100 thoughts on “INTERVIEW: Eiji Aonuma was SPEECHLESS when seeing Link Paraglide the WHOLE MAP! in Zelda BotW

  1. Welcome to Breath of the Wild! Where exploration is everything! You can do anything after the opening and tutorial!

    Seriously. Literally, anything. LITERALLY

    Ya want proof? This channel is the proof

  2. congratulations on that happening! I couldn't imagine how exited you were 😄. love your vids and I hope they will never end!

  3. He must have known about this beforehand, right? Someone on the team must have tested putting one metal object on another and picking up the lower one? Right? Maybe they didn't realize you do it in a stable enough way to continue ascending, but then again, that invisible ceiling is there for a reason, right?

  4. 200+ hours in and I just saw Bokoblin archers riding BEARS for the first time. It's no wonder the creators are surprised by what we are doing with all of the tools, techniques and situations they gave us!

  5. My attept on the Yiga-Clan-Hideout, at first, I wanted to battle it out, but their Attack seemed Way higher during this Sneak-Mission and I died.
    Then came my second attempt: Ancient Arrows! and they all got desintegrated.

  6. Oh my god.
    That's amazing.
    You got respected by THE Aonuma, pretty much for doing crap you were not supposed to be able to in his game.
    Goddamn, subscribed!

  7. What if you did this with the guy atop that one tower to the west that gives you rupees for distance? And fill your whole meal inventory with stamina food? ;D

  8. awwe spoilered the lord of the mountain for me, been wondering what that light was and been meaning to go investigate but now i know what it is

  9. Well, I think it's safe to say that we, in the real world, have three things that Link doesn't:

    The ability to speak, nipples and reproductive organs.

  10. This is a monumentally huge achievement! Nintendo's a massive company, it's incredible for them to notice you.

  11. I've always wondered what's beyond the part of Hyrule we can't see and this video makes me wonder even more. It's so vast. I mean, there's obviously nothing there, but a guy can dream. Like, maybe the Mushroom Kingdom is out there, which is how Link can go Kart racing with Mario.

  12. Nah don't worry. Nothing's gonna happen to this… … unless Sakurai becomes part of the staff and starts nerfing EVERYTHING! ( ° ͜ ʖ °)

  13. not to break your bubble but many people did it before you
    the earliest I can find is this guy

  14. So the BOTW devs have never seen people doing this in Gmod or Half Life? People jest about how Nintendo had their head in the sand, but this kind of proves the joke.

  15. I've been subscribed since you had only 100-200 subs, congrats on becoming so extremely popular in only 2 months. <3

  16. Mety: If only I could paraglide with one hand… I would fricken put some clothes on.
    *proceeds to eat food in MID-AIR to replenish stamina

  17. They should make a game that encourages the player to break their shit in the most creative way possible

  18. they 🅱eter not patch 🅱oTW.

    meanwhile: Aonuma was SPEECHLESS after seeing botw to be a huge success

  19. That magnet floatation exploit is the same as in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts&Bolts back in 2008. That game allowed so much breaking. Was fun.

  20. The next Zelda game better be a direct sequel to botw and it better have someway to fly in it, maybe with a dragon or a massive airship. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE

  21. If you can't take you hand off one of the Paraglider handles to put clothes on…………How are you even eating then?

  22. Sadly patched 🙁 Tried, but it's so unstable that it kicks me off the iron box. And when it shortly works, it doesn't go up, only forward

  23. Your atrocious grammar makes your videos hard to watch. It's a shame because you have great content. First world problems…

  24. With how magnesis works I'm sure they were kind of expecting this, I mean at points they even kind of guide you to practice this, shrine puzzles, camps, etc…

  25. I think its far safe to say that you have been the most creative BotW player for all of time. No other player (famous or otherwise) can top what amazing things you have accomplished, you genius you!
    Many wishes and I hope to see more (or catch a stream) soon!

  26. He said the team was speechless… he showed the whole team? The same team must be working together on another game. 😉😉

  27. I feel like every map is too small, the botw map would feel like it has actual mountains if it was like twice the size, or just make all the stuff on the map half the size, that should be for skyrim too, they just made it smaller cause it would be a pain for most if it were actual size, but it just feels cartoony to me, give me real mountains yo! it was too easy to climb the ones in the game

  28. "Hyrule looks pretty good from up here…" (Daruk's words, not mine) But seriously, I really hope that we're gonna have the liberty of doing things like this in the on-coming sequel of this game, too. 😀 I mean, that would be TOTALLY AWESOME! XD

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