Invictus Games Sydney 2018: Day 4 – Sitting Volleyball Finals (Stream 2)

This program is live captioned by Red Bee mediaM hello and welcome to our coverage of the Invictus Games 2018. We are here at the sitting volleyball in Sydney. I am Andrew Moore alongside rats got and we consider competitors warming up for the first of the semifinals between Poland and the United Kingdom and then semifinal number to seize George take on Estonia. George are the defending champion in the sitting volleyball condition. What is this bought all about? Were to find out right now. — Georgia. Played on a smaller court and with an up — a lower net. Sitting volleyball players are positioned close together and must have at least one Arctic in contact with the floor at all times. Matches are the best of three sets, the first set up played to 21, then if required, a third set tie breaker is first to 15 with a 10 point advantage. It is a mixed gender event and their muscle as the six players on team per court. Players are assigned a point value based on their impairment. 1.4 the most impaired, one and a half full moderate layers, two full moderate the players and three points for open plays with the least physical limitations. The maximum allowed on court at any time is 15. Teams will be split into four pools with a top ranking teams progressing to the city — semifinals, with the winners meeting in the gold medal that. — Mac. The crowd getting into it, they made a lot of noise here and I know you were here for the first session, the second session of the sitdown netball, there are a lot of schoolchildren here as part of New South Wales educational program. Here is how Poland in their first Invictus Games will line up with their side. Headed by their captain, and that is Marek Stosio. A great effort I the Polish to reach the semifinals with two wins yesterday. United Kingdom, let by their captain, Netra Rana, in another seven jersey. Alan White will wear number 10, he has just come across from the swimming where he was competing this morning. The UK has never missed out on a medal in the sitting volleyball, one gold and two silvers. As we welcome you to our coverage, it should be a great matchup based on performances yesterday.>>Both teams yesterday went through relatively easy in that first game, both winning to set to love. In their second game to get into this match they both won in a tie breaker. Both teams know what it is like to go down to the wire. It would be brilliant to see who comes out on top, I have no doubt this will go all the way. Poland wearing white shirts, they have their team huddle is a big they are ready to go. — their team huddle. The United Kingdom site in predominantly read Sir — shirt. This crowd came in pretty early. Now, the captain Marek Stosio, he will be a real key player for Poland. The UK, that is a shot of the captain. Netra Rana introduced now, waiting to fans at the crowd.>>It played a big part in the match yesterday. The longest start I have seen here at the Invictus Games. I mentioned that Alan White and Daniel Bingley one in their heat. They have had a busy day.>>A long day, great to see if they still have energy. You can see the passion out there on the court, both teams are fiery, ready to go, Poland with the first serve. First semifinal, sitting volleyball, in skeins 2018. Here we go. The first run into the net. The UK celebrating the first point. The UK will get the server via Michael Mellon. That was Darren Young in shot, here is Michael Mellon. UK, first blood. 2-0 UK. A couple of early mistakes here from the Polish team. One thing you can see here is that they are stopping out the balls to allow to play with the same balls to points in a row. Cup — Michael Mellon with the serve. Punched long by the UK, up to a very quick 3-0 lead. Michael Mellon getting the job done with these service. 3-0. That is out. The mistake comes from the UK, their first.>>You can see Michael Mellon at the back court and just a little too long. It will be interesting to see the strategy of the two teams.>>Poland serving again by Wojciechowski. Nice tap on. How did they keep that in? Really an expat work to do for the UK. — really? What a point. The UK win the rally of the game so far.>>That point beautifully explained the passion in sitting volleyball. You don’t just sit around, you move into position to take that shot on. Both teams there went flying across the court. Then Poland won that one there.>>Eight UK point, sorry. That will be the skipper, Netra Rana, with the serve. The UK up by three. The mistake comes from Poland. The UK retain the serve, it is now 5-1 in early going and Netra Rana getting back there, ready for another serve. Great emotion after every point. That was catching the ball in the end there for Limbu. It was a great ball by Wojciechowski. They get a vital point, down by three. Great crowd engagement. The serve is long. They concede possession again, that was from Poland, a four goal advantage for the UK and they will have served by Darren Young, an imposing figure.>>Laid a big part yesterday, last game, team UK got up by first set and they are doing it again.>>To serve by Young goes deep. — the serve. Great rally. Out from Poland, point UK. Big-league now, 5-point advantage to the UK. You consider passion out there on the court. They are motivated. They are hungry. Can they keep this ongoing? First to 21 in this set, best of three sets in this semifinal. That is going to go along, a desperate effort by Netra Rana, but it goes long, it gives Poland the point, Poland at the serve. You see that happen a lot in these matches, where the opposition will try to play it back to the server, because there is not a lot of court space. You see that happen a lot.>>Some thought it would go out, but Michael Mellon plate at it, point to Poland. 7- for now. Poland has not been within three. — 7-4. The serve from Wojciechowski. Third point to Poland.>>The separation, what that call is is the player lifted off the ground as they attempted to play, therefore the point has been awarded to Poland. You need one cheek on the ground at all-time.>>Just as they got within two it is back to 8-5 to the UK and the UK to serve by Tuila. — at all times.>>Well knocked down thereby Poland, doing it is Rozniatowski. You are allowed to be on — you are allowed to be aggressive on the serve, you can attack as much as you like. — that was attacked beautifully. Great tap down by Rozniatowski and all of a sudden, it is a 1-point gain, 8-7 UK in this first set.>>They are playing really well. It is out, the serve goes long. Free service mistakes by Poland, that was Rozniatowski. The UK back to a 2-point advantage with the serve back. That was a great away by Michael Mellon Toop when the point by UK. — to win the point.>>Were now coming that fast and all you can do is get a hand to it, it takes a lot of skill to place the ball and sometimes it is too much. Did well to keep it alive. Young. A great set. Great job by Michael Mellon again. 11-7, at UK. That was a great rally. You always had the feeling that the UK, not sure that they had it in hand, but Michael Mellon put it away beautifully.>>You can see from those moments, they have a nice set and it gives players time to get under the ball and set their position and make that contact.>>So far, 11-7, UK, probably the rally of the first set at this point. The same on the foot, incredible reflexes, attacked back by Rozniatowski, the save came from Limbu.>>How amazing is that touch? To get enough over the net and make it almost impossible for the Polish player to return. I am enjoying watching him, Darren Young, wears his heart on his sleeve.>>He will not slow down without passion, it will not die out, he is hungry for this win. As he said, the heart of the team, but you can see the passion of all the players on court right now, they want this. They want to play for that gold-medal.>>So, the serve from the UK, Limbu. 4-point lead. Tapped down there by Rozniatowski, that is him in the picture, a vital point for Poland and they get the serve back. Mind you, the serve had that — hasn’t always been their friend. Here is Skrajny with the serve. Caught the line! He has got a point there. Now, a four point game again to the UK. — four point game.>>Will they keep this run going all will Poland be able to bring it back? Their biggest lead was five so far. Twitchell to serve. It lands in! Perfectly done on that occasion!>>You heard the call by one of the UK players saying it is going out. Unfortunately they were incorrect and the shot came from Wysocki. Now the serve from Wojciechowski, from Poland. They keep it alive. And it goes out off Koczar. The UK when the serve again and their lead is back to four. I love it! The crowd where he was looking, it is jampacked on that site. Now the serve with Michael Mellon. — drawn straight through. The UK are up by five. — gone straight through. Michael Mellon again. The mistake comes from Michael Mellon, Poland to get the serve back.>>They need a few in a row to bring this back, put the pressure back on the UK. They don’t want to much advantage here. Pressure on the UK now, is out. — no, it is out. Now the lead is back to three and they have threatened a few times as they drag it back. Rozniatowski with the serve again.>>Is flat service can be costly if you do not get it over the net. — that flat serve. You can see them trying to put off the server but that was a little bit too easy to return.