Interview for slovak Rádio Šport about ATW Handball and Handball Goalkeeper Training

5 minutes after half past 6 we move on the sports wave of Rádio Šport to handball because we will take a look at one interesting project which was created and is realized by Martin Kosák it is dedicated to training kids and literally all over the world about how this project looks like, what everything it brings and how was the start told us Martin Kosák in the interview made by Peter Zagiba You may know Martin Kosák as a handball goalkeeper, which nowadays work for Slovak Handball Federation on the marketing field but now I am talking with him about a different topic, because Maťo started a new project where he trains young goalkeeper talents, but not only in Slovakia, but in whole Europe so please describe it more closely and let us start with the most recent thing, what does it mean to go outside, where have you been and what have you done there? So my project is called Around The World with Handball which means Okolo sveta s hádzanou if anyone would be interested, you can find it on the YouTube as well as Instagram Actually it started with youth goalkeeper coaching in Stupava, before I trained youth goalkeepers in Modra I created an YouTube channel, where I have put the training videos and it was quite popular so I tried to improve this channel somehow. And because I like traveling, I have combined my two passions, which are handball and traveling Soooo aaand I started this project in April and I have already made my first two journeys in Europe I was in Lithuania and Estonia where I have trained youth goalkeepers in 4 clubs and I put the videos from the journeys on YouTube Do you travel everywhere alone? Yes, actually maybe in the future it would be useful to have somebody with camera but for now I have managed everything on my own, from logistics to trainings and filming How did you choose the clubs? Are these all your handball contacts from the times of your career? So in Lithuania it was my handball contact, I know one lithuanian national player. I wrote her, she gave me the contact to the coach and we agreed on the trainings then And in Estonia it was through an estonian friend from student times I asked him, he wrote to the clubs which have been interested and then later we agreed the trainings on our own So how was the response? Let us start with the kids that you have trained abroad Well, I had a really good feeling. I think that kids were really engaged, which they have shown during and also after the training. And the same with coaches which made me really happy and this is probably also the sense from the whole project, so I was really glad about this feedback and regarding the medial response or feedback back home, my friends or people on YouTube or Instagram wrote me that it is a great idea and cool project so and in a short while we will come back to this project which Martin Kosák is introducing On Rádio Šport we will now continue with talking with Martin Kosák who is introducing a project that he invented and is performing now it is about training kids, for now mostly in Europe, but the goal is also to go more to the world. Zago continues with Martin What new can you bring as a Slovak to the handball Europe? That is a very good question and maybe some people reacted on the project like “What do you want to train, when you have never played Bundesliga or Champions League?” But I am standing 100 percent behind my trainings, I think they are really creative, demanding but in spite of that almost every goalkeeper can do that and I think these exercises are pretty different compared what goalkeepers normally train in their clubs Where do you take the inspiration for goalkeeper trainings? Actually I take something from my times as a goalkeeper, something just comes up when we make some exercises and of course I am watching YouTube videos as well, but not only from handball, but also other sports for example training from NFL or also training of soccer goalkeepers and I try to convert it somehow to handball And when we look at this project as a whole, what do you promise out of that? Should it make also you a better coach and bring you maybe officialy as a coach to some club? Well, that would be perfect If I could make a full-time goalkeeper coach but I am not doing this for money, but more for the experiences/adventures and traveling so I really hope that maybe I will go also somewhere outside Europe, maybe Asia or South America, that would be awesome And some camps in Slovakia? Last two years I have my first two goalkeeper camps in Modra where there have been around 15-20 young goalkeepers and this year I try to put it on a higher level, so I am going to make this internationally, which means with international coaches and youth goalkeepers first two years were only friday-sunday, this time it will be a whole week and everything will be at one place in Stupava, where we have perfect conditions with hotel, sportshall, outdoor fields, swimming pool, bowling etc. Camp will be on 23-27 July 2018 So and in the end, you spoke about dreaming to go abroad with this project. Are your next journeys already planned? So, sure for now is that in the end of June/beginning of July I am going to a goalkeeper camp in Netherlands, where I will be a coach and right now I am also discussing one journey also with lithuanian player who plays in Japan and this would be really a dream If I would have the opportunity to go to Japan, that would be incredible so fingers crossed and then we can have some chat again Perfect, thank you very much, I look forward So let us see how it will go for Martin Kosák, of course we keep fingers crossed with his project dedicated to training youth handballers

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