What is going on guys today? We are back and today. It’s the same day that I just film in my last video whenever I pranked my mom Filling my pool full of orbeez did I actually do it Tell them a fool of a pool is filled so ya yesterday’s video was a bit clickbait I’m sorry about that We did fill a pool with orbeez And I put a cool edit at the end if you guys missed that you should definitely go check it out It was basically trampoline vs. Orbeez, but you know the pool was just you know better clickbait. Just like my album Go check it out itunes by the way if you guys want see another album. I can make another one They want me to make another one soon or equal to don’t know… Quentin: Dude your pizzas gonna get cold.Tanner: I know. we just made some pizza for Quentin’s channel He made a video today. Yeah. Yeah, I did. Oh my God first one a month this morning I went to the gas station that gave me some breakfast, and I realized i didn’t have a shirt so I looked around in my car I had this one from fan mail. This is the back This is the front. Oh, thank you to whoever made this it was in my car under my seat So I never saw it I’m sorry so I had to put in this video. We’re going to be firing up my drone today We’re going to go to my grandma’s house. We’re going to be doing Hide-And-seek with the drone Whoever seeking is going to fly the drone Try to go find the other people with the drone and hopefully it works out. It should be a lot of fun I’m gonna finish my pizza We’re Gonna head to my grandma soon And hopefully Dylan joins us in isn’t late because that’s all he is comment Dylan new Nickname that involves late… and gay Okay, and got a 98% charge. I think we’re good to go and your phone is doing all you spelled his name wrong Just two hours at the end guys you ready to go Ready to go. Yes I am okay get your car get here where no what do we need him at my grandma hear me your grandma Yeah, what I thought we were going just grandmas. Yeah, we are This is a minute? I don’t want to drive all the way endeavor is ended. No, we’re saying go straight to his grandma’s Why is this so confusing? I’m not dropping you back off the home. I got to get home man I’m really busy tonight, and I don’t want you back of an elephant hyung someone go home Yeah, he lives really far away from me doing He was so far away I’m gonna take one of my parents cars okay. Good enough You lazy Ass We’re heading out to my grandma’s. I cannot find my wallet anywhere guys. I don’t know where it is I had this app on my phone called. What was it? Tile yes, and you’re supposed to be able to track stuff I can track my keys I have a tile on my keys a little white square And it goes ring-a-ding-ding you go on the app on your phone, and you press the button you hit find And it’ll ring so you can find it having my bluetooth off apparently for a while So it’s not connected to my wallet anymore. No idea where it is. I thought it would be in my garage I said on top of my audi whenever I was blowing up that pool for yesterday’s video what I do know is I couldn’t decide which mascot. I wanted in my room, but I think I’m going to go with a normal person Maybe the T-rex we get it. He has a T-rex mouth. I don’t think this is going on my room I don’t even know what that is no idea It’s frustrating because I lost my wallet in La once and it took forever to get my new drivers license and everything and Since our credit card got canceled I’ve been carrying cash around so it has a ton of cash in because that’s all I can pay With it’s kind of sucked All right had to take a little bit of a detour to IHop Thankfully they had my wallet apparently I left it here so shoutouts I hope they have my id they kept it and everything I thought I had money in here, but apparently I didn’t maybe I didn’t not important I had my id so now we go to my grandma’s and I sat in there for literally 20 minutes For them to hand me my wallet Sorry boys Which stuff mine would have been here faster if I had the r8 or if IHop didn’t suck I’m kidding IHop doesn’t suck, but you know what’s tanner’s memory where his wallot it is suck. I know I’m ready to fly this baby Who’s it first let’s decide that right now? My fingers on my nose let me get you could be under stuff But you can’t be like through a door to where you’d have to fly through a small space. That’s like You know just somewhere in the open. Yeah, it’s got to be someone that Bob cat them hiding under that Bob Can you really tell me that your members of remote controls to this yes? I did and it’s charged Yeah, now hiding inside vehicles only that’s just just for yeah All right, so I wasn’t shown here one of these take one of these said this one on top Grandma Hi, I’m flying a drone. We’re doing drone Hide-And-seek. I just thought I’d say hi Okay, love you So the seeker sits away from like where yeah, yeah Because there’s a whole backyard guys and then you have to use the drone to find them yep You can’t get up and follow it. How do we know that you found me with the drone I’ll just like I’ll probably like get really close to you, and I’m probably surfing back and forth okay Yeah, sounds good ready, okay? So how do that? time because that’s where that’s where I are because well, I Could but you yeah Yeah alright good hit record No, Sd. Card inserted grow alright So we’re going to just be trading off my big camera because Quentin’s usb is what we’re going to be using thank you, St Not usb right Micro Quinn’s phone will be the face camera of whoever sitting in the chair seeking Yeah, we’re we rolling on the drone. Hopefully we have a lot of camera space All right, so you ready to go hide y’all go? I&C or you’re going you can see what we’re going hey, how much time does he have? crap Crap Crap