>>The skipper with the return. Great touch by Stosio, back to three, 15-12 in favour of the UK. Threatening to run away with the first set but Poland keeps finding a way to port their way back. This is the area they have got to get right, the serve. Darren Young. Point to the UK. Four points the margin again. Five more needed, will they get the run along with Darren Young at the serve all will Poland be able to bring it back?>>Darren Young sets himself, so close to each other.>>Nicely put away by Tuila. Buried methodically.>>As you can see, Darren Young’s legs are over the baseline, you are allowed to do that as long as your buttocks is on the floor, that is OK.>>A 5-point lead to the United Kingdom in this first semifinal, best of three sets. Both teams getting an chance to regroup. This is the effort from Tuila, to give them a 5-point lead. There it goes. It look so easy with those long arms.>>Because you are not allowed to have your arm or a hand in Croce over the net, that length gives you so much of an advantage to play the ball on a downward trajectory, given the height, it makes it so much easier.>>The UK coach led Georgia to victory last year, what of schoolchildren in the crowd enjoying it, bringing atmosphere and noise. Plenty of Anna ‘s. — banners. The UK up at five. — by five. That looked like it could have been deep, but Rozniatowski decided to play at it. You only have a split section to make that decision. — split second. This is their biggest league, six points UK. That is out. — lead. Too long from Darren Young, Poland get the serve but they are down by five. UK three points around from going 1-0 set up. — three point out. Smash comes from Tuila but it is into the net. A little bit of a reprieve I Poland.>>That was interesting, aiming for Tuila on the serve, probably the most imposing. See where the service goes. — serve goes. A great bit of play from Tuila at frontline. No chance for Poland.>>You think he is coming to smash but a nice delicate push, placed it perfectly.>>For all of the palette you can offer, often it is a delicate touch that can prove the difference. Now Tuila with the serve. That is in! Just as we spoke about. All of a sudden, set point for the UK, up by six. He has been outstanding, Tuila.>>Poland are looking at each other wondering why that happened. Can they fight back to stop this from to the UK? — from going to.>>Tuila again smashed away by Michael Mellon and that is enough. It goes out I Poland and the first set to the UK, 21-14. I just get the feeling that they are starting to a certain air dominance — their dominance.>>I should mention yesterday when the UK play Jordan they won the first set 21-14, like they have just now. Jordan came back and won the second set. Will be interesting to see here what Poland do to come out that.>>This was the set point. Tuila, Michael Mellon and too much on the shot.>>Just.>>He was right there, he knew it was floating out.>>The UK have the advantage. Best of three it is and the players swap sides of the court. The connect have we seen enough from Poland to think they can win the second set?>>Never say never. Obviously a pretty courageous team, however the UK, I just thought they looked stronger and stronger as the first set rolled along. Here are the highlights from that first set where Poland in some ways were their own worst enemies when it came to the service game and the UK’s power of front took its toll the longer that set went on. There is Darren Young urging the crowd on.>>Such an animated character, you would love to have him on your team to be able to keep everyone energetic.>>Celebrations therefore the Polish.>>You were seeking the next set how much the teams actually move. Units in your place and what will the ball, you move to anticipate where the ball is going and that is what the best teams do. They moved in anticipation rather than reaction and it will be interesting to see what gain Poland play out of the second set. Do they come out firing order they try to pulldo they. — pull themselves back? Here they are in the semifinals, first year in the Indica skeins. Each team here will be playing for a medal regardless. — in bit as games. Whether they make it to the bronze medal play-offs, that with a question. — Invictus Games. You do not want to spend everything at once, do you?>>Poland, a population of 38.5 million. This is the feature point of the first set, which was a beauty.>>That save on the foot there was really in. Michael Mellon put the ball up. A great strike at the back.>>really push yourself back and be able to play that all with decision. — with decision. — precision. Only 15 competitors at this Invictus Games for Poland. The majority of them at this court right now. The first set goes to the UK 21-14. The first serve of the second set will come by Michael Mellon of the UK. The players have swapped sides of the court. There is Darren Young. He is marking Wojciechowski. Michael Mellon to serve. Darren Young pushes it just wide.>>So close there, so close.>>First point of the second set to Poland. They get the serve and it will be via Rozniatowski. It is out. Well long. The same issue that plagued them in the first set, that is how they start the second.>>This court is only 10 by 6m, that would have almost gone out on a full-size. Darren Young raising his hands as he gets back on to his knees.>>Great big. Trouble for Michael Mellon. Not much you can do there, had to dive away to his right and Poland are back in front.>>When two players go for the same bull it makes it hard to put that ball where would like it. Miscommunication thereby the UK.>>Akrotiri with the serve. — Rozniatowski. Delicate touch there and the point is awarded to the UK. Tuila getting the best of that exchange with the net.>>A bit of a net touch call there. It did look like it was a bit of a net touch. You are allowed to have your feet under the net as long as you don’t impede on the other players.>>Darren Young says it. — serves it. The recovery comes but it goes out!>>All reaction. Unlucky that ball carries out too long.>>It is all reaction when you get involved in rallies. The UK with a serve. Out by one in the second set.>>That is more great work by Tuila.>>He has done that a few times.>>I think they were prepared and he delicately pushed it to his right. The UK up by asset and by two points in the second set. — one set. Darren Young with the serve. Going well for them so far. Nice recovery. Tuila. Off the feat, it is out. A gallant effort on that occasion by Skrajny, the UK find themselves up by three. They have done the same in the second and Darren Young maintains his position on the baseline with a serve. Nice recovery, that was a great play by Wysocki.>>I don’t think I need to say this but Poland need a few points in a road to cement themselves in this set.>>They haven’t really had that.>>Young plays at it, smashed away by Tuila, it merely went into the crowd!>>Think it was trying to get a touch by the blocker, he missed and Poland win that point. Within one. The serve by Wojciechowski. It goes wide, Poland draw level at five and all of a sudden they have won three in a row on the back of the serving by their captain.>>Can they get an advantage now? Can they get the lead? 5-5, second set. Great Hans there. — hand we’re. Back for Poland. They can’t keep it alive. — hands. 6-5 UK. The UK to serve again. We will see that ball cop a hiding.>>You can fill it up here at! — up here at! — up here! Awarded to the UK, it goes against Michael Mellon. Poland will get the serve back as they draw level.>>We saw this yesterday from the UK, the second set they had Jordan breathing down their neck. Jordan Cameron wavered that set at Cannes Poland win this one and push it to three? — but can Poland. They just cannot get their nose in front, the Polish team. Twitchell a commanding force at the net.>>Correct me if I am wrong but we have not seen as substitution yet?>>I cannot correct you on that. I don’t think we have.>>Both teams playing with our original six. Desperation, but it goes wide, point Poland. We are all were. We — all levels.>>Yesterday we had a lot of substitutions, but so far we have seen the same six on court for both sets.>>Desperation off their. Poland in front for the first time in the second set, apart from the first couple of points. The serve coming from Wysocki.>>We had a few of those in the first set. Poland up 8- second, UK the dominant winner of the first set, but Poland showing grit in their second set. Now they have their noses in front, at least temporarily. We have seen good ones so far in the second set and this is probably the point of the set with some desperation being shown. Great touch their coming from Koczar. Nice placement, Koczar just couldn’t handle it and the UK won that particular point.>>It shows when you are off-balance, tried to make contact with the ball makes it so hard to get into your favour over the net. First sitting — semifinal of the sitting volleyball at the Invictus Games 2018. Can they get breathing space? Point awarded to the UK. It is lifting. One but it was off the ground. — buttock. You must have at least one on the ground at all times. Michael Mellon, out. He has had some good kit, hasn’t he? But too much force on that one and Poland are back in front, back with the serve. It will be Skrajny with the serve. Young. Out off the net, no it was touched by Poland. The point going to the UK. We are back level at nine. Root strength by Darren Young. — brute. Michael Mellon to serve again for the United Kingdom. They won the first set. Touch comes from young again. The inspirational force for the UK has put them in front.