INDRUNAG, Nag Mandhir, Paragliding Spot in Dharamsala

This place is called INDRUNAG, also called Nag Mandhir, Right now few construction is undergoing and little bit dusty here after everything is finished, this place will look even more beautiful this place will become another tourist spot in future, i think you can see Mcload Ganj on that side This is also where Nag Mandhir is look, beautiful cloud and look like it is going to rain road down there is to the village and that road is way to Triune Over that hill you can see the Israel camp where Bhagsu is That is another hotel on the road to Bhagsu hilll over that is Mcload Ganj and down there is Gangkyi, where Tibetan Library and Tibetan Parliament situated and the gold roof is Nechung Monastry further behind this hill, the other hill with Signal Tower you can see is where Upper TCV School is. we now over the Nag Mandhir hill most of the Dharamsala mobile and internet signal towers stand here. The road up to here is good then you have to stop In near future road to the village will become better. let’s look from the other side Tibetan Sogar School and Tibetan Reception Center is also there. if you follow the Khanyara Road you will reach that place. at the end of Khanyara Road you will also reach to Norbulinga the sun is very bright and we have clear blue sky can you see the paragliding this is road to the main Nag Mandhir so that is the paragliding spot he is coming back, he is doing wrong ! no, no, he can glide back and forth as he want why are going up? Didn’t I told you that I am going look inside the mandhir? mandhir is here? Nag Mandhir, Nag Mandhir here we are going I am not going inside while ago you said you are going inside no , I didn’t no problem I am going inside actually there is no problem going inside the mandhir no, no, my socks is not clean and I didn’t have shower today I have to respect Hindu mandhir same as I do to Buddhist temple Can I go inside? Yes, sure, you can you go inside, I will wait here. which direction should I go? This is Nag Devi down there you can see the Lower TCV School there is Gangkyi there you can see people are readying for paragliding

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