Insuranceaaya Namaha| Suleman |New latest telugu short film 2020 | Shiva|Mahashivarathri|Namashivaya

Take it.. Vishal didn’t get up ?
He slept late after watching T.V. last night How many times I told you to wake him up early.. Mother, Now a day’s dad become too much
bhakti centric.. With his bhakti effect I feel that all gods
will be reaching our house; You should study hard and should become a
doctor my dear; Sure dad, I will become doctor definitely
That’s my girl, I know dear Just like your sister, you too should study
hard Ok daddy
Ok Good morning daddy
Good morning You should practice to get up on time
Restrict your friends and movies and try to pass your intermediate ( plus 2) exams
Dad, I am practicing acting course. I wish to become a hero like Power Star Pawan Kalyan First you concentrate on studies; then I will make you a HERO
In order to fulfill all these we need a lot of money
Nonsense, don’t worry about all these things; I am there to look about all those things Raja ji, your clerk had been cleared. Please check it out
Ok Ok Thank you sir Raja ji, we have lots of investment and insurance
policies If you permit, then our investment planner
will reach your house and will brief you about them. Even in bank you are talking about investment
and insurance policies.. We know all of your financial dealing in detailed,
One financial suggestion will change your life as well as your family future; please
think about it Ok. Today I am little busy; ask your executive
to call me and come. Thank you
Its ok Who are you
My name is karthik. I came from bank. Sir asked me to meet him today
Ok. Come inside. Thank you madam Good morning sir Good morning Sit Sir my name is karthik, I came from bank;
Phone ringing; I will let you know Tell me karthik
Sir, we have insurance and retirement policies. I came to inform you about those policies
Karthik, it’s been already late for him. I am going on a urgent work; we will meet
some other time. Ok sir Yes please, My name is Ganesh; Sir has asked me to come
Please come in; Good morning sir, Why didn’t you repair that work ? I will finish it soon; electrician will be
coming by evening Nonsense, what the hell you are doing? What happened to my flight ticket? I will get it booked; I am searching the availability
Can’t you finish that small work ? I will do it
If you don’t get the flight ticket then try to book train ticket
I need to attend an urgent meeting; Ok I will do it
Nonsense Yes tell me
Good morning sir Good morning
Tell me what exactly you want to inform; I need to go out
Sir, we have insurance and retirement policies I came here to explain about them
Insurance for me? Nonsense! I don’t have belief on insurance
In fact I don’t have that much time to think about it;
For every human being insurance is very much needed sir
I don’t need insurance; if I invest your premium money else where..
in business or real estate then I can earn much more money
when compared to those returns your returns are nowhere;
this will not workout for me. I think I am not the right person for you
Sir, I am not here to sell you the insurance I came here to let you know how much importance
insurance has If you can give me 5 minutes time, I will
let you know how much insurance cover you would require through my fact finding procedure;
If I say my details then you will let me know my required insurance coverage ?
Ok tell me! What is your age sir? 44 Sir, you need to have a insurance coverage of rs.10 crores
What ? You mean 10 crores? Yes sir. If anything happens then your family required
this much amount; For your daily activity; children’s education
and to clear your existing debts; then you required this much coverage sir
Nothing will happen to me I don’t have belief on insurance. To look after my family I have my relatives;
moreover there is God to look after; Sir, we can assure our family members that
will take care of them but can we assure them that we will live forever
Even if you plan a small trip we will arrange some money and leave
And then what amount we need to arrange if we know that we will not come back? Insurance is not a necessity sir, it’s our
duty It’s a token of love that you show on your
family sir Sir, insurance bond is just like a love letter
which we give to our family in our absence You mean to say that I should need to pay
you a policy assuming that something may happen? We will discuss on that later;
True sir, we generally don’t think about insurance sir,
As long as we are live, we don’t come across its necessity
But when we need that necessity we will not be available sir
Hence we will discuss about it right now this moment itself
You will say like that; we will discuss now, right at this moment;
Try these tricks with those people who don’t have anything
Don’t try those thing with me Sir, assets should be enjoyed by your descendants;
they should not sell them in order to live Ok then, I will ask my auditor and my friends
and will let you know Sir, did you purchase any costly gift to your
spouse? Of course, on our marriage anniversary
How much sir? Ten lakhs! Diamond necklace. While purchasing that necklace did you ask
either your relatives or friends about it? Definitely not, because for those which I
feel near to our heart we won’t listen anyone sir,
Hence the decision should be purely of yours and should not be decided by others;
Why do delay such important family related decision? Calling bell rings
Please come What raju? You are not yet ready? Mr.ganesh is explaining me about insurance
policies Why do you need such policies raju ?