>>Putting himself right in this game, taking the responsibility. Trying to give the UK some breathing space. Lovely little touch coming from Marek Stosio and that is enough to get Poland the point and serve and draw them level.>>It was so flat that all they could do was knock it over the net and the UK wasn’t ready for that. Wojciechowski the serve for Poland.>>No doubt a lot of perspiration out there. The serve goes long and that is another point that Poland concede, conceding off the serve. The UK back in front.>>Is unforced errors can be costly.>>That look sums it up. We have done it again. Still alive. Winning the point. He forced it directly at his opponent and Wysocki put it in the net. Poland cannot let this get away. Down by two. Desperation, just wide! What an effort by Paul Twitchell, but it goes wide and Poland get to within one. They will get a serve out by Wojciechowski. I think Poland fought that was going in. Poland back Square, level at 12. Poland must win this set. They are hanging in there. This whole set has been to and fro. Wojciechowski, Young, now for Michael Mellon. Nice touch, Michael Mellon again. Young. Wins the point. He dived for it, both Wojciechowski, but Darren Young put it in the right spot to give the UK the lead and he will go back and serve.>>The player in the front row tried to go back a little bit but he created too much space right underneath him.>>You would think it was coming down heavy on new.>>With that much time on the ball, definitely.>>Reaction time. Off-hand, wins the point! The UK by two.>>How many times have we said that this set? 20 times but Poland has always come back. Will this be the moment that they pull away? — plenty of times.>>Darren Young to serve. Poland need this one. It is in the net from Wysocki. The UK up by three, their biggest advantage of this second set. Timeout is called. Will be see a substitution? — will we see.>>We are waiting for it. We haven’t seen it. The same six on both sides of the court at this point.>>Can you rule out Poland right now?>>I am not sure I would rule them out because they are showing some impetus to stay in there. It just went wide. Paul Twitchell has had a significant impact, after competing in the pool earlier today. A very hot day in Sydney. Goodtime for it.>>I have no doubt, backing up and going again and again.>>Resistance isn’t their problem, is it?>>Everybody wants this gold medal, you can see by the desperation on the court. Back to the action. Darren Young to serve. Three points lead for the UK. Bourlet straight off the list.>>Four points the difference. Five more required for the United Kingdom to reach the gold medal match. Can he do this again here? He has been a consistent point winner. The server can. — again. To Twitchell. Keep it alive. It moves. Cotter. Well done. There within three. Such a whim is on the front court. Such an amazing touch. The loser, today, get a transfer medal tonight at the bronze medal player. The winner will be competing for gold. So the skipper. Out. Just two from young Cotter. They are up again I fall. — Jan Koczar. Twitchell. Five, the difference. 3-pointer(s) away from victory. Time out, Poland. You could see the point previous to that one. Poland. Pushed across. For the last point, we will watch Twitchell. The body on the net. Right into the hands of number two. This is the UK salute. We have seen bigger finishes happen in sport. We have seen teams come from out of nowhere to come through to a win. The first Invictus Games. Here they are. They are right into the semifinals. Here is a replacement. It comes off, for Poland. Right into the frontline. An imposing figure. Up against Twitchell. Twitchell does it again. The UK are two points away from a gold medal game. Twitchell, they are all smiles. The UK are pacing the gold-medal match. Clock has off after one point. After 45 seconds, Ms Lhotsky is back on. Poland need this. Twitchell cannot get good grip on it on that occasion, via Jan Koczar, one of their better place the players. This is played their performance. There is Jan Koczar. Big reflexes. Young. Back to Jan Koczar. Great recovery, play on. Young. Taller. It is in the Poland. A great rally and a great point UK. FA Cup game for the United Kingdom. — they seem more relaxed. They are taking their time, waiting for the moment. Here it is. A match point. Young. Recovers! Young! The header! Surviving, still in it. They just got that back. But wasn’t breaking. We can see the UK, Scott McNeice showing the anguish. This comes back. Ms Lhotsky. They want to win the next 35 points. It is in. What a touch. It is a gold-medal game. You do UK have won it 21-14, 21-15. In straight sets over Poland. Now they will play either Georgia or Estonia for the gold. Darren Young, what a game and he had. What about the energy right there! The UK got through that one well. Time to get ready for that gold medal match. Winning 13-15. That might be the big difference for them, going all the way through. It was a gripping encounter from first point to last. There have been given confidence. A Gallup effort by Poland. A little bit later today at Key Centre, this is the match point again. Young played a significant role. He knew it. Yesterday, we showed some shots from court level. You look for all the bodies and get it in. Young has played that perfect amount of weight, perfect amount of power. First to play key roles right there. Taller. Poland has been overthinking the crowd. For one or two points. It is racked up after the swimming. Wardrop, ready to go. Ready to roll. The game was really dominated by the UK with the first is that by seven and the second set by six. That was the point of the game. A wonderful recovery by Poland. This is the point that the UK managed to win and really fight. Those points are so vital to win because of the energy that you gain from those. It plays a pivotal role in what happens after that. The service is something that the UK did better than Poland, Poland made a lot of mistakes while serving and it was costly in the end. There were four or five points that they really needed at that stage. By giving it freely to the UK by those unfortunate errors with the serve it really did if the UK away to close as a comfortably. Credit to Poland. They kept clawing their way back. They started to get out and buy their UK opponents. The UK impressed me. Darin Young is calling members of the crowd down to him. Let us go to our reporter with one of the key members for the UK and what a day he has had, in the pool.>>Congratulations. It is entertaining watching this British team. How much are you enjoying?>>We are loving it. We have been training so hard for such a long time at the guys have come to an some really tough times and families have helped us as so much with being away on weekends. Being away from them. It is the family that has made this because they have taken all of the pressure is off back at home. It allows us to concentrate on playing volleyball. We enjoy it. That is the main thing. The way this is helping recovery, it works better when it puts a smile on your face.>>It helps that you are into the gold-medal match too. What sort of pay a few get from that now that you get a chance to play the gold again.>>I was just talking to one of the lads. Was that the gold-medal match?>>I said I didn’t realise. It hasn’t some in yet. Wow. — sunk in. We have a chance to win the gold medal.>>This is about smiles on people’s faces. It is about all those kids are cheering for everybody. They are sport, adaptive sport. This is the breathless for them. That is what it is all about. About. Amazing.>>You, personally. You had a big day playing the whole match there. Physically how are you holding up?>>Beat Adrenaline is holding everything together. My parents up there in the stand. Just seeing them there. I am broken.>>I will let you recover. Thank you for your time.>>Paul Twitchell there. One of the inspirations. What about Darin Young? That is the UK flag. He is competing in this. In the track and field and shotput and diskette. — discus. They had shoulder injuries in 2006. Multiple operations. Struggled with depression for four years. He is on a positive train right here today. The UK proudly holding their flag after beating Poland in straight sets in the first semifinal, 21- 1421-15 and they will go on to win a gold match to play Georgia or Estonia. They were terrific, the UK. They will be difficult opponents for the defending champion. Coming up, the second final at the Key Centre. Georgia playing the UK. Beautiful. , welcomed the Key Centre. The you noted kingdom came through with a victory. — United Kingdom. A great crowd. They have been making some noise.>>6000 schoolchildren around New South Wales will be making their way to the Invictus Games throughout the week, many of them on show here today. Part of a great educational program. There had been injured in war. The message to the competitors, the crowd has been terrific. They made it so much noise in the first game, between the UK and Poland. I will tell you what. The Georgian defence make some noise. We can see Estonia in the blue and Georgia in the white shirts, warming up. The crowd is really getting behind it. Georgia, the defending champions in the white. You can see Georgia.>>You can see. We looked there. The second name that you see. 53 years of age. His third Invictus Games. Also, Mane backlash Billy. The Georgian team has been at every single Invictus Games. 