I’m at the very bottom of the foam pit. I’m laying down against the trampoline What is going on guys we’re back here at the trampoline park And today we’re gonna be trying to play hide and seek So as usual we have the full building to ourselves so we can hide wherever we want and it’s gonna be a lot of fun So today jess has the advantage because she works here. She’s she knows all the secret spots. So she’s gonna be really hard to find But jesse is a master of hide-and-seek. He does all these challenges and he hides him some creepy stuff So he’s gonna be a challenge as well. All right, guys, what do you think? Who do you thinks gonna win comment down below? Do you think jess is gonna win? Cuz she works here Do you think the master Jesse Baron is gonna win or do you think I’m gonna win? so since were three we’re gonna do three rounds and each of us are gonna have one round where we’re it and we’re gonna have to find the other people. I’m gonna win guys. Taking the game. You wish! We’re gonna play rock paper scissors to determine who is it so you guys ready? rock paper scissors. So I lost rock paper scissors so I’m gonna be going to count for three minutes while they hide Let’s see what they can come up with Guys it’s only been like two minutes I’m if you can tell we’re almost at two minutes Three minutes is way longer than I thought they better come up with some really good hiding spots if I’m giving them all this time All right, so the time is up guys it’s time to look for them. So far I don’t see anything. Have a little suspicion that someone is going to be in the girl’s washroom. We’re two guys here so that we’re technically not supposed to go there Nope nope, nope, nope, nope. What?! Just randomly locked? I swear i thought someone was… guys that door was locked. I thought someone was going to be in there for sure! Alright, let’s see. Let’s see. No one in this back area. This foam pit. It’s too suspicious Guys this game’s gonna be so long. I haven’t found either of them yet Guys I officially suck at this it’s probably been like 10 minutes and I haven’t found one of them Oh, why was this closed? hmm, look at this foam pit. Looks like a little higher than it should be perhaps. perhaps. I swear they’re like in a foam pit or something and I just won’t ever be able to find them They’re just… I swear I know they’re just hiding and they hear me right now. They’re just laughing Oh my god, wow, this guy’s so good It’s been like 15 minutes. It’s been AT LEAST15 minutes. Did you find Jess? No! Do I help you find her now? yeah, yeah help me find her. I went like all the way down there couldn’t find her. Where was she? What there’s the basketball net there? There’s no way. Let me see let me see. What the freg?! Wow Nick you’re horrible! Yeah, apparently! Behind the see-through glass?! like dang! What a ninja! Alright. Clear winner of this round! Alright guys, so their 3-minute timer has started and now I’m gonna be waiting for a little bit Hopefully we can find them right away And now I have a really good idea where they can hide because we just searched the entire area and I also looked around for A couple minutes earlier, but I have a good feeling about this I’m hoping for like a pre five minute capture on both of them unless they hide in foam pit So in that case, it might be a little bit longer, but I am confident guys. So I’ll be back when that three minute is over Let’s do this! Not enough… We need to go to the bottom! Alrighty. I can confirm that it has been three minutes and now I’m gonna go search for them Hopefully I can find them right away. So let’s do a quick little search. Let’s do this I’m gonna look up because I know Nick is a monkey. I know he’ll be somewhere Hello guys, I know you’re here Get down from there Alright guys, they hid better than I anticipated But I’m not worried this is just the warmup I hear something. I hear a monkey. I hear a bunny rabbit Hello you’re holding in I know you are I’m gonna give you about 4 seconds and you’re gonna start laughing again. Five I know you’re in this area. So you guys just got f***ed whoever that is Hey, Jess, yeah, of course. I know you were there. Come on Provost, where are you? I freaked out. I couldn’t think os somewhere to hide! That’s like the first time I looked at. I’m like, yeah. he thinks he can hide because he’s a ninja eh? He IS a ninja. He’s not in the ceiling. How do you know? You’re in the freezer, aren’t you! You’re the toilet aren’t you? Hey Provost. I see you. No, he doesn’t I know where you are. No he doesn’t. Your blue hair is not working. I can see you. I know where he is. Where is he? Follow me. Uh oh. You’re now allowed in here. There’s a lot of washrooms in here. That one’s broken he’s not in there I feel like he would hide in a foam pit because he knows how good of a spot it was. I’m at the very bottom of the foam pit. I’m laying down against the trampoline I hear your breathing. I found you! Get out! I know you’re there. Don’t make me come after you. You gonna go after him? Yeah! Do it! Yeah! Oh crap. I think I hear him. Oh my god, how deep is he? Ah! No! No! No! You like that Nick?! Yeah boy! I fish for good! 99 fishing! Oh my gosh! This is how deep I am. I am standing up right now. You’re were so deep bro! You were like laying down. I was laying down at the full bottom of the tramp. Are you sure? This is my home! Alright guys. They gave me the go ahead. So I am going to start my timer. They’ve got three minutes to hide. But I bet I’m gonna beat both their times. I don’t want to hide in the foam pit again! I think he’s on the roof! I know someone’s on this roof. I can already hear this roof creaking. Ready or not, here I come. Guys this is a bad idea. She’s going to find me right away! Alright guys. Let’s go! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Okay Check everywhere There’s no way they would be here. If they’re in here, they are dumb. Go! Go! Go! Go! No. Foam pits are last for sure. Oh my god! Nope Under basketball nope. Nope. Nobody in here. Nope. No feet. That’s not who I think it is Mr. Nick Provost! In the ceiling! Wow I’m impressed And still no Jesse Baron So it’s you I heard! You’re the one I heard in the roof. I swear I heard someone on my roof. Like up here. She’s checking. Jesse get out! I knew it! What time? What time? Dang! Jesse won that round! Jess is the one who found us the fastest so she wins! But as far as hiding, we all have one point, but she’s the better seeker for sure So today’s points goes out to Jess. All right, guys, that’s it for today Jess is our winner! Comment down below to tell us what your favorite hiding spot was Also, let me know where you would have hidden in the trampoline park. Today’s post notification shout-out goes out to this person this person and this person if If you want your chance at a post notification shout out, make sure you like this video Make sure you subscribe Make sure you turn on post notifications and make sure you comment down below to let me know that you turned on post notifications And that’s usual, I’ll catch you guys on the flip side!

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