Indians In Kirana Store – Part 2 | भईया सूजी हैं क्या? | The Timeliners

(Singing prayer) Damn! Who has parked the car here again! It’s a shop not a parking lot! Why does no one get it? Mom has asked to get 5 Kg rice. Which ones? Basmati, Chameli, Ujna, HMT, Tilda, Soni or Nevri? Basmati! Which basmati? Ones for 40, 50, 60 or 70 rupees? 50 rupee! White rice, brown rice or red rice? White rice! Half rice or full rice? The long one! Polished or without polish? Polished Or without polish? Polish? Or without polish? Uh-huh! See for yourself I told you he irritates me! Stop buying groceries from him. He owes 10 rupees. Hmm Here you go. Hmm! No change for less than 100 rupees. So? I’ll Paytm you. Hmm? No money in any ATMs, less than Rs. 70? No Paytm! Add it in my account then. I’ll pay tomorrow Okay? Hmm! Stop smoking beedis then! This is not even about the change! Have you come to attend a party? Should I also dance for you a little? Go and get the change. Don’t you get such a small thing? And leave it here. Madam! Your total is 2378 rupees. Me and my husband can use the same toothbrush anyway. Listen! Take the toothbrush out. I can use mustard oil for my hair. Get rid of the hair oil too. Air is free in the nature. Why do I need the Lays chips then? Take away the Lays too! I can kill the musquitoes by myself only! Take away the Mortein too. I can kill my mother-in-law with the floor cleaner also.. Yeah! Give me that! Even Rahul Gandhi blabbers a lot! You do one thing. Get rid of her too! Come, you gotta leave! Uncle, I need one disposable glass, one packet of ice cubes and one.. peanut masala, I did tell aunty to get it. Let me see. All good. Hey, bro! Money? I gave it to you wife, atleast first confirm with her. Will I take it for free? Aunty, I had asked uncle to pack some stuff. 4 disposable glasses, 3 ice cube packets and one. peanut masala. What about the payment? I gave it to uncle Sent it on Paytm. Atleast ask him first. Keep embarrisng the other person! The payment? You keep asking for the same thing everytime! Money, money, money! I gave it to your husband, don’t you guys have any coordination at all? That’s not how you run a business! You’re gonna suffer losses. How does a business run? Tell me how does it run? Hurry up! Give me 500 rupees. I’m giving it! Quick! And.. Leave your glasses here too. Give your glasses! Run away! Ghanshyam! What did you send in place of Isabgol? My Sonu’s runs wouldn’t stop! I’ll go to Gupta’s shop to buy groceries from next month. Got it? Ghanshyam! I know how you are cheating customers by rigging your weighing machine I know about it! Just give me 200 grams of extra flour right away! Or I am heading to Gupta’s store! Right away! Ghanshyam! Your guy kept all the groceries outside our house. All the stray dogs ate away all of it! I won’t pay for it! And no buying from you from now on! I’m on my way to Gupta’s! Get it? We lost 5000 rupees bro. Shut up! Yes, bro.. The fussy women is coming to you! Beware! Hmm! He’s on our side. Madam you owe Rs.45 and you’ve paid me Rs. 50 Sir, you owe Rs. 68 And you’ve given me a 100 rupee note. Now ma’am I’m giving your 50 rupee note to sir. And after it you owe me 18 rupees. Okay? One second.. No! I’m explaining it. Sir.. Ma’am is gonna give you your 5 rupees. And I’m going to take the 50 rupee note you have because I have to pay ma’am 18 rupees. And your 32 rupees balance Out of that 18 rupees sir will give you and And 18-5 is equals to 13 rupees that I’ll pay you once sir pays me back. So you have Rs. 50 now and sir you have Rs. 100. I have both of your notes. Okay? The amount is settled. Got it? Thank you! Idiots! Money, money! Uncle I’m picking one chocolate and.. one chips. Hmm, yeah go ahead! Oh boy! You tore off the whole packet! Sorry uncle! One packet of spices please. Ghanshyam is not here, come back later! One packet of tea leaves please? We don’t have it! It’s kept just there. That’s expired! But it’s just right there! Just go away! Damn you! Hey… man.. Oh man! Ghanshyam is bloody dead! They have just gone to cremate him, go catch hold of him. What! He is dea.. dead? Bro…Bro I was… just… joing.. bro! bro! I’m gonna teach you a lesson! I’m joking, I’m joking, I’m just joking bro! I trusted you with my shop! [email protected]@*& hell! Yeah, bro? One Parle G biscuit please. Parle G? But sister-in-law likes Marie biscuits! Hey! One Hamam soap please? Hamam? But sister-in-law is a Nirma Sandal girl, no! Hey! One chocolate please? Chocolate? But sister-in-law likes strawberry.. [email protected]@$% %$#@!&** (Beating Noises) [email protected]#$%^&*[email protected] hit him hard!

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