28 years of age. That is how Georgia lined up. For this semifinal. Against Estonia. Right at the Estonian flag bearer of the opening ceremony at the Opera House a few days ago. This will be a key man for Estonia. He competed well in the indoor rowing yesterday. Smirnoff for the Estonians. They are undefeated. They looked impressive. They went through in Toronto last year, without losing a set. It are not lost as it at all. The other only team to go through without losing a set. Estonia lost asset to the yesterday. — asset to the USA.>>For a team sport altogether. Great work by both Georgia and Estonia to get to this point. Very excited to see what they bring to the court today. How they set up. How the structure themselves.>>We are about to be introduced the court. The first name mentioned was Henrik is. Their numbers are all over the shop. 69. Henrik Ouse. — Henrikus. Estonia won the toss and will serve. They go right to the front. A lot of Mohawks in action. There is the Georgian. 53 years young. This person goes to the front in the 12. In eight, Vera is really. — passion for both teams. It has been one of the best things about this event. People are happy and so painful to be able to watch is debated really fight for their country. It will be Georgia to serve. It came through the from Georgia, but the first point goes to Estonia. Too strong on the net in that Acacia. — on that occasion. Good battle of the net one by the Estonians. They win their first two points.>>You see George are lining up there, two lines of three, not staggering their approach.>>Nice recovery. — Georgio. Smashed away. — Gerogia. Georgia get on the board.>>Beautiful set. Pushing it across to his teammate, not giving Estonia enough time to react.>>Now the serve will come for Georgia. The first one we have seen today in either semifinal. Reflexes. Georgia, the point goes to Estonia. Despite the efforts up front of Georgia, but now the serve will come for a senior. — Estonia. Great touch from Gudushauri.>>Georgia very strategic, very set in the way they go about things, pushing it across to his speech — his teammate for the strike. Great challenge at the net. The tap goes wide from Zirakashvili. Estonia had put the pressure on, they lead by two. Marek Stosio wins the point in the serve. — Georgia. As you can see, the George in team is tight, having a chat with one another making sure they are motivated to hold the serve. — Georgians.>>Great reflexes. Great recovery. And he gets it over! Hoop a gen! The point awarded to Georgia, one buttock lifted. What a great effort by the East and Ian Khama Hoop, to keep it alive but the point goes to Georgia.>>Almost disappointing. It was going back and forth, the desperation from both teams is outstanding. Unfortunately the Estonian lifted one buttoc off the floor. Gudushauri to serve. This goes against the Georgians. A point goes to, actually it goes to Georgia. Handled over the net. It is a great server! — a great serve from Gudushauri.>>We haven’t seen this yet. It is a early, will they continue it through?>>That serve too powerful, off the hands. So now, Georgia up by three.>>They leave this space on the side of the court. There is a timeout called. So, Marek Stosio, after being under pressure, have won the last five point and it is a powerful serve from Gudushauri. We just saw only moments ago bandages in Raleigh.>>Georgia ends up winning the point, but the number 17 for Estonia, Hoop, was involved in everything for Estonia. Finally, the point went.>>They got done for lifting both cheeks off the ground. I did now how he could avoid it. — I don’t know how. When you are throwing yourself at the ball, trying to make contact, it is so hard to take that into account and keep at least one cheek act onto the ground.>>Three points, five unanswered for Georgia. Taking his position to serve again, Gudushauri.>>Eakin almost placed to serve in the far corner, a lot of space copy he goes deep. — a lot of space. It was pretty well smashed into the George in, Zirakashvili, a much-needed point for Estonia. — Georgians. A powerful serve. Nicely done at the frontline by Zirakashvili after a very powerful serve from Erreline, Estonia’s flagbearers at the Invictus Games. Now there is a replacement for Georgia, replaced by Dardzuli. Here is the serve. It is out! He went for it to his left, but could barely get a touch on it. Georgia up by four. The first to 21 in each set. All of a sudden the momentum has got us completely changed.>>Georgia have the upper hand, Estonia need to pull themselves back into this. Could exchange. Put away and over the top of the net from Estonia. — good. Point goes to Georgia. From such a tight opening 10 minutes, it is Georgia by six and a really on a roll. Mirianashvili with serve again, pressure on Estonia. Pushed long by Erreline.>>You can see one of them telling his teammates to come down.>>Mirianashvili with the serve. Up she goes. Knocked back that time. Erreline just too powerful at the moment. — Georgia. They are up now by eight and they look more cohesive right now.>>Indication is key and at the front part of the court they are really dominant and height, the police. Also, the skills. — pollies. It is such an important part of this game. — poise. I have said it countless times, but Estonia are playing reactively, you are to be the assertive team and when you are playing a reactive game it is hard to have dominant. Speaker one –>>Lepik comes on for Estonia. Is a point to Estonia, how they needed that. They are down by seven but they win the serve back. This is something that has — that Georgia is a great exponent at. Nice touch coming from Estonia in the centre. Got the job done the. Estonia repaying the serve, but they are well down. Zirakashvili set it up, another point to Estonia. Three in a row.>>The separation again, lifting both cheeks off the ground. Must always keep one down when you make contact with the ball. A very hard game.>>Just out too. Are needed .4 Zirakashvili, to break the three in a row from Estonia. Still in a commanding position.>>Those and forced servers will be costly if they keep happening.>>Zirakashvili with the serve full Georgia. The bump from Erreline, whose job is to get it over the net.>>Great reflexes. Just long. It is now a 7-point lead for Georgia as a win in this set draws nigh. Another serve from Zirakashvili. This will be tough. I think that was lifting as well. The point is awarded against Georgia.>>You can see the player is right back on the court here. Zirakashvili again. Georgia. It goes wide now, another point awarded to Estonia. Just perfectly placed. They will get the serve back. Out. Too long. The serve came from Lepik and another mistake. Lepik by eight with Giglemiani, the veteran, to serve. So now Georgia double Estonia’s school with the serve. What can they do here? Double touched. Did well to keep it alive and a got a touch. It was a nice play by Joesaar. Estonia wins the point to get into double figures and they have got the serve.>>We have said this plenty of times but they need to run on. They need five points in a row to put some kind of pressure.>>I was going to say eight.>>Eight would be nice!>>Joesaar with the serve. Another point awarded to Georgia.>>Catching him offguard. Trying to get back to position and as he was moving in, the ball came right to his lap.>>To point away from the first set. Fork Georgia comes Osepaishvili with the serve. — to Georgia.>>Georgia are moving around the court so much more than Estonia. Anticipating every move by Estonia. Tough recovery for Joesaar, Georgia get the setpoint on a 20-10. A dominant display and it is in the hands of Osepaishvili. Gericke is again. Smashed away by Group to win the point and keep them alive.>>Says those setpoint. A big ask, it is a challenge. — save those.>>An equally good shot to the net by Zirakashvili, to win the first set. 21-11, that is a reflection of that first set, that scoreline. Estonia started very well, leading 4-2, when Georgia hit their straps they were pretty much unstoppable.>>Said earlier they had a high level of play and very tactical and with the placement on the net and their ability to catch Estonia off hard. — they said earlier. As we moved into highlights now, you can see how pollies and controlled this Georgia team are. Estonia try to get it over the net and that placement has allowed the spike to come down.>>That was the key. The way they set things up so calmly and watching them Germany yesterday, same deal. They just seem to have a plan and they stick with it. That was a great overhead wire Zirakashvili. — by Zirakashvili. This rally is so amazing. A bit too long but that rally was when lifting happened. That was a brilliant rally, the reaction from both teams was outstanding. As you said, the control and the placement by the Georgia team is pretty amazing.>>The key member for me is Zirakashvili, the number eight for Georgia. He has been central to setting everything up. He is the inspiration. Georgia win the first set comfortably, 21-11. A test of the resolve of the Estonian team. The winner goes on to face the UK for the gold medal later today. The loser of this particular game is still a bronze medal where they will take on Poland. Zirakashvili is almost like the young version of the UK, very animated after every point, try to keep every player going.>>The Estonian dancing by the way, we mention you need one cheek on the ground at all towns. And — a couple of examples where that didn’t happen.