India vs Pakistan World Cup Match | Stand Up Comedy By Rehman Khan

Today there is a match, do you all know? Team England and Indian (pause) Oil team (Team India)… All of the social media is talking, not me… actually it’s hilarious, Dinesh Kartik got out of his room, and one person (Punjabi) came by his car, stopped near him (Dinesh Kartik) and said “fill the tank completely“ Everyone is watching the world cup, isn’t it? Ghanta (sarcastically).. watching, if you guys would be watching then we’re showing it here too, nobody came.. These days we can see lot of women in cricket, lot of women in cricket, How many people like that women in cricket? Do you like it? (to the audience )..I am not talking about cheer leaders If you have seen IPL, my personal favorite was Shivani Dandekar, even though she has a male surname. Mandira Bedi’s Cricketing knowledge has improved a lot. Now she knows that Ravi shastri is not an instrument player but a senior cricketer. Ravi Shastri is also a hilarious person, he travels with whole Indian team, everywhere, he drinks like anything For me, the World cup’s finals got over on 16th June.. The whole of India prayed for a win, Pakistan prayed for rains, yes because, see. Once Pakistan was good team Pakistan team had players like Saeed Anwar, Waqar Yunus, Wasim.. it used to be tough team guys, they used to work hard just to lose the match See I have not used any bad words, instead the whole country (Pakistan) have done it, there are so many hilarious jokes on twitter One sister wrote (sister from Pakistan, they say BAJI) She wrote “if partition had not taken place, we would have been saved a lot of embarrassment” And one brother wrote “No other person has fooled anyone as much as Shoaib Malik has” one girl, from a TV channel, she created her YouTube channel, and she said “ be ashamed, be afraid of God (she was spitting while talking (sialorrhea) ) be ashamed …… having pizza and burger having pizza and burger (get out of the way, flood is coming) Be Ashamed of God, Khan sir said after winning toss you should opt to bat but you’ve opted to Bowl And Yawning on ground you are unable to take what you should (wickets) be afraid of God.. sister…….. you should be ashamed of God I mean not we , all of them Sarfaraz was practicing on ground. Not practicing, he was just talking after the match, actually he was practicing English language it’s required , they have to speak, so while communicating , someone was calling him from behind “Sarfaraz ..!! ” after India and Pakistan match “Sarfaraz ..” , Motu ( fatty ) …….. ” Motu ..!!” Sarfaraz was not even responding Then a person is saying “ leave cricket !!” “leave cricket and go for preaching with MoulanaTareeque jamil (an Islamic scholar) … ” ” you Burger lover ! ” There were too many jokes being cracked on Ground one joke was splendid.. you know people in the stands with hoardings written on it “India Will be the champion” , “India is the greatest” person was on another level “ The World cup belongs to father (in Gujarati language) ( Pause ) he is playing differently …. Have you seen Ranveer Singh during India Pakistan match, he looked like a joker from a circus.. he looked like a joker from a circus.. and his glasses.. who wears such big glasses Someone created meme as Sachin Tendulkar is asking “if he came to see match or for welding purpose ??” And then the experts from Pakistan, have you seen their YouTube comments Video they make, Shoiab Akhtar, Rameez Raja, , they created really good videos.. when India
Pakistan match got ended, “ The India Pakistan match which got ended, what was happening there ” ” first you opted to bowl ” ” after winning the toss Plus ” your bowling is weak, Plus… ” your fielding is weak plus….. “ what plus… be ashamed of God , what are they doing So I couldn’t understand Where to end this set…. I was just thinking where I will close I was just having a word with my child Ahtesham , and I told him one sher(poetry) and asked him “should I end with this ?“ He said that’s Good. I will just tell you and end this in the sky , India is a shining star.. for us India is more important than our lives and one day will come, an Era will come not only we, but the whole world will say The world champion is India Thank you

100 thoughts on “India vs Pakistan World Cup Match | Stand Up Comedy By Rehman Khan

