52 thoughts on “Intruders: Hide and Seek – Gameplay Trailer | PS VR

  1. 🚫 Stop scrolling 🚫

    Iikē if u stopped scrolling 🤘

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  2. This looks like a really awesome game that I'll watch a playthrough of and not actually play because I'm a scared little baby!

  3. Wow I love this concept, a killing is everywhere and can go anywhere. Noise will attract them. Hiding in vr is more scary

  4. The game doesn't look that scary but somehow VR makes it scary. That's why I love VR!

    Edit: BTW thanks for the gameplay trailer. I needed it to decide if I was interested enough in the game to play it. I am.

  5. Games like this NEED dual analog move remotes. If Sony’s so worried about losing money if anyone will buy them or not, then why not start a crowd funding campaign with multi tiers of features for higher donation levels. This way, if it doesn’t at least reach the minimum for manufacturing and distribution cost, they could just refund the money before even starting work on it and save any potential money loss. Let the customers vote with their wallets. The more features people want (haptic, finger tracking,analog buttons, better tracking) the more an interested customer can invest. I think this would absolutely work. Someone needs to give Sony this platinum idea.

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