>>Unfortunately that is the case. Sometimes the desperation means you lift both buttocks off the ground,.>>What about how difficult that is to judge?>>It would be ridiculous and has to be a lot of respect out there for the competitors because it is such a reactive and explosive and fast paced game.>>We saw number seven for Estonia paralysed for that after he was a central feature in the rally of the game and he must have a contact for five times but it eventually it was the fourth or fifth where he was caught short, so to speak and he got analysed. Rules are rules. I do know how he could have avoided it.>>It will be interesting to see how this plays out. We near — we know that Estonia can play a high quality, but can they bring it out here? Will they be able to set dominant. There are no other questions asked.>>Second set to begin and a key set of sitting volleyball. Georgio wins the first set 1- 11. They won gold in Toronto a year ago. — Georgia. They have won the first five sets they have played in this event in Sydney. I know this is in doors, but it is still pretty warm inside this venue.>>Can you imagine how warm it would be on court?>>A bit of sweat wiped off. There is Zirakashvili, so good for Georgia in the first set. It will be Estonia with the server. Getting it started with Hinrikus of Estonia. We saw him jiving in the break between sets. Ready to go. Estonia have to win this set. Here we go, by Hinrikus. That is quick. That is sharp from Georgia to start to set. They immediately pounce at the start and when the serve.>>They have set their intentions high. Attacking that serve right away, Estonia were not ready for that response. Nakishashvili comes back on to serve.>>If you substitute out for number one position, you are allowed to serve.>>He has been doing a good job of it. Tricky, good recovery. Great reflexes, Estonia. Keeping it alive and they get rewarded with a point. Great job for the most part of that rally it was defensive, they kept it alive and what a performer he has been, Hoop for Estonia.>>Is that the kickstart for their comeback?>>They need something. Could reflexes. Hoop wins the point. Did it come off hand we’re? Yes it did. Up by one.>>You can see how the team a kind to get underneath that ball, so bite. It — so bite. It — so vital.>>This second set starting the way the first did.>>Georgia can do and dominated latter parts of that first set. — came through.>>Hoop keeps it alive. Great reflexes. Hoop again. And the .1 there by Por of Estonia, but what about Hoop? — point one there by Pori.>>Hoop with the serve, I think he has been Estonia’s vest. Can they maintain it?>>Great big. Great power into the hands of Erreline. That dig out from the back, placing it so close to the net for the teammate to set it up for the spike. It gives you so much time to think about where you want to place it, rather than rushing the ball over. Estonia are up by two. The same score in the first set. Smashed away, great reflexes. Georgia recover under pressure. Out. It is a big hit by Zirakashvili. It does go Georgia’s Way.>>Estonia made contact with the net and impeded on the play. You are allowed as long as it doesn’t impede on the play.>>Georgio within one. — Georgia. Great power there by Giglemiani.>>You could see their, Georgia, everybody was moving, whereas Estonia were almost stagnated, waiting for that all to come over. — ball. He put up his hand, and Estonia speak ahead in the second set. — sneak ahead.>>As you said, we have seen this in the first set. Estonia had a bit of a lead and Georgia took over. What will happen here is the big question.>>Estonia did well there. Too strong at the net by Zirakashvili, to win the point for Georgia. They draw level and win the serve.>>How many times have we called Zirakashvili today? So dominant for Georgia at that net. Dardzuli back on for Georgia. The serve from Mirianashvili. Nice touch. Kept alive. Great reflexes up the front again. That time it was Giglemiani and Georgia in front. This happened in the first set, managed to sneak in front, withstood the onslaught from Estonia and went ahead.>>That serve proved to be pivotal. Can Estonia stop that from happening again? They have a quality team, they have been playing well and are not as living as much as Georgia but their reactions have been outstanding. They just need to be able to take time on the ball, rather than getting it over the net.>>Atco three for the serve. Hoop. — Mirianashvili for the serve. Out. It was set up for Gudushauri and he sent it long.>>Frustrating for a player when you have time and all you need to do is place it and to put it long, you can almost not forgive yourself. In such a fast paced sport it is hard to judge the depth of how far do it like a place that all. — that ball. It is a .1 as Dardzuli cannot manage to get it over the net. Estonia by one. Can they be the first double figures? Not on that. Commentators curse. You can laugh about it, however it draws Georgia level on seven. Now it is Zirakashvili with the serve for Georgia.>>That’s better.>>The fantastic touch at the end by Piirimagi and he will serve.>>When you serve close to the net to give your teammate time to place that ball makes such a huge difference. The serve from Piirimagi. Great reflexes from Giglemiani, Estonia find themselves ahead by two and maybe they will be right!>>Maybe they will get a double digits first, wait and see.>>Georgia out in front there. Estonia lead by three. They are showing some ticket here, aren’t they?>>As we said early in the broadcast, they have forced Georgia to take time out.>>Estonia have won two games into this, they haven’t lost a game. We know they can play great sitting volleyball and to be able to come back now and prove to Georgia that they are here for purpose. As we can see here, some of the highlights from the second set. They are putting Georgia under a heck of a lot more pressure than they did in the first. Even our ability in this rally to keep it alive and that was won by Zirakashvili, he has been super for Georgia.>>At the net is making a huge difference for Estonia, their ability to really put it to Georgia and be able to return that ball and not give them the freedom of being able to spike the ball where they wish. In the first set, Georgia were almost putting it anywhere they want to but Estonia are putting up a fight. They have that 3-point advantage but as we have seen in the first set, Georgia came into their own in the second parts. Can they do it again?>>Rey turnout here at! — great. There are not many seats available. Estonia will serve. It will be via Piirimagi. In the end, too strong from Dardzuli what ever contact it made from his hand ended up being perfect. Georgia will serve by Piirimagi.>>I think the Estonian was talking that the contact with the net.>>Better get the reward. Georgia to serve. So it is a point going to Estonia, I thought they had nearly done enough.>>Just a little bit too far, meaning the Georgie and player had to touch over the net which made it too difficult for him. — Georgie and. — Georgian. Again, wins the point. It was a gallant effort from Piirimagi, but I tell you what, he dominated that point.>>Everything was going through him. He really redeemed himself after that mistake on the point beforehand. Great effort there by V Georgian, Jabakhidze. There is somewhat sure that will need to be wiped away, but all of a sudden Georgia get within one.>>It is always like he is a designated server, such a powerful and placed serve. It is a must connect into the net and Estonia win the serve.>>I do apologise.>>Happens a lot. The serve, the tap act. Four touches.>>Georgia here are trying to claim that it was going for block, which you are allowed to do. But the official has ruled it as a touch.>>Serves again, too wide. Everything that could go wrong on that occasion, did. A 2-point lead for Estonia, needing to send this to a third. The third set is the first to 15, this is first to 21.>>We have seen Estonia playing slow so far.>>Now coming back to serve, getting some advice. Georgia Art two kind. — are two behind it.>>Sometimes it doesn’t go the way you wish. Especially low down, hard to get your arms under a place that ball ahead of your teammate.>>Get a feeling it is a big sequence of points right here. Estonia up by one.>>Placement. — good placement. They draw level at 13.>>It shows you when you are falling off balance when playing the ball over the net, with a quick response it is so hard to be able to then react to that all. — that ball. Another serve here for Jabakhidze, smashed away by Erreline. That is what they needed.>>They really needed dominance in this set.>>He is all business after that. Hoop with the serve. Lovely touch, again, Gudushauri has got it on a string.>>Berry close to a touch over the net. Timed it to perfection.>>There is a substitution, Hoop get a breather and coming on is Smirnov for Estonia. The serve is with Georgia and it will be by Gudushauri, who has been horrific. 14, 14, second set.>>This is a semifinal match, what we like to see, a nice close encounter. It could be anyone’s. The Estonian bench having a chat to the official. Everything seems to be OK now. Gudushauri.>>Gudushauri.>>Ergo Mets and George hit the lead. Gudushauri going with your power. From Giglemiani to win the points for daughter. Georgia is up by two points.