  1. Han bhai… le liya world cup😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂…. kaisa dya New Zealand walo ne🤣😂… han aik kam kro woh tmhra nanga fan ata haina india ke match mei jis par tandulkar ka bhoot sawar hai to uske sar pr choota sa cup dekha mene … to wohi le lo tm log aur dil ko tasali do ke apna time aega…nanga he to aya hai kia ghanta leke jaega…🤣😂😂

  2. Petrol pump ab ye video pura dekhna nh h I vl unsubscribe you fake secularism ki bate krte ho tm agar bhagwa a itna prob h to hatt rehmat Khan jisko gali sunna h reply kre warna nikl

  3. Bhae jab pakistam green pahan sakta hi to bhart ogrange phnta hi to aapki phat kyu rhi hi. Itna nafrat hinduo se.dunia me jaha v muslim minurity hi bha ke muslimo ka hal sayad tumko pta nhi hoga.nafrat mat phelao.

  4. rehman bhai agar aap ke aabao ajdaad ne us waqt QUAID E AZAM ki baat mani hoti tou aak ap ko apnay aap ko true indian honay k liye in logo k chaatnay nhi parhtay…..and next time try to create some funny content

  5. Aj India ziada zalil hoky Mumbai pohancha he, I'm sure you wouldn't have made this video if you had to make it today lol mighty Indian team 96/6 in 30 overs hahaha

  6. Yar after watching ur videos it felt like in india muslims have to prove their patriotism again and again.
    That also shows the level of insecurity for muslims in india.

  7. Bahut Din bad muh khola hai kutte
    or muh se hagna suru kar diya…

    Ache din aa gaye bhosri k…..
    Namo again

  8. Apk liye aik jumla
    Lakhhh di laanat tere te. Comedy ki abc b ni pta tujhe bs apna baap Pakistan yaad ha tujhe. Tuj jese hotay jin k pas comedy ni just Pakistan(baap) ka topic hota ha. Laanat tere te. Ramiz aur Shoaib bht acha boltay hain. Infact Ramiz aik world class commentator ha. But tu beta marwa. Phir b koi khush ni hoga tujse

  9. Such a shame you people are. You are insulting your own indian team bcz they worn Orange jersey?? Shame shame shameless #rehman very disgusting 😤😤

  10. Aap Indian Muslim Bohut Khush kismath ho.. Aap logon ko sab kuch karne ki ijazath hai.. Or hum Muslim Mulk mein reh kar b kuch nai kar sakte.. Yahan ke Extremist sab kuch par pabandhi laga chuke hain. Love From Karachi..❤️

  11. ये अभी भी कलर पे अटके हैं
    अबे भाई दुनिया गोल है चपटी नहीँ

  12. Pakistan cricket team never ever performed this kind of 3rd class performance as this comedian is doing to comedy…. they are far better then this Cartoon Network man 😁

  13. Really Fantastic Performance Bhaijaan👌👌👌👌👌😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌💕💕👌👌👌👌👌

  14. Bhai aap jaise logo se mera bharat ek mahan desh. aap baar baar muhammad kaif ka catch ki feeling dete ho # last comedy video, kaif catch ball of desh bhakti

  15. Agar Pakistan nahi bana hota toh Muslims k against nafrat nahi Hoti. Kyunki Joh wapas reh gaye woh toh bade Desh Ko Dharm k aage maante the… Lekin har baar jab hamare desh par kuch hota hai toh jis aadhar pe Pakistan ki buniyaad hai… Ki muslamano ka alag Desh… Aur Muslim log fir durachar kar rahe hai…… Wahi dikhta hai. Agar Pakistan terror band karta hai (highly unlikely) automatically kaafi cheeze theek ho jayegi. Bangladesh Ko toh bhai ka darza prapt hua hai…. Kyunki woh peace loving hai.
    Revenge and fears are ever consuming… One has to get ahead of that to prosper and have peace in life.

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