These things are nowhere near to your existing land investments
Raju, Why do you need such insurance policies when we are all there for you ?
In our community doing insurance means you do not trust your god in full. Ok, I will get ready and come
It’s getting time for the train, we will meet again. Sir, in a train its just crime to travel without
ticket; However if we are living a insurance less
life then it’s a big harm that we are doing to our family sir
Let’s see! Who are you? My name is eshwar sir
Why did you come? I am an Insurance sales officer
Don’t entertain such useless fellows to enter inside the house again;
What are you thinking about? It will take another 2 years to recover and
business investment and to clear our debts Until then we won’t get break even
Wake me early at 4 in the morning; I need to leave;
Ok Bharathi… bharathi… bharathi… bharathi.. It has been 4. Please get up. Please get up my dear
Bharathi, I am here.. bharathi I am here; What happened to you
Please get up You said you need to leave at 4am
All this happened because my trusted God had cheated me
Who will take care of my wife and children? Oh my god ?
You have left us in deep troubles my dear; How much I had trusted you? You have cheated me my lord
You have cheated me and my family too You mean to say me? Look at my family how they are crying in my
absence; Who will take care of them now? My friends and relatives have recovered my
properties in order to clear my debts related to my business
You are the person responsible for all these things;
All these things would not have happen if I would have been living there
Don’t you know that life and death are as per the dharma of creation? Life spam is as per their Karma
One need to leave his body Once they complete their life spam
Hence you need to finish all your duties while you have your body
Otherwise you need to suffer like this In order to help you in overcoming this situation,
I had sent 3 gods to your house; 3 gods? No one ever visited my house
Firstly karthik has reached your house; He tried to talk to you; but you have sent
him out in arrogance even without talking to him
He is none other than Lord Kumara Swamy! Second God is Ganesh. He explained everything to you
But with your pride you have not pay attention to him
You sent him saying that you don’t need anyone assistance to your family
He is none other than LORD VINAYAKA And the third lord is Eeshwar. He is none other than LORD PARAMESWAR! He came to your house right from his Mount
Kailash But you have not listen to him and sent him
out of your house and closed the door on Lord’s face
You also informed your wife not to entertain such people
Without giving attention to Ganesh words you have left that day
If you were available there then you would have known about your friends and relatives
on that day itself bismillah ir rahman ir rahim !
as per you saying, there are 2 books in your community such as quran and hadees
in that hadees book it was mentioned that if you leave on long distance business travel
then you need to place 3 months provisions at your house
why because if you come late even then your family can survive
It is also some sort of insurance sir! Look! He doesn’t need any such insurance
We need to insure as because our income dies and not because we will die;
For his family he need to insure For him he has lot of assets moreover we all
are for him We all will look after them
If so, then please sign on these papers sir What are these papers? As I told you, these are assurance documents
that you will look after his family Why do we need all these? It’s an assurance letter that If something
happens to him then to clear his debts; and to care of his children education and
marriage. Can’t you sign those assurance documents? No one will give such assurance sir
The person who don’t do insurance and die if return to see their family sufferings
then he will come to know the harm that he had did to his family
as per your knowledge Life insurance is not needed..
but the point here is insurance is not meant for you but for your family
there is nothing permanent in life During my Rama incarnation, my story changed
over night; My enthronement got cancelled and I was sent
to forest I will only show you the way
Whether you will move in that way or not depends on your knowledge and will
My lord! Please excuse me! Don’t make my family suffer for my mistake
Please provide me one more opportunity Lapsed time will not come again
No one can change the nature’s dharma My lord! It’s a big curse for a family who don’t
have a insurance Please excuse me bharathi ! excuse me!

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