>>Once again, the contact made just before the Hanson went over the net. You are not allowed to hit the ball when it goes over the net. You about to hit your side. As you can see, so much contact here at the net. It made contact just before. It is so hard. We have got all these bodies at the net, to be able to get the ball through and be able to react whatever happens next. When you talk about reactions boards this is definitely up there. There are a lot of tactics that go into this. When the rallies start, you are talking to a reflex. So much relies on positioning. We are seeing some fine exponents of this sport right here now. Georgia winning the first set, taking the upper hand in the second. As you say there is a lot going on. When the court is only 10m by 6m in size it is hard to get the ball in the court. Gudushauri, one of their better players today ready to serve again. Georgia by two. Estonia off the bench at the moment. Mothers all. Very patient there, Gudushauri. Knows his team. He is in control. At least for the moment. The tip went through the hands of Erreline near and Georgia wins another point. All of a sudden Georgia four points away from a gold-medal match, pivotal moment. Can Estonia bring some points back? A hard surfboat Gudushauri. It goes into the net. Georgia, up by four. Three points away from yet another straight win. A few successive errors. Hopefully can regain his composure and be ready for his next service. Gudushauri has a sensational sir. Well done by Pia Marchi and Estonia. They have three points to overcome at the moment. It is hard to serve the ball and get back in court in Tai Wynyard have such a quick return. This one with the serve. Top that one over. A good set. Put away by the veteran, the 53-year-old Giglemiani. Look at that smile. The wily veteran pushed Georgia by four. Some breathing space. Julie back on. The Serb will be with Mirianashvili. — serve. They are not over and done with yet. Mirianashvili. It goes Georgia’s way. It goes by Piirimagi for Estonia. Semifinal. On the hand of Mirianashvili. 44 Estonia. Put away by the veteran Gigli money. Georgia wins the gold-medal game against the United Kingdom. A straight sets win. 2115. They are just invisible with a wonderful victory grabbed. They did a good job, there. Estonia in the second is that has so much bite. They were in the primary position for many parts of it. Georgia, like you seen the first set, too dominant in the latter part. They pull away with a win there. They still have not lost a set. A nation with a population just under 5 million. A kick-out Billy. It had a dancing a tradition here. — competition. Jibuti, we did not see on court today. It will be a hard game. Such power at the net. It sums up the game for me. Giglemiani. It might be for competitive, physical fast moving sports. The longer the game, the better he was. We have talked about this many times throughout the match. They set up their time writer the nets. Every time he got his hand on the ball he put in where Estonia had no choice but to get ahead to it. To me, this has been one of the great highlights and feelgood moments over the past few days. We look at the match highlights. By Georgia. There were a few rippers. Margaret Hawke kept it alive for Estonia. The power shone through. — Magus. He seemed to be a master. Great reflexes. All the way through. Estonia proved a little too good. Great placement. The ability to keep it alive was great. The winning point came out. From Estonia. On that second set the quality was outstanding. Another fight for Georgia. He would be up there. As we say, Georgia were dominant. But it Estonia put it to a second set. Everybody is embracing each other. It is a highlight of these Invictus Games. Everybody is uniting, for the same purpose. Sport is such a great vessel for people to show their ability. We sometimes judge people on their disability. How they might be affected but sport is such a great leveller. It is related to realise what we can still do. What people can still do.>>These are shared experiences and this is bonding. I have no doubt. It is not the major story of this week. It is seeing the enjoyment for people whose lives have been affected in very negative ways, to have found their way into something positive through sport and through the Invictus Games. We can see the semifinal results, United did over Poland 2114 2115. Georgia too good for Estonia. Estonia lead for good periods on that second set. But in the end, George went through Toronto a year ago without losing a set. They have not lost a set here. Will we mention how good this guy was? Gudushauri. He is with our reporter.>>Congratulations. What is into this thing to be doing so well at these Invictus Games?>>Beekeeper congratulations. Victory always is a great feeling and the most important thing. Estonia feels a loss. The victory are brothers. — losing and Vickery are brothers. — victory. It doesn’t matter. We are expecting victory in the final.>>Agassi camaraderie between your teammates. — I can see it. What do you like about playing with them? How much do you enjoy it?>>Power of our team is that we are wall buddies, we encourage each other and try to do our best. Good luck for the gold medal match. Thank you. Thank you very much. For this event. For having us.>>Gudushauri with Amanda, courtside. Cash she’ll eat another eight. — Kashvili. Play-off will come up against Poland who were beaten by the UK, against Australia. Great wins for the UK. Also Georgia will enjoy the game later today. A great game later today. This program is live captioned by Red Bee Media. Sitting volleyball and the conclusion to the sitting volleyball, there is the backdrop, in Sidney Levy Park. It is the final session as the first of the teams events here at the impetus games in Sydney 2018. — Invictus Games. This is what is coming up for you this evening. Will start with an exhibition contest between Canada and Denmark in front of the Crown Prince himself, Prince Frederick will be in the building. Hollowed by the two meddled games are not the bronze between Poland and Estonia and following that, the gold-medal encounter between the UK and Georgia, the defending champions. Take a look at what sitting volleyball is all about. Played on a smaller port and with a lower net than traditional volleyball, sitting volleyball players are positioned close together and must have at least one buttock in contact with the floor at all-time. Matches are the best of three sets. The first two are played until 21 and if required, a third set tie breaker is first 15 with a 2-point advantage. It is mixed gender and there must also — always be six players 13. Players are assigned a point value based on their Indian. 1.4 the most impaired, 1.5 for moderate players, to fork moderate the players and three for wanted most limitations. The maximum amount of players on court is 50. The top ranked team from each pool progresses to the semifinals, with the minute — the winners meeting in the gold-medal match. So there it is, the sport of sitting volleyball. An exhibition game coming up between Canada and Denmark. As you can see, the two teams conducting their warmup with very similar uniforms. Both black shorts and red shirts, the difference we are looking for is the white arrows on the shoulder. Let’s have a look at team Canada. For the Danish… Alongside me in commentary is 3-time Paralympic and Brad Scott. An exhibition game to get us started before the two medal matches. Tell us how this all came about.>>This is an exhibition match. As he would have seen in the animation earlier, each team is only allowed 15 point one court and that is based off your classification. What has happened with both the Canadian team and the Denmark team, they cannot field a squad of six on the court without breaking a 15 point rule. Therefore this is an exhibition match, they were unable to enter the competition. Introductions here from the in-house MC of the Canadian team. Canada have participated in this event in the past, reaching the quarterfinal stage in Orlando in 2016, they finished 11th and 12th in the 16. Also, fifth to eight was their finish in team sports in basketball and rugby during the previous Invictus games played in Toronto. For the Danes, you can see the introduction of their lineup. They have featured in every year previously in the sitting volleyball, including a bronze appearance in the match in 2017, quarterfinal in 2015 and fifth overall in 2014.>>Another way we can differentiate the teams, Canada has the red shoes.>>A nice touch. It will be the Danes to serve first. The ball is rolled out. Let the ride begins. A little heavy on the first serve as it drifts long over the end line.>>Baby bit of excitement. See if Canada can get this one in. — may be a bit. — maybe. Both sides concede first up. Off the hand of Vokey, number six the Canada. — for Canada. We will restart that all again, one apiece. I do think Canada rotated there, that’s the umpire was explaining. — that is what the umpire was explaining. — I don’t think. Bringing a winner off the first serve. 2-1 Denmark, Udsen continues. As you can see there, the player was trying not to touch the ball twice, another player must touch the ball before you can touch it again. Tremendous play and Garsch brings about the winner.>>Imposing figure, Garsch, long arms.>>Great.>>Just a little wide. Drifting across court over the sideline, Denmark 4-2 and they get the serve back. The serve for the Danes, Jensen.