indian Cricket Team Coach R Sridhar Press Confress live -Courtesy by ICC

see that ya see that here spectators are
pretty frustrated what about the players and the support stuff I mean yeah it is
frustrating to wait in the dressing room on a rainy day but that’s a challenge
for the players and the support staff to switch off switch down but not really
switch off because you know the match could start any time so mentally keep
yourself prepared at the back of the mind at the same time nothing too much
and not think too much about the game and keep yourself busy reading some
music or chatting with friends yeah but I go any better all the time
not really an ideal game before a big match like Pakistan for for India it’s
an uncontrollable isn’t it we really can’t control the weather so yeah we’ve
had two good games we came here looking forward to the third good one but
unfortunately we can’t control the weather we went out on the ground I went
out on the ground it was almost like a skating rink so you know it would put
too much risk on the players to play on there especially at the early phase of
the tournament in this cold in this weather we saw in the Pakistan game as
today a couple of catches were dropped because just the coldness the place
we’re saying so do you have any specifics do you guys keep a hand
warmers or something what is the way how do you even train a player to catch in
the cold and get used to a cold and stuff like that good question I thought
hand warmers is the obviously the first option to to keep your hands warm also
if you’re running an on in the ground between overs or between field positions
and throwing the ball around to the players that also keep you keep keeps
you warm between O’s and doesn’t allow your body to cool down also
we practice in the same weather so that also gives us a heads up and I think
they’re all professional cricketers supposed to be the best in the world
then always make their best effort to catch a cricket ball but then the nature
of the beast is such that you catch someone you drop some so it’s part of
the game if you just want to know that like she could never yesterday said
around 12 days it will take him to assess and after that probably
you loo the knits and everything like like one part of it is batting whether
he’s comfortable or not while betting like as a fielding coach like if you
give your okay like what are the aspects after this kind of an injury when he’s
catching the ball what are the things that you look at and you give the
feedback to the head coach of the captain about his fitness like when he’s
coming back from an hand injury like what are the things that you look at I
mean yeah once we assess him probably on tenth or
twelfth day we’ll have to look what is more it is it is bottom and well batting
if I’m not mistaken and it’s not even his dominant hand because he’s a right
hander it’s not his dominant hand as well so I mean throwing won’t be a
problem but definitely the impact while fielding and catching especially he’s a
slip Fielder if you notice this chance and slips in the initial phase of the
inning so that can be issue so we’ll have to test him out with probably with
some lighter balls first and then gradually move on to the cricket ball
see how it goes but yeah that can be a challenge hi Pakistan is not known not
known to be a great fielding side you think finding could be vital in the next
match fielding I would say it’s vital in every match yeah I mean they saw that we
saw that in a shot at The Oval on Sunday when we played Australia although we had
a big turtle on the board we had to feel out of our skins to defend that to
defend the total so in this work of the format is so good that every game is
vital and that is where we have to be on top of the game yeah and I think we
should look to outfield our opponents not only in the next game but also in
all games and we respect our opponents to do the same so we should go out there
with our best intensity as possible when we shop and joins up comes over here
will he play a full role in the fielding drills straightaway he’s not here yet is
he so we will take the call once he joins the team or once the decision is
taken on Shikata one then obviously is a wicket keeper we all know that so I
think we cross the bridge when we get to it the fielding side what do you make of
the resources at your disposal I think I’m constantly I’m very happy
with the kind of resources I have do you have a terrific slip catcher and safe
catcher in drove it and we have two guys we rot and jadoo who are very
intimidating to the position they can intimidate any batsman when they are
prowling in the 30-yard ring and to complement that we have a vision car and
a hardik Pandya who who can really up the ante when needed we have safe
catches you know fast bowlers so and we saw I mean these are all the usual
suspects but we saw Channel and boom Gras crank it up in the last game you
know diving after bowling long spells even in the penalty made ball of the day
of the inning social diving and stopping run so that always well the biggest
thing which came out to me was the attitude of the filters where they put
the team ahead of themselves so these are the qualities which you need when
you want to go out and win championships so you know the this really came out in
the last game and that was good to see so I think the biggest challenge is to
stay consistent to mean that is the biggest challenge is to reduce the gap
between the good days and the bad days I always say that and that is the end ever
and pretty much answering your question straightforward but with this response
