Sorry to wake you up, Luna You ready to go? We got to be there in ten minutes. You guys are doing the same stretch is it low today? Huh a little bit just a little bit. What is going on guys? Today we are back, and today We’re about to take the R8 into the shop, my back right tire Has had a slow leak for about a week not sure what the problem is might be a nail or something so we’re going to get that checked out and the brakes are a Little squeaky, I think I have enough air to drive on it right now I get my new exhaust soon, so I want all ready to go please refuel Yeah, I got a low gas too. Right as I leave I’m not even to the end of the neighborhood yet, and it’s already telling me low tire pressure, so something’s wrong If they don’t find a problem. There’s going to be a problem. I just got to take it easy I can’t go fast got to get there safely without you know my tire falling off I don’t want to have to replace the whole tire cuz that would suck and probably be kind of expensive, so Hoping that’s not the case looks like your right rear tire has punctured. Yeah, okay, and brakes are squeaking. Yeah, okay, alright I’m going to pop my head in there and grab your mileage real quick It’s about time! My gosh, I sat on my curb forever waiting for you. Guys, Taylor is climbing out here Wow, we out here. Dylan, do you think you’ll ever get Taylor’s subscribers? No, and she has zero videos and I have 12 thousand subs less. This is crap. Hide and seek, or what? Yes Luna you want to play hide and seek? you want to howl and give us away? So we’re going to sit here and watch my sister subscriber gain for a little while We’re going to try to watch her getting 100k. Should we do it inside like we have or do outside Inside would be easier, but outside is going to be hot. Outside there’s not that many places like you get in the hot tub But you probably die if you like closed it. How bout we can hide outside, but we don’t have to. but outside hide and seek we haven’t done yet And we got make something. We’ll see we’ll see tell you though. Taylor, this is taking forever You know what we are just going to hide and seek now We decided there is enough places out here to hide you might want to change your shirt buddy. So not it not it ah Tristan’s it first. No, fuck that. He’s loser Rules are you have to stay within the backyard and then the side yard you can go inside yard no hiding in the trees of the Side yard though like out in that field give us two minutes one two three Okay, there’s only this as a cabinet. I don’t know if I can fit in there I’ll might do that later. See, this trash cans pretty clean I could get in here, and like set it somewhere um There’s like that tree over there I could climb into behind the hot tub 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 this trash cans kind of dirty but it’s in my garage, so It’s too small 59 60. I’m coming for you ya little bastards please be unlocked, please be unlocked. No Yes, I forgot. This was left open. I’m coming There’s a freaking spider web in my hair whoo I’m getting sidetracked, but these are really pretty this is perfect, okay. Let me go like peek out the window over here, okay? Let’s turn the blind so I can see out here Well, there’s this car getting towed very very hot up here I wanted to make this room a secret room and like actually put couches and a TV in here But I don’t know if that will ever happen now because it is just way too hot. If I was really good at this game I would get like way up there like crouched myself up there. Oh never mind There is a bunch of nails my car is getting towed cause it’s messed up R.I.P. There he is, there he is. I don’t think he can see me You know what I bet you they’re up there. Now I’m going to have to freaking climb. Uh, this is sketchy Hi, Tanner. Oh no Dang it, how’d you find me? Well, I’m a – That ladder’s been down for like two weeks. process of elimination buddy. You weren’t anywhere else Oh my God it was getting hot up here so I’m not even mad – have you found dylan yet? No. Are you freaking kidding me? Dude, you scared the crap out of me. Oh my God dylan’s in your truck Hi I was in here for like 10 minutes, got up real quick and ??? I was like oh, crap Dude,I was running around forever. I could not find a spot. All right, my turn. Okay your minute starts now. Oh, hi Rose How you doing, rose? Huh? So tempting not to look out those windows, okay? I can’t I can’t tha’ts cheating even though I guarantee Tristan did 30 I don’t know where I’m gonna hide I’m just. Wait, let’s just see you could hide in the blue thing and I can hide the Porta potty but I don’t know what porta-potties Smell