India Vs Pakistan ICC World Cup Twenty 20 Highlights

Pakistan won the toss and they decided
to put India in to bat first he’s taking it let’s let the wave sign post boundary of
the game motuhake it’s not that away and it’s not that
quick and I’ll field but it’ll still weights about it that’s a good strike
that’s where he’s good at the fire doesn’t mind taking the enemy who is at
his best when he looks to play straight let’s shift in the air should be taken
it’s off the leading edge good rats go side Monica captain leggings that’s a
lovely shot that’s a brave sock from carpet to get off the mark that is a pitch that is a superhit middle of the back this is that this
time he hasn’t missed nothing do those parts the outside edge in fact it’s the
outside edge rain will affect him holding the ball competitive tonight that’s another mess of it another six
straight in the crowd he’s ghosting come to the wickets a
great shot from the Indian captain Henderson 20 in this inning so far he
hasn’t taken a lot of risk it that’s a wonderful trip that’s up India will this be taken it’s
a wet ball and cleanly picked up by Eunice directly an is going to make 141 for 9
in their 20 owners Mohammed Aziz was splendid 4 for 18 in his forum in the
air in the gap and the first boundary Imran Nazir is off the mark it was just
a matter of time and the baller is not learning once
again testing or lovely drive through the odd side just bill chiming from
Salman bhai even though their heads and taken by
Tony the finger is gonna on target chants directed gotta go this
time is you rats bullet inside edge in fact and hit the
glove and a fan photon is off the mark this is good cricket from well that’ll help Dean field under it
take a bucket that’s up in the air
other cars going underneath it and puts it down that’s of the air man coming underneath
it finished our tech making us lose in their way now that’s a good hit
that’s a very good it let’s go on the distance as well in this final over
let’s lead the way on the outside this is some that’s a terrific shot
one pouch order up let’s also just one leader Pakistan the scores once the single sent back one to go one
run to get cody was aware they might go for the buy remember tie would mean a pole out there
to be five dollars with ball one ball each only the bull and the keeper in that
case but just one needed for Pakistan this bounced right he got the choker
the margins in the fire what a finish to an india-pakistan game
this game at toppling in that fashion
maggoty wins

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