Introducing the Hands Free Cricket device from Kevin Pietersen | Optus

Howzit Australia,
I’m Kevin Pietersen, and you may remember me
from one of my triumphant Ashes series.
2005, 2009,
2011, 2013.
But enough about my cricket success.
I’m here to solve your cricketing woes.
And I don’t mean your Ashes batting line-up. For you Aussies, the summer means
two things: loads of cricket,
and loads of other stuff,
that just isn’t cricket. Gawd! Who’s got time
for the shoppin’ when Davey Warner is
carting sixes all over the shop?
The azaleas need pruning, but it’s Day 5 of
the Test and Gazza is getting more turn than
a doorknob. It’s been sick rollerblading
with you and your mum, but I gotta jet home, the
Poms are on the ropes. So I’ve spent all
winter developing an advanced prototype that’s
going to let you watch the cricket,
while you watch the cricket. Tidy up the garden! Sizzle your sausage! Or hit the beach! Come on Lynne,
save some for Sids. Awww, got him! Introducing, the Hand Free Cricket device. Hey guys, how good is this?
You’ve gotta give this a go.
Mate, I’m not wearing this. What do you mean
you’re not wearing it, it’s in your contract,
you have to. Mate, I don’t care
what’s in my c- Nice Gary! Cricket hasn’t seen innovation like this since
the bails started flashing. You’re not wrong, Mitch.
It’s actually a patented, revolutionary light-weight
monocoque shell. Looks like plastic to me.
The HFC’s precision- engineered frame can be
tailored to your exact specifications, so it holds
your phone a PERFECT distance to watch both the Aussies’ –
and the Poms’ – middle order collapse. What was that?
You heard. So what are you
waiting for? Get online, or get down
to your local Optus store, like this one.
And you can enjoy data free –
yes, data free – cricket, on the Cricket Australia Live App,
thanks to Optus. Yes!
It really is the perfect way to watch The Ashes.

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