Crap crap um I don’t know where to freakin go alright. I’m just going to go back by the pond. I don’t know where Dylan’s going oh you can hide up there fine, whatever. Oh, I know the perfect spot I’m gonna hide I’ve been the thing where we jump off the we jump off into the pond I’m going to try to remember how to use this thing That’s one camera thing oh That’s the other okay alright. You said one minute so we’re going to wait until the Little recorder on my phone gets a minute 25 seconds ago. You said one minute at 25 seconds dude this lighting though I’m going back by our cars. I’m gonna see if he can even find me right here I’m just gonna sit up here and my phone is Dying very quickly. We’ll make it go up a little Away, I want to keep it straight The ho there’s something in the little the lens or whatever I hear the drone I can’t help it getting closer or not just really loud. I’m waiting for the drone. I can’t see it yet There’s trees right above me a little bit. He just has to fly it over there. I hear it. I hear It’s getting louder. I still can’t see it though Angry when I see that you’ve sold in there smile I didn’t say Let’s make sure I don’t hit anything Worries a little oh, god did this patron? I see I see I see it’s not moving song He has to see me he has to see me. Yeah. He found me okay, whatever hi out all right um Okay, he didn’t tell me actually fell ten or so good news. I think I won this round already okay, so I’m at seven percent All right, how close was dillon to you um I can tell you hot or cold from right there. Go ahead go a certain way Um medium I don’t know wait. Let me know left to right warmer warmer I red hot red hot chilies. My pawn. I don’t know exactly but I seem laying down Maybe yeah there is he’s sitting down bow. This is like an actual video game. We’re sitting here watching it I’m gonna make sure I don’t miss a zip line either wait I thought he was right there is he any not I could’ve sworn he was I Thought I saw him laying down on that. What did you do man? No, I wish Maybe it’s like oh yeah but before I do I know I was up on the I was up on the thing above the plant and he looks absurd above me He was doing this. I was like okay down me so cool. Watching you, okay my turn my turn Take my camera my turn alright. I’m gonna set that down. You keep rolling. There’s me hi Alright now that I know what it can see I know where to hide Can I actually I’m with you because I don’t have a camera. I’m gonna hide relatively clips. I’m coming for him I don’t know if they’re ready or not but Ready or not here. I come ha ha he’s never Gonna find it Quentin was so right about looking out for trees like I don’t think I’ll hit any trees because I’m really high but I’m just going To check by the pond first I feel like they’re hiding in way harder spots than I did look what? Just go. Oh, there’s this one off thing you think thought on right now. Oh, there’s the pullthru Watch, right I don’t know I’m not sure I know there’s like grass in himself only we should I can’t afford nobody on the zipline nobody around the pond I don’t think is the lens blurrier is it just me I’m very sorry about that. I can’t I can’t see the joanie Nobody by the vehicles. I guess there’s me I Feel like they might be messing with me they can be right by the pool because the resolution is a very Villagers I’m guessing Q once you get cooking that was go here. I cannot find anybody and I’m like freaking out Let’s wait until he’s kind of going like Is the other side didn’t get on top John’s gonna run out of battery before I find anybody It’s are you 50% if you don’t top of that to just keep like voice too much? Yes might be wondering. Why are you such an obvious spot? Well? You just checked here, so if he does it again You’ll be like and I was up here earlier in tain’t quitting could not find me so no I saw you You did oh my God, they’re right there. They moved I checked right there. What the heck? Daelin Dead it’s a cern Hopefully they get over here quick because this thing’s definitely gonna die yeah, these blends are definitely a little bit blurry I’m sorry about that guys. I think it’s because it’s so hot coming in hot full speed captain you need to choose your spot Yeah, Daniel 50% on the drone. Hope you guys enjoy watching dillon try to fly this thing He’s gonna land crashing. Okay. Look this goes down This goes on and if you’re about to hit a tree Let go of everything and then go straight up or straight down wherever you have to go I am are we have to hide together again. Why not yeah, all right. We need a funny spot for the thumbnail I might just get up on that thing and see if he even notices like red for the tree So right here by the three elementally me or not, but use my spot. I’m gonna get up here Do I’m gonna get all the way up. Are you sure sure? We’re soon was only a spot yeah, I’m kind of in the trees I see Yeah, he definitely did keep going down Hey, it says low battery It’s gonna Die Dylan is screaming that it says low battery so he okay guys the drone died as expected We couldn’t do any more rounds, but I don’t think we were going to anyway. That’s the classic three round rule Hope you guys enjoyed it we tried our best You can’t really hide in like a really hard spot, then they would just go on and on and then you know It’d be like one round because the drone would die but still hope you guys enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching and don’t forget leave like in terms of ren’s if you enjoyed subscribe if you’re new and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace ah Hey, Dylan. Hey, do a thing. Where you go? My thought you came in looking like that. You just maybe

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