Intruders: Hide and Seek – Announcement Trailer | PS VR

[MUSIC PLAYING] ♪ Winter, where you used to be ♪ ♪ And rain, and there remains ♪ ♪ Sorrow,
where you smile just to… ♪ Hello, hello, dear
listeners, of Radio Longwoods, your local radio with
the best music and news. We know today will be a
good day because it’s Friday. Morning has
broken warm and sunny, but don’t trust it too much
as a big storm is coming. The weather service reports
that a storm will arrive at dusk bringing strong winds
and torrential rains with the
possibility of lightning. The storm is
expected to last all night. Sounds like the perfect
excuse to stay at home and spend some
time with the family. Local news, police have canceled
the search for Edward Woolpaw who disappeared two months ago on his way home
from a family reunion. This case joins the
series of unsolved, mysterious disappearances that have
swept the region for two years. Police neither confirm nor
deny the possibility that these disappearances are
related to each other nor that they are the work
of an organized group. This has been the summary of
the day from Radio Longwoods. We recommend that you stay home
and lock your doors and windows. It seems that the rain
is not the worst thing that can sneak
into your houses.

85 thoughts on “Intruders: Hide and Seek – Announcement Trailer | PS VR

  1. the truth is that you are condemned if you want more players need more free games have very few and that is why the genta no longer has variety in the play and do not play thanks for reading this comment

  2. Wow… Pretty crappy trailer. No gameplay, hardly any story details, and poor graphics… what were you trying to do with this teaser?

  3. Played a Demo of it in Madrid Games Week, the game has great setting and sound to be honest with VR and a headset I was completely immersed.

  4. Only thing that disappointed me in this is, why does it look like a Bane type character? Shouldn't they be creepy instead of like a Street Fighter character?

  5. I’ve been waiting to get a psvr because I wanted to wait until there are more fully fleshed out and full length games. It’s still pretty sparse in that department, with most things being almost like tech demos and really short experiences. I’m not saying I need 50 hour games in VR, but like 5 hours, or even 10-15 hours, would be great. Especially scary ones like this. Maybe I’ll wait a bit longer.

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