Indoor Hockey E.Z.E.L. Challenge! Hertzberger vs Algera! Hertzberger TV

What are we going to do Well we are going to play “ezelen” so we will challenge each other for different characters If you lose a certain challenge you will get a character If you’ve got “EZEL” you lost But, what will the loser do? I just saw somebody cleaning the fields Loser has to do brush our field good one good luck My first challenge is to shoot it top bins from this position And top bins is the red thing or higher (I’m a bit nervous) Your turn Jesus that was nice That was less good “E” for me What’s the second challenge? To hit the bar from the half-way line E for us both Exciting Mwuah just fine Next challenge is to hit the side netting while shooting behind your supporting leg So you walk this way and score like this but in the side netting Why did I propose this?! “EZ” for me What are the standings again? E for you EZ for me and you knew it 🙂 Next challenge is to shoot it from this position into top bins Between those red lines Okay, let’s see So if I hit it top bins now I win? Good enough? It could’ve been further to the right to be honest it was spectacular but it could’ve been better I’m on fire! Okay I’m done with it It was in the red zone that’s what I asked for What are we going to do now? We are going to shoot from here into the goal and it has to be a goal without touching the ground You’re a defender so you should be able to do this with your scoop Please don’t hit a light please or you’ll have to pay it From this position You´ve got some power isn´t it? Owh no a little deviation It’s the wind! Has anybody left a door open? Could somebody please close that door? Too much power again You’ve scored three times already if you score a fourth one now you win So nice to give him a taste of what a win smells like and then… Deserved it “EZE” for me This challenge it’s about the suppleness There’s a bin right there and you’ve got the get the ball in it The one who gets it first, wins If you win this challenge you win the whole contest of course Show it to me I hope you miss If you get this now I’m going to shower immediately I thought that was in! What was that?! “EZE” for you as well You shouldn’t give me any tips Could you get that ball please by the way? A little deeper For this ultimate indoor challenge We have to end with a challenge that involves using the boards Have you played any snooker? Yeah, I’ve played some three-cushion billiards Basically what we have to do is shoot from this corner via the board and score So there’s some mathematics as well as feeling involved We’ve both got “EZE” It won’t get much better than this I thought we were done! Even shorter Owh no the spin of the ball Equalizing turn for you Congrats Exciting game The mop is right there Thanks Jeroen! See you in a bit Thanks for watching everybody If you enjoyed watching this video Don’t forget to subscribe If you’d like to see certain things leave them in the comments and I’ll try to fulfill them See you later

12 thoughts on “Indoor Hockey E.Z.E.L. Challenge! Hertzberger vs Algera! Hertzberger TV

  1. Zou je een keer de sleep willen uitleggen, zo zou ik die zelf in de zaal kunnen oefenen en misschien later wel op het veld dat is namelijk wel lastiger…. hele toffe video weer!!!😍😁

  2. Jeroen wik je ook een serie maken met challenges met andere hockey uit de hoofdklasse like als dit ook wilt en hoop dat jeroen reageert

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