>>That was lifting, at least one buttock must remain on court when you may contact. — make contact. The ball was out of played there, the number 10 for Canada rocking back and make contact with the ball when he was outside the court. Patenaude for Canada. Garsch is going to serve here, down 3- six, Canada. Great save. That looks long, it is. Coming off the hands of the gain in Thaarup. Garsch continues to serve for Canada. Miss timed by Udsen. On the Garsch survey have won consecutive points. Closing the deficit to just a solitary point. — server with a. — miss timed. — serve they. Nice work by Thaarup! Probably the best rally we have seen so far. — mistimed.>>Trying to be aggressive on the net, couldn’t get the touch back over. You are allowed to attack the serve in the sitting volleyball.>>A little too long on the serve from the Danes, 8-5. Hansen is in the play here, throws at hand at it. Can’t quite find his teammate as he had hoped. Great circa the back corner, really put the gain under pressure. It is Dolson on serve. A little wide. Tanner Wilson just getting that outstretched hand to it. The serve back with the Danes, up by three. Great ball to the net.>>Brilliant work. Able to swap it down. — swat. Great serve again. 5-point advantage now. Again, the serve is straight at Garsch. Great work by Thaarup at the net. Substitution coming here for Canada. Here is the change. Simmonds a waiting to come the floor for Canada. — awaiting. The oldest competitor at the games, Cavell Simmonds. 67 years of age, five years older than the next oldest competitor, Paul Langley, the 62-year-old from Australia. And I serve here from the Danes, a menacing serve. Lot of accuracy, had no choice but to play it.>>Hyldtoft continues. Touching the net. It is going against Vokey. Flat serve again from Hyldtoft. And it landed in! Canada’s point. Simmons just outfoxing at the net. A little chat to the umpire. — Simmonds. Out it goes, pushed a little wide from the hand of Wilson.>>They look quite slick, the Danes are. They made the bronze medal match 12 months ago in Toronto, finished fourth. They reached the quarterfinal and finished fifth in the inaugural year of the Invictus games back in 2014. That was going long too! Great work from Vokey, had Hyldtoft reaching at full stretch. He what had some indecision to make a play or not, in the end he decided to go for it. It worked out well for Canada. A little jig off the floor there from Hansen. Brian Anderson replacing him. — Brian Andersen. You are allowed to touch the net, but as you can see very did impede on the play, being a penalty against Canada. The Danish get the point, an 8-point advantage, 16-8 in the first set. Early call, a brave call.>>Made successfully. Kristiansen with the long serve. — Christensen. The return from Thaarup straight into the net.>>We have only seen a couple of people going with the underhand serve, seems to be effective right now. Simmonds with a bit of depth, Thaarup keeps it alive. Great Spike! Nice little reverse Spike. Downward trajectory brings out the winner. Simmonds scores and other point of her serve.>>Definitely the advantage of having long arms there.>>Simmonds, plenty of depth on the serve. Just landing in front of team Canada and number 10, in front of Patenaude. 6-point advantage, the serve back with Denmark. Angled deep into the back of the court and Patenaude forced to reach for it, trying to make a bit of ground late. The face paint going as well, Patenaude, with the Canadian flag on his cheek.>>Reaching over the net unfortunately for Canada.>>Dolson tried to put it away, 8-point advantage for Denmark. Finding the floor for Denmark, they will look to end it. And they do it. Denmark take the first set 21-11.>>You can see the Danes have a little bit more experience in that set. More structure, they worked together well as a team. Canada are trying very hard but it just seems they are a little more disorganised, maybe also a lack of communication.>>Exhibition match between Canada and Denmark, two teams who didn’t have that right mix of competitors to be able to field a team in the proper competition and fulfil the points classification, as a result it will play an exhibition contest as we are seeing here. It started with a rush, that happened all very quickly, Denmark close out.>>They did a great job. It was close a early. They worked very hard, as I said earlier they are a bit more structured. Great little recovery there. Get the ball over the net. Some very nice touches. That was probably the best rally we have seen in that first set. At least about 15 touches unfortunately going there for the Danes, however they are still able to win that set. As you can see, there is a lot of it and still happening on the court and that is vital in the game of sitting volleyball. You cannot just sit there and wait for the ball to come to you, you were sat to anticipate where are we going close back Vokey with the reverse Spike. This is how it ended. A nice spike to the end of the court rings about the closeout point. Let’s take a look at the Crown Prince himself. Prince Frederik of Denmark. The Captain flag bearer of the Danish team actually served as one of his bodyguards for a period of time, wrote a book about it called Of the Guard, published a little while back our. Of course, the Australian connections there are quite obvious. Married to Princess Mary, the Murray of it — the mother of his four children. They met at the Sydney Olympics way back in 2000, Tasmanian born Princess Mary. The Crown Princess very popular in these parts.>>Maybe a bit of nostalgia creeping back too.>>Man of the people too. He has got the polo shirt on mixed in with the rest of the crew, the Danes.>>That is how you like it. How will this one start? Will Canada come out flying with the serve early? Or will the Danes run away with it? Speaker has been a change. Canada on the left-hand side of your screen and Denmark on the right. Very similar uniforms with the red shirts, white lettering and like short. Denmark with the white arrows on the shoulders of the shorts and Canada, as pointed out earlier by Brad Scott, have the red shoes. Denmark taking the first set 21-11. The exhibition game acting as the curtain raiser for the medal matches to come. The bronze medal match coming between Poland and Estonia. Then, for the first time ever, a two times gold-medallist in sitting volleyball, either the United Kingdom or George will take gold. The start that Canada needed, get the early point, keep the serve.>>Mark Andrews on serve. Good call. It was like go in the back — let go in the back court. Casey bawled one knew it was coming. — Balden. Great reaction there. — Casey Balden.>>What a start by Canada! It was the efforts before that to keep it alive. That was Naomi Fong who got the decisive touch on it. The serve goes the way of the Danes.>>As you can see, the Danes set that up nicely. Was able to work with the ball to place it where they wanted. That is the key in this game. Give your teammates time on the ball. Garsch throws that outstretched right hand at it. Couldn’t block. Those long limbs are a real advantage for Canada. Way too much on that!>>That almost would have travelled out of a full-sized court. Hansen. A nice block at the net brings about the winner for Denmark.>>You are allowed to attack the net, as we have seen. A very aggressive move can catch the serving team offguard very easily.>>Udsen with the block. Serve back with Denmark. Leighton Smith serving. — Claydon-Smith serving. For touches, this kind of push back to the centre of the court by Andersen. The man on your screen there, Jacob Udsen. Naomi Fong with the serve. Overhead motion. Whyalla! You can hear — wow. You can hear that one. Powerful spike, as you said, straight down the middle, the serve back with the Danes.>>So what happened there was, one of the Canadians lifted both Garsch off the ground while being in contact. You have to leave one cheek on the ground at all times.>>Pop serving, nice work by Balden.>>Canada are fighting much more in this second set as they did from the first. With the vacant in that into an advantage and get a few points break on the Danes.>>Prince Frederick catches himself on the big screen. Nice rally their. A one-on-one battle with Jacob Andersen. Canada with a 3-point buffer on the second set, having dropped the first.>>Substitution for Denmark years. Timeout, sorry. — here. Denmark have called a timeout. They will chat it over.>>Garsch is an imposing figure at the net, to have those long limbs in your face, it makes it so much harder to get the ball around him when you are making an aggressive move. Powerful spike thereby three — Christensen, and Garsch says fair play, I will let that pass.>>You almost do not want to get in the way of a hit like that. It might leave Bruce.>>3-point advantage for Canada. The Crown Prince watching on, loving it. — brews. — a bruise. A 3-point break in the second set after that tie now. They have a 4-point buffer now. Played at, little bit of work to do.>>Brilliant work thereby the Danes. Lifting both of his buttocks off the map.>>It is so hard sometimes to keep them both down, I think.>>Denmark back on serve having taken the first set, down by three. A little bit of miscommunication between Naomi Fong and Garsch. That lead closing too. — too. Nice little net play. — two. They all rotate.>>Definitely caught the Danes offside there, very well done.>>Celebrates birthday at the Invictus games, Casey Balden. Turning 36 on day eight of cognition, Saturday local time in a surely a. Another powerful smash and again it is the same man, Christensen.>>You almost want to put a block on the net redundancy the ball go to Christensen, making sure you can nullify the depth and power of his spike and try to feed it back and make the Danes react.