India vs South Africa – T20 World Cup Highlights 2009

a Super eight game India versus South
Africa South Africa won the toss and they decided they would bat first on
what is a rapidly wearing trend bridge track Smith drives with the started away
the self-advocate in his shop really nice shot is linked on it half volley
from our piece sink and put away but this could be out midwicket fielder
getting under it well that’s a fine shot second boundary in 56 brings up / 54 IB
de villiers from 41 6 boundaries in that Victor gap beautifully you shall share
my won’t get there now this one has gone straight up
and it’s gonna be a bowl let’s try go straight to the feeder I strike and
straight enough know are kissing does a wonderful job I could be interested
because it was pretty close to the rope whether there was any contact with the
rope while going on that stalling dive office you can see them the thing has
moved the umpire might just signal this as for here very bit over the South
Africa eleven drunks coming off it South Africa
finished with 130 runs on the board the loss by wicked a hundred and thirty one
then to get for India at an asking rate of six point five five runs per over but
remember on a very pitch good shot inside the gap short delivery from daizy
– four four use of the feed and great shot going for hard to stop the yet befall
deliver like that all goes over this area
turn around in the air is it going to carry fan up yes it is those high
and at Lord’s slicing across there well another chance another wicket
I only wanted a singleness trouble at the non-striker’s in and I think it’s
gone Yusuf Pathan just a gentle push and India are being done in in an area of
traditional strength this is first big statement in dealings there he goes
nobody see gone Harbhajan Singh has hit that
straight to the field there was a deflection there was a
deflection and there’s been an appeal the ball bounces before took the edge so
the bump catches out of the way Yuvraj Singh heading back kepler
everything I think that would be the right decision and it is and not good enough nice looking shot on
the offside that brings us to the end of India’s
presence here in England as rains where the flawed esteem and not chop another
win so South Africa showing why there’s such a fancied side defending a hundred
thirty quite easily over 20 overs the one that game by twelve runs

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