4 thoughts on “Intro to Baseball game in English,Japanese,Chinese !

  1. Never understood the American obsession with rounders. This video might have well been in Martian. Did attend a blue jays game on school rugby tour back in 2003, between the cheerleaders, beer and one of the players having fun didn't see much of the "game"

  2. Thank you for the English lesson (and Baseball lesson). Now I know that an ultimate grand slam is more than a 2500 calorie breakfast at Denny's.

  3. We enjoyed the episode and the trilingual Intro 🙂 Thank you very much, and we are looking forward to the next "Katsura Sunshine in New York" video!

  4. No wonder you can speak excellent Japanese & have good tempo of talking. YOU ARE A RAKUGO PERFORMER!!! (I have guessed it)
    I envy you~~~p>.<q (my English is so so & Japanese is not as good as yours)
    The only thing I will always be confident is that I am a Taiwanese & my Chinese and Taiwanese will be better than you forever (maybe~XD)

    Love the way you talk!! ^^ =^^=

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