals on the ground squish attend okay
8:40 beautiful shot sometimes mr. chef China guys fool
to it and it continues before
how many just but it will that’s why it’s a good sign as well J
that’s a beautiful shot Gobert leg side from
you notice of this fast before and again the Laureus trunk again didn’t join here
– high-pitched I walk out unison it goes straight back past him before that’s a 180 I think it went exactly
where such a minute ago but him take him straight back classical form a ball is
also damaged five runs right shot again from ten Doka what a treat this is to
watch that’s a beautiful shot that’s got pasta they just
run away from him it does staining on the yes
inside edge of pink with the breakthrough Pakistan needed now can
they capitalize on Wacker units calling them in Greenock was delivery back
hitting the stumps and major breaking up can pakistan capitalize on this great
single is he enough to go so he makes it moves to 98 there and then obviously
just to his thigh a little bit i think again he’s struggling when he suffered
that pie strain was really hobbling then for a while overall cannot it seemed
like he had that matter under control he was able to work around it but in the
last fiber seems like it’s God was keeping an eye on the fielder at all
times to make sure tour wasn’t coming it’s getting worse
I’m sure this is such a great idea this is a World Cup you more important
matches to come up there again trying to get a stretch for himself maybe should
going through a rather and only appropriate that he had the
tormal there in the cellar running for him
he’s on 9898 no tindoga Shakhtar’s come back into the attack the first bullet
enter Chris face when he’s got a runner he’s been dismissed that was a very very
quick jeweler in just under took him by surprise and he’s on his way
back and romanika into a magnificent life
from sachin tendulkar this is a great delivery the break man just disrupted
the concentration of the man not 100% fit as well
Shoaib Akthar comes back after conceding 18 in the first TOA gets an opportunity
to come back and he’s done well the 10 look of hobbles away one of the greater
innings that you’ll see in one day cricket 98 of 75 balls and india 177 4 that’s a very very good shot that’s not
a bad ride against about four runs to get through this game before you regret
sing that seven handsomely to the offside
doesn’t bother to run this in da get some as we see
bongo so nicely nice ride well he’s a sweet time
of the ball you’re watching and you’ll enjoy this fun mush I don’t
really that is a fine stroke just ease to to the colors before and the flowers are flying all over the
show that’s a beautiful stroke there’s the 50 single to bring up his 50
you’re ratcheting can be very very proud of this not trouble
yes he has that’s it to finish things round here it seems
what block Centurion again so don’t leave the SEC what a terrific
performance by India Garrison’s will look for them Saurav
Ganguly right off the food
and interaction is focused on these big smiles and shaking the hands of our
driver new bread saying the end of what has been a classic encounter it’s better
to loop it getting a quicker and India win by six way

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