Into the Bat Caves of Kenya: Pt. I

[rumbling car] [acoustic guitar] [car doors closing] [dirt crunching, heavy breathing] [acoustic guitar] [heavy breathing, bats chattering] – (Bruce) And try and set your feet without dragging your shoes so that we stir up as little dust as possible. [quiet shuffling, breathing] [rock shifts]
– (Graslie) Oh. – (Bruce) Careful on the left, here. – (Graslie) Oh, wow. I don’t want to go down there. – (Bruce) Let’s not do that. – (Graslie) We’re right standing in a pile of civet crap. Look at this. They have designated toilets. That’s not something I want to fall into, either. [bats chattering] You can hear the bats. Just look how far you sink! Ulgh. Just walking into this. [louder bat chatter] – (Graslie) Yeah! Oh, look at them. – (Bruce) Magnificent, huh?
– (Graslie) It’s just gorgeous.

89 thoughts on “Into the Bat Caves of Kenya: Pt. I

  1. I'm in love with the film making style of this video. Minimal dialogue.  The bit where everyone's credit hovers above their head as they descend into the cave is gorgeous.  Big props to the film makers.

  2. so this all began when hank green said "i'm going to go to the museum" and emily has never since forgot to be awesome.

    this is pretty frikken cool (i seen the guano and though "i wish there was a bat cave around here" always wanted to try making gun powder from scratch…)

  3. Bats are my thing but I'm glad it's you in there while I'm at home sipping a whisky and enjoying your work from the comfort of home.

  4. I really like the style of this video – it kind of has the feel of a full-length documentary, but mixed with a traditional YouTube video style.  Really neat stuff!

  5. I liked the use of silence in this video. Rather than filling every second with voiceover/music/whatever, it was good to just have the silence and the natural sounds of the cave

  6. So I know this is not an fantasy type of video but when you came to that big hole in the ground, part of me thought: "if this were a movie someone would fall down it and discover a lost city."

  7. You are a brave & adventurous lady! This will be one of those moments that you will talk about for the rest of your life. Thanks for taking us along.

  8. hey, um, just an idea, um, you should but where in the world you are in the beginning. Like right after the opener show a world map highlighting Kenya with a star or something where in Kenya you are…. i'm bad at geography…..

  9. An interesting new style. I loved it.
    YouTube can be so powerful sometimes.
    Thank you for taking us along with you on your adventure!

  10. I would have thought you would need to have masks on due to bat droppings and the dust I have always heard it was not good for you. Also glad to see that little bat at the end didn't have white nose fungus like the bats in the US had 

  11. I liked the cinematography but really missed the where are you going, what is being studied, why do the studying, who are you with.  LOVED the Wyoming trip you got the sense of the reason for the trip and the why.  This looked cool but I learned nothing of the why, I need the why.  Civets pooping in a bat cave???why, why, why???
    On a personal note at least a dust filter mask around bat poop, that shit (literal definition) is nasty!

  12. Editing style is noticeably different from what Michael usually does. It's refreshing I guess? The Field Museum staff did a pretty good job, though I like his take on editing better 🙂

  13. I'm curious to know how the cave opening would look like if it ever rains, it's breathtaking as it is and the bats look amazing!

  14. As a bat biologist thanks for doing a segment on bats! (I know you are not done yet).  Looking forward to seeing more!  If you are ever in need of doing some local work on bats I would be happy to volunteer my time.

  15. 1) Emily has the best job in all of You Tube.
    2) If I were there, I would be wearing eye, nose and mouth protection.
    3) Emily! Get some boots for these expeditions! Nikes are not going to cut it!
    4) This was amazing and I can't wait for the next installment! This is great filmmaking!

  16. I'm surprised they weren't wearing ventilation masks or something.  All I ever hear about bats/guano are about how they're a breeding ground for some really nasty bacteria.

  17. I love caves. I don't mind bats either. Was this cave warm enough for short sleeves? I know a lot of caves tend to be very cold. Can't wait for part 2!

  18. We used to look out our living room window at Mt. Suswa.  It has been many years since I was in those lava tube caves.  Good memories!

  19. Thanks Brain scoop this was a great insight into natural cave formations and their animal inhabitants. You put em out I'll watch and share them.

  20. Brainscoop is such a wonderful website….just view an episode like this, and you'll be hooked. Thanks for all the amazing places/ experiences that you have given us so far, Emily and company… Xoxo

  21. That's amazing… You guys put so much effort into your videos and all of it is spectacular. 
    I really, really wish you would get the recognition you guys deserve.

  22. Very cool.  🙂  Side note: Why no helmets for caving? I kind of assume there was a reason because every time I have been spelunking, the expert-folk are pretty insistent about wearing them.

  23. I'm amazed you went in there without a mask or rubber boots. For my video on bats for It's Okay To Be Smart, I couldn't get within 50 feet of the cave mouth without the urea burning my nose.

    Also, zoonosis.

  24. Yep.  Emily Ward (filmmaker for the Field) is one of my best friends, and she is AWESOME!!!!!!!!  (sorry to embarrass you, Em)  
    And I have been slowly turning her into a Nerdfighter for the past few years (she already IS a Nerdfighter, just not necessarily by name).  I wanted to tell you guys stories about the guano and the bats a long time ago, but I was sworn to secrecy.  😉
    I can't wait to see the rest of the footage!  Great job you guys!!!!! 

  25. So apparently the last brainscoop vid I saw was "what the function" with Destin from Smarter Every Day. I have a lot of catching up to do!

  26. This video was sorely lacking in my opinion. Bereft of all the potential educational content that could have come with a simple voice over explaining why the team was there, who their guides were and what their experiences as wildlife reserve employees have been like, what kind of bats they were looking for, what those bats eat, what kind of ecological niche they fill, why they're important ecologically and culturally, how far deep into the cave they were, what guano is, the chemical composition of it, the ecological impact of it, I could honestly go on for days.
    To tell you the truth, I learned nothing from this and I watch The Brain Scoop to learn.

  27. I LOVE these expedition videos. So fascinating and captivating. Thank you for not talking over it – but just taking us along with you. I feel like I'm there. But with out the audacious smell, of course…

  28. "You will make sure to wash your hands before eating anything…" -Dr. Malcom after Dr. Ellie Sattler rummages through Triceratops droppings

  29. What the hell was the point of that, you went into a dark cave to look at bats, but technically you were just walking into a giant toilet and raised your chances of getting sick.

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