india vs pakistan Women’s 2018

and how did not have a lot of potential
I’m sure that they 1/4 therefore five games in this competition so far and the
captain bhisma Maru said shoot the ball first so they obviously have a plan
italia JH the experience vitaly ROG I can’t in fact she’s seen many summers
and many winters but she’s got a young partner at the other end who’s gonna be
playing the women’s Big Bash League in the next few weeks it’s pretty Montana a
pause we’ll start the proceedings slowly and sadly she realized that this is if
she have to do more consistently finding the gap right in the center the log over
tendrils of you understand finale’s as you go through the gap two strikes the
ball really well just about gets to the boundary to feel a texture dome and it
just got a head to it taking the aerial root catches the call it’ll be a
brilliant gadget you take that that’s a spectacular catch it’s not easy
what do you I see on the screen might look an easy catch red running back it’s
an absolutely fantastic ever they’re so spooky Montana has got to go and
Pakistan is shocked had broken this partnership big enough this is the new
bats woman at the crease so the medium medium is the back into
the attack it’s just a single directly right hit then she was gone this would
have been a huge moment in the game it’s a good shot does go for four beautiful
shot once again or the chickpea Gordon Oval SFF it hits
for a boundary it’s a period we’re gonna go gonna hide the beautiful piece of
timing has gone all the way and it yes x246 and irons come from the battle
without iran excellent shot good user defeated granite the control extending
to the keeper then it’s gone upstairs but just by looking at the reaction from
the pakistani builders they think they’ve built up a wicked we’ll have to
wait and see yeah looks that she’s she’s in trouble
and you might because of the builds up in dislodge and she’s short of the
crease there you go out in India 6850 the new batter whether crystal multi what I like about being in there that is
that never managed to play with the fit spinners are doing their job John the
brown another single for medallion yet again she gets a half century congratulations of McCauley she has
played really well she deserve it gentle century for in t20 format that
should be very very close and no surprises there right in front of us
comes later Krishnamurti and no hesitation for the umpire in raising his
finger use of strikes third one down for India skipper of the Indian team hadron
fitzcore walks into back single to Hamid hold it just got stuck in the crease and
it went through the gates and she picked up a wicket let’s score who’s gone good
miss appalling chi’lan goswami do better she can strike some big blows it’s the
good piece of people pulling there get the single it’s not the quickest ORP
is what the board has enough to get to the boundaries if it only dies once
again was controlling the battery there you go
as if good enough it says wire to the feeder and gets to the boundary the
umpire wants to control the thought over the boundary any signal six catches the
call let the absolutely no chance it’s feared about very much needed secure
India it decide the felines taking it looking to repeat that particular short
but bold slow through the air by father meal and it’s a well judge catching the
deep so the dangerous looking children goes for me it has to go it’s a class
will not carry to the pillar and the deep again will be just a single though
it’s a really good last over apart from the six she picked up a wicket of India
waiting the calls that Maddie first have finished with a reasonably good score of
the board one hundred twenty one to five the star has been Nepali Raj very she’s
very experienced so the targets now to win the Asia Cup Pakistan need 122 run
and their quota or video vers it’s going to be important very important
especially the opening pair from Pakistan ensure that they get a good get
in and get a good start because I reckon this is a very good total I shot is
ready to take strike accomplished the left arm spinner short pulled eraser runs straight away
for Pakistan 121 in 119 deliveries the Recon is a other right hand bat so
pulled away right on the top of that infield has it got enough legs it does
it’s gone to the boundary down the legs have sucked away that support delivery
and taking its toll oh that could have been an easy catch at there being a
catching fielder very good shot that is a really good
shot though the wicket playing across the line tall fast bowler it wasn’t there to pull
at all the rock to a start and then coordination suffer Pakistan now 24 for
one as mafia now scour to it wet she’s going to do a job for a side lipid
position now beautiful delivery that for Judith and we inside age or to the sub
soft of the bail so second wicket for India not what party son needed it was
too wicked in a quick space of time and in there will be very very happy with
the situation this mah roof comes out back and she’s the captain big
responsibility on her shoulders now she has to lead from front always we would
do it back then get four good shot catch was the call Magellanic people again had
no chance whatsoever again she made a mistake the ball was up
there she didn’t get to the picture of the ball and she paid the price she has
to go much-needed wicked for India 56 for three years Nana baby has made her
way into the center this time she goes to the pitch it was made at full toss
got under it and got the results juicy full toes as we put away to the boundary there you go it’s gone laughing it isn’t
good turning for India dorwan miss my model was looking dangerous and she’s
hit check to Anuja and it is a big wicked smiles on the fans are following
the earth Iran Javad comes out to bed and she’s got big boots to fill now the
captain back in the pavilion the new bats will take a bit of time to get
going this way they will have to get it some thought balls another one got both
slower through the air there was a bit of turn it’s an easy something at the
end she went down the track not a spin on that good turnin bounce a good kick
and easy stomping and she’s happy my heart not beating gone for nine Pakistan
79 for five he does are comes up too bad air Tom spinner creepy balls will
continue another one God he lost her balance and they think it’s the third
clear that Suki to play across the line and getting out the trigger the pressure
for them silver whistle much broad and then nowhere near be upset the crease
and in regulation something with the keeper the Javed go to three it’s 81 for
six economy comes out to back the left arm spinner building a beauty top edge will be run the commitment is really good its other
from Madonna alia the good stopping point 20 runs off one delivery get the
ball the ball but if it’s real they’ll pick up two of
the final ball and Indian in their way by 17 runs it was quite impressing in
the middle phase now it’s time to celebrate for the Indian women the poly
Raj has played in every one of those tournaments and made a career best today you

