Inside The Best FIFA Football Awards: Travel with Klopp, Alisson & Van Dijk from Liverpool to Milan

Big man. How are you, bro? Hi. Good, how are you? Morning. Hello. Nice one, perfect. – Thanks a lot.
– Yes? It’s obviously amazing to get recognition
for the season we all had last year, including with my country. It’s just something I will definitely be proud of and I will enjoy every bit of it. That’s a GIF! I understand it’s down to you that
the manager has remembered a suit, because he wasn’t quite sure
whether he had a tuxedo or not. Yeah, I told him. He sent me a picture
of it, he looked all right. – He looks all right?
– Yeah. I told him as well.
So, yeah, he’s gonna be fine. We waiting for Ali? Oh, Alisson, Dolce & Gabbana boys. Look at that! You look beautiful. How are you? Good, I’m good. – And you?
– Good. – Nice to see you.
– Nice to see you. You’re doing well, eh? OK, in a good way… Can we do one with both of you? 100 per cent. The boys. – One of you sit?
– Virg, come here. – No, you get in the middle.
– No, no, boss, you in the middle. – I sit?
– You sit. Yeah, you’re the gaffer.
You’re the oldest, you have to. Thank you very much. I need to move the stool. Smiling now. Smiling, boys! JÜRGEN: For no reason. PHOTOGRAPHER: There’s always a reason. Virgil! Virgil! It’s very special, special for our team also
that won the Champions League last season, we did a great season,
and me and Virg and the boss, we are also here
in the name of our teammates. We fight against great players
and great managers, so I think whoever wins it,
it will be fair enough. Mixed emotions a little bit, because it’s nice that Ali and I won, but I would have wished obviously
that Virg won it as well. But we know that we still
have space for improvement, so we try to come back. I just relied on a fantastic team, on an outstanding and
hard-working coaching staff. I have to say – and wanted to say – thank you,
and I forgot it in the speech because I didn’t know
that I had that much time, I was not too often in situations like that,
I was really in a rush. So, Pep, what you did last year – outstanding. Pete, incredible, you must have eyes like this,
because you watch football games all day. John and Jack –
Ali and now Adrian are incredible. Korny, Mona, all the kitchen team, Carol, Caroline, Kevin, Martin… Without you, it’s nothing. So it’s just a reward for all of us, and I will
show you the thing, it’s really heavy. But I’ll bring it to Melwood anyway.

100 thoughts on “Inside The Best FIFA Football Awards: Travel with Klopp, Alisson & Van Dijk from Liverpool to Milan

  1. I'm an Arsenal fan but I love the team spirit of Liverpool alot. As you can see I'm following the YouTube channel. * cheers *

  2. no cristiano on the award and no cristiano on the attendance haha butthurted. he was great b4 but now hes just an old man haha

  3. barca fan here, congrats to klopp and vvd and allison for their amazing season, one last thing damn vvd is handsome NO HOMO.

  4. I like to see mr jurgen klopp's always smiling. You're cheerful and humble person. I respect you. LFC fan from Brunei Darussalam. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. big up for social media team at Liverpool FC they are so good that i cant stop watching their videos though i am an arsenal fan

  6. So proud to be a Liverpool fan at the moment. Had some dark days over the years, as well as some jubilant ones, but we are finally in a position where we can treasure what is going on at our club. YNWA ❤️

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  8. I thought you were to busy tapping up youngsters, spying on city, train salah on his dives.Didnt think you cheats had time to travel

  9. Waste of time to attend the gallaes whenever Messi is around, there is only one king and the king still reign even at his age, scoring goals you cant even do on PlayStation.

  10. In Peado England Liverpool they dont care for children gromming gang. THEY Only care for fottball Shame on Peado England Liverpool.

  11. Errone trys becoming special one.
    But there are some people try becoming normal one.
    That's why they are special.
    'Normal One' calls himself 'normal', because he is already special.

  12. Kloppo 💪 Gruß aus Dortmund du hast es dir mehr als verdient. Hoffentlich sitzt du irgendwann noch einmal bei uns auf der Bank

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