what I have I think yeah we can make an impact on the field as far as the
difference between a feeling goes in the two teams but one area which is the
direct throws I mean compared to teams like Australia over the last few months
or yes I mean I think we are still lacking somewhere in this direct row
that’s a very good observation it’s a very good observation that is something
which I have my own as well and we practice a lot for that so I would say
converting whether it’s a run out or not converting one in for three or four
throws is a good conversion rate in my opinion
don’t judge me on that opinion but in my opinion in Capricorn were one of model
for doing a good job as a Directorate unit but we fail to do that in the last
game we are our 10 shiz and we heat only once but on some days you hit 3 out of 5
so that is it’s a practice thing and it’s a situation based thing but that is
one area where we always work hard on in every session and yeah so good
observation we should maybe get better on that and get a couple in the next
game you said the fielders have been putting the team ahead of themselves do
you mean in terms of weather glowing going for Glory catches on terms of well
injuries risking risking it yeah you answered your question the second point
you said they were you know willing to risk injuries to save that one run which
is a which is a great quality to have just taking off from his question on
direct hits there is a lot of criticism from former players on many teams of
this modern era that fielders draw unnecessarily from the inerting even
when batsmen are inside is that something that is spoken about that you
have to throw probably to keep up the intensity or how does that work if there
is an opportunity we encourage the respective fielder to go for the stumps
because we believed that his teammate will have his back by backing up the
throw sometimes it happens and very rarely it doesn’t happen so we encourage
fielder’s to create an opportunity where none exists we encourage fielder’s who
try and convert an opportunity which they have created so so that is the
route we would like to take as a fielding unit to be more on the
aggressive side and that is we all know where it comes from it comes from the
captain himself so that is the kind of crooked we want to play there is a brand
of cricket we want to play as a fielding unit so we encourage that and in the
bargain we lose a run here and there it doesn’t matter because on a good day
we’ll pull off two or three billion run outs so and also if we keep throwing
understorms it keeps your shoulder warm in conditions like this if you don’t
throw and suddenly you get a chance for a run out you throw may not be accurate
so these various so involved so there’s a band of cricket
we want to play what are the qualities you try to see in an outfielder what are
the qualities that decide who will be fielding an outfield I mean you talked
about Cole you talked about variation good what are the qualities you think we
get to know a fair bit on their feet during their fitness tests I mean I mean
I mean to anybody the biggest quality you need to be a good outfielder
obviously is a good arm combined with good speed across the turf so these are
the two qualities you look for somebody who’s fielding 70 yards away from the
bat so we have this fitness test where we do the 40 meter run 20 meter runs so
we know their timings so we can easily make out who’s quick and then the arms
they play a vital role in deciding who fields in the outfield so yeah these two
are the biggest qualities I probably would be looking at and to have him on
the outfield when it comes to infield obviously looking at speed and agility
and ability to change directions stuff like that and your reaction time buddy I
in the outfield the two big qualities would be speed and strength on the
shoulder the throw no no going easy this is the World Cup just one question you know you talked
about boom branch a howl how do you try and get fielders that are not
athletically natural fielders to be at the level at which they are you know
they’ve got everyone’s back and they’ve got that the area where they protecting
properly covered yeah one obviously is to educate them with the awareness
aspect of fielding and also we try and work on the fitness obviously bhasu
fitness coach works a lot on their fitness as well and we got enough time
as a lead up to this tournament to work with child boomer
Kedar and guys like this who themselves willing to work very hard and to work on
their skills so that really helped boomba is probably one of the hardest
workers as far as fielding goes from very Kemeny when he joined the team in
2016 to what he is now I mean he’s a massive improvement although still a
work in progress but is a massive improvement so the mindset of the
players combined with the increased levels of fitness and then we can chip
in with the technical aspect of fielding and the wareness and the anticipation
part so combining all this definitely as to help them improve their fielding
skills it’s really about someone representing the Indian camp I just like
to know what is your opinion on having reserved days for a tournament like this
there’s a big technical committee in ICC sitting for that they will take a call
on that but yeah I mean I don’t know it depends on the form and the time
available we don’t have any layoffs in the stuff you say every day there is a
game so there’s only an opportunity I guess to have a result I don’t know the
technique committee of the ICC will decide that it’s not for me to take a
call thank you

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