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  1. What will be the name of the trophy if Pakistan Men's team play against Pakistan Women's team ??? "Le Ghapa Ghup… De Ghapa Ghup Trophy" !!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. Most bizarre trophies in Cricket history
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  3. Iss haar ka badla legi pak women team India se…. terrorist bacha paida krke ..😂😂😂😂
    ..mauka mauka !!

  4. What the fuck is this
    Was that cricket really
    Women even dont know how to hold the bat and they are playing
    Cricket is a joke now a days
    Why people are not understanding that everything is not for women

  5. It's November !!!!
    Be safe from Pakistan,

    Pakistan government is conducting terrorist attack in other country.

    Pakistan funded terrorist attack in below country:-
    1. Australia
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  6. What a great attitude by Indian women team 🙏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💕
    Pakistan ki ldki toh sirf chodne k liye kaam aati h Pakistan ki toh jhaant mai aag lga di😂😂😂😂😂😂meri najayas olaad h Pak maa ksm saari Pakistan lady team ko UTHA UTHA k pe lunga ahhh ahhh kregi mzaa aega

  7. Yrrr ye Pakistani girl log sirf SAHID AFRIDI Ka action hi janti hn ya unka Khel bhi 😂🤣😂😂

  8. BCCI should appoint some men stalwart cricketer of yester years to fix women cricket and show the way of fixation as in ninetees it was for men ,

  9. Dono team acchi kheli hai, india ki team ko jeet ki mubarakbad.gaali nahi deni chahiye har insan bura nahi hota.khel ko khel rehne do.

  10. What's the problem with BCCI? Why they don't backup Indian women cricket?
    What a pathetic cricket field provided to Indian women to play…. Shame on BCCI….

  11. Shame on All those Indians who do not know how to respect a woman comment section all I can see is vulgur language used.. so I am not surprised why rape rate is highest in your country …jeet ko b izzat say celebrate kro…peace

  12. Man ya women India k samne pta nhi kya ho jata h enko..hahahah..
    drna band kro yr hm Pakistani aatankwaadi ki trh nhi hn

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  14. I must say one thing.Where is the venue the match took place? It does not look like an international match,harming the due glamour and gravity of it.

  15. pak women's to pagle han bowling karane ate he nahi mun utha ka agai bismah maroof to say sa bari pagle ha fat elephant

  16. Jo deen ourt ko doran tawaf bagny ke ejazt ni data kya wo ourrto ko asay khal khalny ke ejazat adara ha lakh lanat ho oun logo pr jino ny pakistn ke women cricket team bnye ha

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