51 thoughts on “Injuries reported, several people cited after fight erupts at youth baseball game


  2. Sucker Punch that chickenshit and this is what they teach their kids kids learn from their parents everything they see they do they will do either now or in the future both parents should be charged for disorderly misconduct and also for child endangerment if this is the habitat they live in this is not acceptable

  3. And they wonder why they have bratty ass kids. These parents should not ever be allowed to watch their kids play baseball again. Shit show's like this is like a cancer.

  4. there a South Park Episode about this… clip ( https://youtu.be/gDRXKWwuFlw?t=22 )
    "The Losing Edge" is the fifth episode of Season Nine, and the 130th overall episode of South Park. It aired on April 6, 2005


    The boys try to lose their baseball games on purpose so they can play all summer, instead of dealing with baseball. Randy trains to fight the other fathers at the games.

    Randy, Stan's father, gets drunk and trash talks the opposing teams, inciting fights with other fathers at every game. While everyone else sees Randy's fights as obnoxious and distracting, he views them as the most important part of the game. Randy continues to fight through all the drunk and obnoxious fathers with confidence until he meets a father of one of the Denver players; "Bat Dad". Bat Dad, who wears a purple Batman cowl and cape, intimidates Randy with his larger size and aggressive attitude. Randy decides not to attend his son's game against Denver.

  5. The kids who's parents were fighting should be banned from baseball for a season, So the kids can say their parents ruined it for them, just the kids who's parents were fighting. Cause this shits DANGEROUS.

  6. These are Democrats in action! Embarrassing America. There were no MAGA hats or KAG hats: Keep America Great!

  7. Dang homeboy had like 5 guys on him…hard to keep ur head on a swival wth that many…next time try to get away from the fence..that many guys u need space to hit & move but even then just a matter of time & one good shot from bhind & thats it…brass knuckles dont even help,trust me ive seen it…& oh yeah its nice to see the moms involved in the action now…keep it a family affair right?…WOW!!!

  8. It was actually another learning experience for the kids to what a bench clearing baseball brawl is all about!!!

  9. Hey parents … get your asses off the field of play! You don't deserve to be there. Where was the Ump and why were these parents on the wrong side of the fence.

  10. We as humans are very tribal. From small things like this to war. We are all. Violent by nature. People who disagree can't fight anyway lol

  11. Adults ruining kids sports that's for sure.

    Now those parents get to go to jail, court, and never step on the field with their kids again.

    Way to go Dad. How about NEVER acting like that.

  12. It annoys me how stupid these people are. Especially over 7 u. I was in 10 u and THE OTHER TEAMS COACH was the ump. You can see how fair that is. And the worst that happened, our team said that ONE of the calls weren’t fair even though none of them were and they didn’t even fight over it, just blew it off after nothing changed

  13. There should be cops at every kids sporting event to shoot rubber bullets at any dumbass parent or adult acting like a teenager

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