like I don’t know what’s in here. I feel like there’s all kinds of like nails and shit. I’m gonna Die I I got hungry. This is sketchy. I don’t want to hide in here Does it smell bad in there? Okay, I’d say it’s been about a minute. Rose. Where’d they go? Oh, I heard something I hear somebody walking way over there. Oh that was luna, never mind. Anybody in here about to drown no, okay I’m just gonna hide here and just squat down and wait. Go away, Dylan For a second. I was very scared because I didn’t see my R8 but then I realized hey, it’s in the shop I had to delete like 9 million photos off my phone to get more storage for my phone Go away, go away you little bastard. I bet they’re laying right up there Dang it. There’s a big porta potty out here. Um I guess I’ll go look in it I doubt they would’ve gone all the way over here, but yeah, just a bunch of trash Dang it! Dylan Mitchell hahaha I was like whenever you came over there you’re like I think they’re at the trash. I was like okay, okay? Yeah
I’m was like trying to find you. I didn’t think anybody would be in this because it probably smelled bad When you walked over here I thought you saw me because I went yeah I think Tanner just found Dylan. Okay the rule is you can tell me hotter or colder. We’ve done that before. You’re going cold Warmer. Okay, there we go. That’s all I needed Tristan if you would’ve been standing right there. That’s not even a good spot. You just oh my god I kind of didn’t try that camera just exposed how I’m holding my camera right now Last but not least Mylan Ditchell’s turn to count. Now, I’ve been around and I’ve seen the spots So we’re good to go We got a little personal wind and I love it. Dylan’s the type of guy to go peek So we have to watch out for that. Aw, my camera’s gonna die Hold on Okay, I can’t get in there. Alright, I’ve decided that I’m just going to chill here behind the hot tub and hopefully he does not see me I’m just going to go here Luna. Do not give me away. Oh, you’re sitting right here uh I want hang off the balcony somewhere, so he can’t see me I bet. Taylor are you at 100k yet? No Are getting close? Okay, I’d love to hear about it, but I got to go. Oh, okay. Ready or not here I come and that’s C-U-M Okay, I’m coming over here. Okay, what if they hid in my car? I feel like they went to the backyard because we’ve already hid back here a bunch Hi. We are in the backyard, and it’s time for some seekin’ It’s too small. I thought I could get in. Frick I was in there for, i mean, kinda a little bit Need help? Need me to take your camera? Yeah, take Goodness. Tanner just got found by Dylan. I’m the winner Okay, I’m deciding to expose myself because it’s too damn hot. Where were you hiding anyway? Over there by the hot tub. I wouldn’t have found you, would I? Nope But I, but I won. I got found Second both times. You gave up I didn’t quit if I would have quit, I would have gone inside Luna licked my face a lot. There’s some on your eye, like close your eye Yeah, wait hold on. Oh, you’re such a gentleman still on there. Why is it still on there? It’s like a white like looks like paint or something. Oh, we’re getting really close now. You going home? You gotta leave? yeah, I gotta leave Okay, oh, God. Thank you. Goodbye dylan. Bye. Oh Oh, well, I think you got first place. I got second you got third. You suck you suck you suck I won! All your hard works about to payoff. What hard work? Are you excited or what? You coming in for this magical moment? I am I set my alarm like every 30 minutes When I was trying to lay down because my kidney hurt so that I wouldn’t miss it and then I go get Last 10, her we go. I don’t know when to start it. Everybody unsubscribe, let’s troll her Tristan, you’re gonna miss it. Oh, yeah Tristan just Wow, it actually stopped on it. Taylor, you can just screenshot it from my video there you go. Huh. She has to make a video Possibly some more. Yay Well, we’re going to go ahead and end my video there. So thank you so much for watching this video And don’t forget to leave a like and share with your friends if you enjoyed. Subscribe if you’re new and I’ll see you guys in the next one See, I’ve been doing this for a while, that’s why I can do it fast. You gonna train her? Yeah Peace out. Yeah, because I know you’ve done like nothing. Woo, it ain’t fault


  1. His vlogs had a special feeling to them like they were rly funny and interesting they were only him Dillion tristrine idk how to spell tristrain but it was just them and it was awesome but rly now it’s other ppl and it’s just not the same anyone and that sucks

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