Introduction to Cricket Bat

hi friends my name is lalith and I am the
creator of sporld where every sports player come to get the vision of sports world now it’s time to move to today’s topic..
By the end of this video you will come to get the information and facts of a
cricket bat from Born date to till now In 1624 the first cricket bat came into
existence Charles Richardson was the person who invented cricket bat In
earlier days cricket bats are more like to be hockey bats now coming to the major parts of a cricket bat This is called handle of a
bat and this is called shoulder of a bat while coming to this.. This is called edge
of a bat and the backbone of a bat called spine and while coming to the
bottom this is called toe of a bat.. Here are some sizes recommended for the
height of a player In 1771, an incident
occurred called monster bat incident Due to this the dimensions of a bat are
to be limited due to this incident A law is passed to have a particular
dimensions. The length of a bat is no more than 38 inches and the width of a
bat is no more than 4.25 inches The depth is no more than 2.6 4 inches the
edge of a bat is no more than 1.65 inches and this is up to know my next
video content on why a cricket bat is handle is separately fixed to a cricket bat until then keep on watching Sporld.. comment Channel

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