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Teddy, shall we go watch the match somewhere?
– I can’t afford to miss this match at any cost. You can’t afford a penny, bro.
– Bro, I’ll tag along too. I can’t miss the India Vs Pakistan match.
– Where are you? I’m getting bored. We guys are going to watch the match.
– Sure, I’ll come too. Where do we watch it?
– At Harika’s place.. I’ll call and find out
if she is cool with it. Where are you?
– Running some errands. What’s up? Are your parents at home?
– Nope. – Cool. We’ll go to your place then. How can you go without me?
– Who needs you? We’ve the keys, so we’ll go. You think my place is some sort of a bar?
Fine, go ahead. I’ll come join you in an hour. Wait up! Get some bags of chips too. I’m hungry.
– Fine, I will. The plan is on! These guys are watching the match?
I thought I’d chill as today is a Sunday. Hello!
You guys didn’t even notice me? Turn it on! Turn it on!
– Fine, I will. Quite! I turned it on! Now move aside.
– Guys, today is a Sunday and I want to watch a movie. How can you watch a match
when India is playing Pakistan? Since when did you start understanding cricket?
– I’m watching the ads. What?
– Yes, the ads are cool. No wicket should fall!
Thank God! Harika, what do these guys mean by wicket?
– You see the 3 sticks behind the batsman? Those are the wickets.
– Then what are the 3 sticks at this end? Those are wickets too. Six in total.
– So these sticks shouldn’t fall? – No, they shouldn’t. My bro right here will score a century today.
– Your bro? Is he your brother? He means more than that to us.
Rohit Sharma is amongst the legends. Keep watching, he’ll make Pakistan pay.
– I will. You too.
– Why didn’t you buy us any food like I asked you to? I’ll kill you. Be glad I didn’t chuck you out yet.
– I’m hungry. You should’ve bought something. Cut it!
You idiots have ruined my Sunday. He’ll hit a 4 on the second ball.
– He’ll hit a 6 on the third ball. How many balls do they play with?
– They play with the same one ball again and again. You know a lot about cricket.
– Yeah, I do. You know a lot about cricket?
– I do. – Then what is LBW? Using the elbows to make someone out is called as LBW.
– Man, she knows everything. Why does the umpire raise his finger?
– He does that to threaten the batsman. Umpire raises his fingers to declare
a batsman out, not to threaten him. Calm down, guys! Dhoni is here.
He alone can do magic for Team India. Rohit is in form. It is going to rain sixes.
– Teddy, is Rohit married? Yes. He scored a century on the day
of his wedding anniversary. Hardik Pandya is bachelor though. Why are you crying?
– Because Dhoni got out. Chill, bro! In the World Cup of 2011,
he hit a six and won it for India. Now he is giving youngsters
the chance. Dravid used to solidly defend
Shoaib Akhthar’s deliveries. And Sachin used to make
Shoaib see stars in broad day light. How can stars be seen in day light?
– That was just a figure of speech, you dumbo. You too see stars in broad day light
if you go without food, don’t you? Now ask them to change the channel.
– Guys, let’s change the channel. Shit! It is raining!
– It is raining? Let’s take the clothes of the wire. Is it? Let’s rush!
You dumbo, the match is being played in London. Guys, atleast now change the channel.
I can’t live without watching a movie on a Sunday. No, we won’t.
We’ll watch the match highlights. Will the match get abandoned?
– Nope. With the help of DLS method the winner is decided. What is DLS method? It is method deviced to declare the winner
of rain affected games like these. Yay! We won! Why are you crying?
– These are happy tears! What an animal you are.
– We won the match, bro! India won the Cup!
– We only won the match, not the World Cup. Winning against Pakistan
is like winning the World Cup! Finally, I got hold of the remote!
– Let’s watch the highlights. Get lost!
– Since we won, I’ll throw you all a party. Tell me, what is it you want?
– I want some space. My mom will be here. Cool! I’ll buy her Biryani too.
– Shut up! We turned this place into a mess. You guys get going.
I’ll join you in about 10 minutes. I got a little carried away when I said I’d throw a party.
Can you share the bill with me? No, calm down.. So, the cricket fever is here and if it is India Vs Pakistan,
then even non cricket fans like me would get excited. And congratulations to Team India for beating Pakistan.
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  8. Hey hi, harika, the video is nice but it is showing gender inequality…and who said that girls don't watch cricket ?…pls don't encourage all these stereotypical stuff…

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