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first experience for these kids after two minutes of play we’re leading by one it’s fairly exciting I’m exciting to see these kids play dough ball that’s it we’re doing good [Applause] we already started a few games for practice and going really well some people it’s their third or fourth or fifth time but it’s my first time make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already in the notification they’ll either like or leave a comment down below in the game that’s more intense yet for Ronnie more and every few minutes you get very exhausted that’s why you do change ups in three minutes our team is called some moments it’s a samurai it’s a Japanese warrior that never gives up it means that we should never give up obviously I’m very excited for the rest of the game stay tuned Oh hey China how are you my name is mark happy to be talking with you this morning we’re here in beautiful Drummondville Quebec which is located right in the middle of province of Quebec where helding today a tournament for kids deck hockey tournament we have kids coming from all over the province of Quebec so there’s many divisions going from seven years old to 14 years old so the format of the tournament is quite simple actually so they play many games three or four games to qualify for the playoffs it’s three on three they play a game about 30 minutes again usually on each team there’s six to nine players that’s a coaches choices to see how they want to navigate through their strategy the kids play their games and in this afternoon we’ll have the finals and see who’s the champion of the province of Quebec so basic thing about this tournament and any tournaments that we put together in Quebec is to make sure that we get as many kids playing many kids improving and having fun together so the setup is quite interesting because there’s many activities for the kids they’re all together and it can eat together play together and have their games watch their games encourage everybody just to have fun so the purpose of this game is just have fun improving the game and get to the next level just by having fun so we had the nice privilege to welcome a year ago Erin from China that join our program Dec hockey program when he started it was funny because obviously Aaron knew nothing about the hockey the equipment the way it was played and all that but a year after because he worked very hard and he’s enjoying himself by playing this game he’s hearing a tournament with us and Drummondville so you played this to first official games in the tournament then he did very very very good so I see a smile on his face I see him having fun and I see him wanting to go to the next level so it’s good it’s fun and I’m really happy to see Ivan here with us and it’s a privilege to see average improve so much like this now we’re gonna talk about six fun facts about deck hockey street hockey also known as deck hockey ball hockey road hockey it’s a variation of the sport of ice hockey where the game is played outdoors on foot or inline or roller skates using a ball or puck both ball and puck are typically designed to be played on non ice surfaces fact number one it’s known that hockey has been around since at least 1363 when Edward 3rd of England banned the sport in a Royal Proclamation however the histories of many cultures include playing games was curved six dating as far back as 4000 years ago to ancient Egyptian times that number – its belief that the word hockey originates from the middle French word okay which means shepherd state today there are many types of hockey including ice hockey field hockey roller hockey sled hockey and a favorite among kid street hockey fact number three despite all the variations of when hockey was first played the first organized hockey game played indoors occurred in 1875 in Montreal Canada that number for the first hook used during the outdoor hockey in the 19th century was made out of frozen cow dung that number five the NHL National Hockey League was established in 1917 fact number six Bobby Hull shot the fastest pup in recorded history at 118 miles per hour by the way guys if you enjoyed this video hit a big thumbs up to subscribe button most importantly ring the notification bell that’s how you know when my videos come up and you’ll be one of the first to watch it all leave a comment or question I really want to talk to you guys see you guys next time [Music]

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  1. Thanks for all the coaching and opportunities of LDDH, to let me fall in love with hockey, and be able to grow so much as a hockey player.

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