INEOS Graduate Engineers His own Peak Performance in Volleyball

volleyball is a sport which is based on high technique and on repetition repetition to process makes it faster and more efficient my name is Mary salmon I’m a process development manager for enhanced phenyl located in Quebec Germany what I really like about being in Australia that he got responsibility from day one you know the only responsibility but you get the chance to improve this yourself on a daily basis we are an engineering group we do a lot of process design and simulations as well as safety and hazard analysis what I have to achieve is to optimise their own process on the one hand trying to figure out why it’s not working and we think it should and all the other hands trying to fit in new ideas I like about the role that we work in a highly skilled group work with exceptional people who like to push themselves to catch up with anything else is set up by a lean management structure which means that on a daily basis I’m working with the people to really take decisions which really pushes me and helps me to gain more and more experience every day Aamir’s has inspired me to help younger people I love using my experience and seeing the team develop volleyball is also a lot of preparation a lot of safety have to prepare before we regain before we practice I always want to improve and push the boundaries you have to analyze what’s wrong with your body was fun with your game decent out of the skills also require that in a long time I’m always looking to make our processes more efficient and productive [Music] I would say I’m someone who’s driven by challenge I have to push yourself every day so the challenge is improve a little bit day by day

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