INSIDE ANFIELD: Liverpool 3-1 Man City | The UNSEEN footage

HE WHISTLES Hello. What’s the approach going to be today? Football. Active, positive,
front-footed football – that’s it. We said that a lot of times, in a game like this
you have to defend with all you have, otherwise you get punished. You have to attack with all you have,
otherwise you don’t get anything. – Do you want these for Sky?
– Yes, please. There you go, mate. Good man, thanks very much. Best keeper in the world! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE OK, let’s go, come on. Oh! FANS SHOUT OUT ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool… ♫ ..Jordan Henderson! CHEER 10, Sadio Mane! CHEER No. 9, Roberto Firmino! CHEER And No. 11 is Mo Salah! CHEER Cold? Yeah. ECHOING FROM OUTSIDE:
♫ Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool… ♫ VIRGIL: Come on, boys, let’s go! ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool… ♫ ♫ And you’ll never walk alone ♫ You’ll never walk alone ♫ Walk on, walk on,
with hope in your heart ♫ And you’ll never walk alone… ♫ WHISTLE BLOWS ♫ We are the champions,
champions of Europe! ♫ We are the champions,
champions of Europe! ♫ ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool… ♫ FANS: YES! ♫ Salah-la-la, la-ahhh-ah
The Egyptian King ♫ Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Mo Salah! ♫ Running down the wing… ♫ We are absolutely delighted to have
Sean Cox and his family here today, please give them a very warm welcome, as
Sean’s wife Martina joins me here pitchside. How has he enjoyed today so far? He’s absolutely loving it, he’s ecstatic
up there, really enjoying it, getting into the thick of it. It’s great to see. It’s a huge boost for him. Can you update us on his condition? He’s doing well, he’s making improvements, it’s a slow process
but it’s very encouraging, he’s fighting really hard and he’s
determined, which is great and really positive. Wonderful, thank you very much indeed. Come on, lads! Come on, come on! Come on! Yesss! ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool. ♫ Liverpool, Liverpool, top of the league! Liverpool, top of the league! Liverpool, Liverpool, top of the league! CROWD ROARS Liverpool, top of the league! Liverpool, Liverpool, top of the league! Bobby! Well, Robbo, congratulations, what a result. Yeah, massive for us, a big game
against our closest rivals last year, obviously both of us were
in a league of our own then, it looks like there’s gonna be a couple others
sniffing around this year, but I still believe if you finish
above Man City you’ll get the title. Say hi to Sean. Hi, you OK? Enjoy the game? Yeah, he’s coming every week now! Our lucky charm! Joe, how are you? Say hi to Sean. Nice to meet you. The Sean hug has replaced the Klopp hug! You OK? You OK? Could I hand you that? Yes, here with Jordan Henderson,
the man whose assist sealed that victory. We’ll get to your assist shortly, but how does
big that feel to be nine points clear? Yes, it is November, but is it significant? We always knew it was a big game,
City are a fantastic team, we knew the importance of the game, we wanted to go out and put on
a good performance, win the game. Good to see you. Hi. Well, Jürgen, you spoke about it
in your programme notes, you were gonna have to be brave
to get anything from the game, courage in bucketloads
from your team out there. LAUGHING: Yeah. That was the plan and the idea, and it’s pretty
much the only way how we can do it. You saw in the last 15 minutes, in the moment
when City get control of the game then it’s like it is, it’s difficult. OK, we were obviously tired then, a couple of players felt a little bit of a cold,
Hendo, Bobby at half-time, it was really difficult, and it was clear
at one point we had to make changes, then it’s difficult to adapt
and they get the momentum, score that goal, and then
they had a few more moments. But come on, you cannot win against City
with no dangerous moments, their quality is too high.
I’m completely fine with what we did, we did it our way and I liked that a lot. Given the fans a brilliant Sunday night,
haven’t you? Welcome! Inside Anfield. Are you doing something? No, this is like behind the scenes,
you wave to the camera. These are my friends from Los Angeles. – It’s been a long day.
– You picked a good game though! – Awesome game.
– Man of the match.

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  2. That's what happens when you have a team of foreigners. Only two Liverpool players touched the Anfield sign on the way out.
    In Shankly's day …..they all did…. because they were proud to play for Liverpool….and not to look at their bank balance at half time.

  3. Absolutely love inside Anfield. Always shows why this club is the best in the world. Fantastic to see the lads with Sean Cox. YNWA!

  4. Thank you Liverpool for showing the love to Sean and treating him like a part of the L.F.C family from a fellow Liverpool supporting Irish man ….Y.N.W.A

  5. The quality of these videos is amazing!
    Thank you for all that you're doing to bring Anfield to all Liverpool fans!
    Much appreciated!

  6. Unbelievable how everyone keeps talking about mane but no one is giving credit to salah who has been playing with injury sustained in the Leicester game and yet has scored against arsenal Tottenham man city and an assist at Chelsea with injury
    Liverpool fans ungrateful

  7. That bit where the players met Sean Cox and gave him a hug really brought a tear to my eye. Very touching, and I wish his ongoing recovery well. YNWA

  8. 16:16 – Klopp to De Bruyne: you will replace him (pointing to Salah) he’ll be straight off.
    De Bruyne: I’ll see, hopefully.

    Summer 2020
    Salah leaves
    De Bruyne in
    Mbappe in

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    I invite you to Islam Allah and faith in Muhammad so that you will enjoy a paradise in eternity forever and ever

  10. Klopp is an amazing man…
    Make no mistake about this!
    I love the red of this kit at the moment. Looks RADIANT!!!😍
    Come eeeee Reds!

  11. Anyone noticed Mo Salah always looks like he’s putting on his shorts as the team walk out to do combat! I swear I’ve seen him hoping out on one leg trying to pull his shirt over his head!

    Superstitious or what!

    Klopp knows to leave him to his madness..

    Mo Salaaaaah running down the wings! 🙌🏾

  12. There’s a lot of good naturedness around the setup there atm. Lot of positives I don’t know how long Jurgen can be tied down but I would offer him big things

  13. i'm glad i didn't found any comments mocking on city so that i can watch this until finished with peace.. not like the other rival club

  14. MOTM that day was LFC crowd they set the state of mind for both teams. MC team were tottaly stunned from the 1st moment while LFC team was on fire.

  15. Am a Everton fan but can feel the buzz of Klopp and this game.I hope you do win this year so I can put my dad ashes
    to bed.He passed away 2013 an I was asked by him to keep hold of him till Liverpool win the League and then try some how to put some
    ashes in The Kop End.

  16. سبحان الله العظيم فرحتهم بأهداف محمد صلاح تختلف عن فرحتهم بأهداف غيرة من النادي ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. It was a fantastic game and unforgettable night. But, I always asking myself to cool down, be patient before it really come true. These coming months are the longest time I’d being even 30 years I was waiting for that moment. COYR

  18. Another great behind the scenes view of Anfield. Almost a week has passed by since that amazing victory over City, every Liverpool fan is still "buzzing". Fingers crossed for the next challenge against Palace next weekend. Come on you Reds…👍👍😀

  19. One of these good days, I'm purchasing a plane ticket from South Africa straight into John Lennon INT and experience a Liverpool game(or2) live…. It's out in the universe

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