Interchange Intro Level Unit 10 What’s your sport

Lisa Kim:
Hi, there! I’m Lisa Kim. Welcome to Flushing Meadows
Park in Queens, New York. We’re here to talk
to people about sports. On weekends,
these soccer fields are crowded. There are soccer teams
for kids and for adults. Lisa:
This is Omar. He plays soccer
at Flushing Meadows. Hi, Omar. Omar:
Hello. Lisa:
So, you’re playing soccer today. Who are you playing with? Omar:
With other friends from my country. We have a team. Lisa:
How often do you practice? Omar:
On Saturdays and Sundays. We start at 10 in the morning. Lisa:
Soccer is hard. But it’s not all hard work. Over there,
you can get a snack. They sell hot dogs, empanadas,
and other snack foods. Lisa:
There’s so much to do here. There are baseball fields,
basketball courts, handball courts,
and even a cricket field. So, Ian,
you play cricket. What exactly is that? Ian:
That’s a good question. Well, it’s a team sport. You play it with a ball and bat. There are eleven people on each team. The team with the most runs wins. Lisa:
So, it’s kind of like baseball. Ian:
Yes. It’s similar. Lisa: Cricket is not very
well known in the U.S. Where in the world
do people play cricket? Ian: Well, it’s popular in Australia,
India, South Africa, and England –
that’s our home. And of course, I can play cricket
here at Flushing Meadows. It’s great! Lisa:
And what sports do you like, Diane? Diane:
Oh, I love tennis. Lisa: Do you play tennis here
at Flushing Meadows? Diane:
Oh, no. I don’t play tennis. I watch it. Right over there. Lisa: This is the National Tennis Center,
home to the U.S. Open. The U.S. Open is an internationally
famous tennis tournament. People come from all over the world
to watch tennis matches here. But you can
play tennis, and you can take
tennis lessons here, too. Lisa:
What sports do you like? Susan: I like a lot of sports,
but I really like golf. Lisa:
Golf? Can you play golf here, too? Susan:
Yes, you can. It’s mini-golf. My husband takes our kids
to the playground, and I can relax. Lisa: Flushing Meadows
has something for everyone. And you don’t need to play
sports to enjoy the park. You can also
just take it easy. There are many beautiful places
to walk in the park – like this. Lisa: Best of all, you can get
to Flushing Meadows easily on the subway
from Manhattan. The Number 7 train
takes you right to the park. Lisa:
But where do you get off the train? Just look
for the Unisphere. This giant globe tells you
that you’re in Flushing Meadows. Pretty great, huh? Flushing Meadows welcomes people
from all around the world to play sports, watch sports, or just enjoy a day
in this beautiful park. Why don’t you come
for a visit, too? Ready? On three.
One, two, three! Subtitles by the community

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