Indian Cricket Dressing Room | TSP’s Behind the scene | Ft.Kohli, Pandya and KL Rahul

Virat, recently in an episode
of Indian talk show- Koffee with Karan, Hardik Pandya and K. Rahul admitted
that you’re better than Sachin Tendulkar. Do you agree with them? No, I don’t
and I’m sorry on their behalf. Virat, they’ve given many more inappropriate
statements in that interview, and I want to ask, don’t you think they should have thought before
saying anything offensive to cricket fans? They shouldn’t have said that
and we all are just sorry on their behalf. But Mr. Pandya said that everyone was like
that in the dressing room, is that true, sir? Do you also behave like
this in the dressing room? Virat! Virat, excuse me
you did not answer my question. my neither. Virat, you can’t leave like this!
You’ve to explain this! This news has spread like a tracer bullet. Why did you have to say
all that nonsense? Pandya, you love a cup of coffee,
don’t you? Apologise to Virat when he comes now. But why am I getting caught in all this?
I didn’t do… I didn’t even do anything. Virat, the show’s format was such that… Listen, you’re not from Barbados,
you’re from Baroda! Say what you said with your normal tone. Virat, the show’s format was such that
we got caught in it, please let it go? Chikoo, don’t look at me. I’m not saying
anything, I’m eating my banana. If I was a captain, I wouldn’t locked them
up in this dressing room, and.. forget it. I’m eating a banana so I won’t
say anything. Virat, I didn’t do anything.
I didn’t even say anything. – Virat, we were joking.
– You idiot it was a joke? Wait, I’ll tell you one! Siri, tell me a joke. After watching Pandya & Rahul’s
Koffee with Karan episode, Anushka & Sakshi have started
serving tea to thier husband. Wan’t to hear another joke?
Siri, tell me one more joke! Indian circkter standards are so high that even
5 star hotels are like Yoyo rooms for them. Tell me what the scene with the rooms are? Whose room and which room is it? You tell your parents, everything, right?
Tell your dad which room it is then. – 302.
– Whose room is that? He’s told that this is what we all do
in the dressing room. I won’t say much, I’m drinking water.
If not I’d say it. It’s not like that, Mahi.
Karan trapped us. That talk show… Karan… Hello?
Yeah baby. No, I’m not cussing Karan. I know you’ve signed 3 films with Dharma. No, don’t worry about it. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah… What else did you say? You said guys
ass-spank in the dressing room. He said Yadav has a bubble butt. If I make him do the balling, you’ll
be done in the nets. Mahi, I didn’t do anything. You didn’t do anything in the Austria tour!
Should I get your runs counted? Should I? I won’t count the runs,
I’m eating an apple now. You idiots do this
kind of things here. Give me that i-Pod here! Look at what else he has on it
besides Jamaican songs. Check it. – Virat, everyone does it. I’m not alone.
– Who else does it? Let it go now.
Don’t do it in the future. Idiot! What are you looking down at?
Look here! I was talking to Hardik. No, Mahi.
I won’t do it again. I didn’t do anything. You didn’t do anything? He went on Karan’s show
and called his movie overrated. It is, but you don’t say it, do you? You added your
name to this song!? Well, I’m a little bit from the black-side
right, Mahi? So… Chikoo, give me the bat.
I want 6 runs in one ball. – Mahendra Singh Dhoni on the strike.
– Mahi… We won the world cup. – I didn’t do anything.
– Shastri, I’m not hitting you. Hey, Jadeja!
Hi? – Indian team…
– Sorry? The Indian team is doing really nice.
What are your thoughts about it? Yeah, I’m feeling really good for them.
The boys are really playing well. But I’m not happy with myself. And I’m not in the playing 11 in the
one day team so yeah, I’ve to work hard and that’s why I’m not even dancing
right now. Uh, yeah… – So have you seen?
– Sorry? Have you seen the latest episode
of ‘Koffee with Karan’? Yeah, I saw the episode and I think
Hardik and KL were very cheap in the show And they should not have said those things
on National television. It doesn’t look good, right? So I feel bad
for them and the team as well. Yeah. – And comm…
– Excuse me, sorry? Committee has banned Pandya and I’ve
heard that they might replace you. What are your thoughts about it? – You’re joking, right?
– No, I’m not. I’ve heard it.
From sources. – So I might be in the playing 11, you say?
– Yes, correct!

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