>>Back on serve, Patrick to take and it is straight back. A 4-point break for Canada. Denmark actually the smallest nation in terms of area, not in terms of population. Balden on the spike. Denmark back on serve, three is the deficit. A team of 25 here for Denmark out of 50 applicants. The Danish Armed Forces have 45 from the armed personnel. Great Digg it. — dig. Nice work by Denmark at the end of the rally. Christensen, after serving, moving in to have a decisive hand in that point.>>As you can see, Naomi Fong, a bit of space between her and the net and providing the area to spike that all. — that ball.>>Beautiful put away, Mark Andrews. To the back of the court, going to serve.>>The Canadians are still holding this advantage, three points, but this is a position they were not in in that first step. Can they keep this going all the way through to the 21st point? A little bit too long on the serve there. Canada have 40 competitors here, down from 90 at the last games, held on home soil in Toronto.>>Holding the serve a little bit too long there, lifting. Both buttocks off the ground at the same time when making contact with the ball. Andersen holds his serve.>>Just a 1-point game. From Brian Andersen, we have three here today, one from Denmark and to in Canada.>>Makes it easier that they are wearing similar uniforms.>>This is Brian Andersen continuing to serve. Now he is digging, just goes wider. Canada 14-13. Brit great touch by Naomi Fong to get the ball into an awkward position for the Danes. — great touch. For those of you unfamiliar with sitting volleyball, first to 21 in the first two sets. The second attempt drifts over the line, he is happy with that.>>That is exactly what the Canadians need to do when he gets that. Absolute perfect there. Feeding the ball back, making the game deal with the power and the speed.>>Substitution call with Patenaude back on. Plenty of an time in that serve. — hang it time. — hang time. He has it blocked.>>It almost seemed like Dolson was completely off the ground when he may contact. The serve back with Claydon-Smith. Denmark down by one, it seems like the serve and the lead is changing with just about every serve.>>Yes, a close battles of the — close Apple. Dolson drifts wide.>>The Canadians and need to win this set to keep it going to a tie breaker. — close battles. — close battle. Claydon-Smith continues on the serve. Naomi Fong with the serve, can they get the couple in a row? — a couple. Naomi Fong serving. Just, Christensen having to weed out of the way at the right moment.>>Christensen put himself in an awkward position, got out of the way at the last — last second.>>Very smartly taking advantage of Naomi Fong’s position on the court. She is sitting at their way back from making it easier to find the space in that court.>>The Danes have trailed, really, this whole second set. They hit the front here and need formal points to close out the match. Hyldtoft long on the serve, held back by the Canadians.>>They do need Garsch to the net, it will be interesting to see if a can still get the point with Garsch in the back.>>Garsch on serve. Not controlled the return, over the sideline.>>Three more needed now to push this to a third, decisive set.>>Andrew Garsch continues. A little shallow. Cannot keep it in play. They hand serve back to the Danes, 18 all in the second set. Just long. Just long. Almost a brilliant touch there. Very unlikely from Patenaude and Denmark two points away. That is good! He left it go, deep in the court, a great court, nice touch from Udsen. Matchpoint in front of a Crown Prince. Udsen — Balden hits wide, Denmark when! Smiles all round in front of Crown Prince Frederick. The Danes victorious in straight sets.>>Great work by the Canadians. They really showed the Danes what they had. Well done to the Danish, great win there. Unfortunate that they were not able to field a team in the main competition.>>A great showcase, as we have set a number of times, what a way to get started in the final session of the sitting volleyball. Two matches to come and they are four medals. Bronze match-up next and a little later, the gold-medal encounter, the UK versus Georgia. The two teams unable to field a side in the regular competition to compete for the medals, they get the chance to compete in the exhibition here. Two similarly matched sides, two similarly dressed sides, you could say. The Canadians and the Danes. Letter that quick look at some match highlights.>>– let’s have a look. Jubilation by the Danes are. Prince Frederik very happy come as you can see, with the rest of the crowd. United as one now at the net, celebrating what the Invictus games is all about, Unity, a bit of effort and being unconquered.>>Still plenty more competition come at the Invictus games and such is the nature of this competition, we will see these competitors a number of times again. Here comes Prince Frederik, the head to the throne in Denmark, possibly the only person that is allowed to jump the fence at an event like this.>>Weaving his way through the barrier as well. Can you see too many royals doing too many obstacles. — often you see.>>Must be a great feeling, though, see your nation winning the match in such an emphatic way. He would be a very proud man right now.>>Decked out in the team polo, Prince Frederik sporting some shorts as well here today. Dressed very casually for an afternoon at the sitting volleyball, a great supporter of the Invictus games and the returned servicemen and women that are out here representing Denmark. There is the Canadians, and the Danes, participants from both teams dressed similarly and with the same appreciation for the people out taking a look today. Here are the match highlights, Brad Scott. It was 21-11 in the opening set, Denmark did it in quick time. That second set in particular, very evenly fought and Canada in fact have the lead for the majority of the second set. Invictus Games>>The Canadians came into it in the 2nd set. It was Sir evenly poised. It could honestly gone anyway. Just a few little errors at the end there which made it a great game. You can see the absolute power, those spikes coming down, it was a very evenly poised game but congratulations to the Danes.>>Crown Prince Fredrik was very happy as well. The Danish Invictus Games team, they have a group of 25. As we touched on during the commentary. The area which Denmark occupies is the smallest country here at the Invictus Games in terms of area and an Armed Forces of 20,000.>>Paul, what has this experience been like for you?>>The combined experience?>>For this game.>>About to be honest, we feel a bit cheated because we weren’t allowed to pay in the tournament. I thought we really had something to show up with but we got this game and we are so thrilled about it. We played the Canadians, we played it before, we love those guys. How important is it to be a part of these games in Sydney?>>I am speaking for the whole team. We all go through a journey. We do it together. We come as individuals. I was here last year and we always leave as a really close and combined team, we love it.>>You have some good support? What’s it like in the stands?>>Hell, yes, who else has the Crown prince here? We love it, it means a lot to us and he is the most perfect human being, he loves to support us so we really appreciate that.>>Thank you very much.>>Paul Christensen there. Crown Prince Frederik having a chat there were members of the volleyball team. Poul Christensen, who we just spoke to, the winners, the Danes over Canada in straight sets.>>It would be great to see a royal game, Prince Harry playing against Prince Frederik. 21- 11, 20 1- 18. The medal matches to come. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time a singalong. You know what to do. (YOU”RE THE VOICE BY JOHN FARNHAM PLAYS). Prince Frederik, it’s wonderful to have you here at the Invictus Games. What is it been like?>>It’s wonderful to be in Australia again, albeit for a short time. I am joining up at a very intense moment. We are midway in the activities. The team is very dynamic and Lawrie has conquered 2 medals. I see a strong bond between the athletes but also their entourage.>>What do you say to these competitors when you see them out there. How significant is it for them?>>Is so good to see what sports and physical activity is doing for all the Warriors. The soldiers be carried scars on their bodies and our souls. Prince Frederik, thank you for your time.>>Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, we have royalty here today. Sydney 2000 Gold noblest. Kerri Potts, ladies and gentlemen. — Kerri Pottharst.>>I think it’s incredible. A few weeks ago, we had the promo. These guys and girls who get out there. It’s fantastic.>>I love the Games. It’s fantastic. I love playing on the beach.>>Who would you bet on? It was great. And I couldn’t move. What about this version of the sport? I was just worried about the splinters.>>That is fantastic. It was fantastic between everything.>>It’s fantastic. The crowd is good. But it’s really suffering. But all the plum positions and all the support. I do how it is great for us in great for Australia. Congratulations. (MUSIC PLAYS). Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our team and officials. Hello, and welcome to this match. The Stonier and Poland. Estonia have won the toss and will receive the term. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the court assistance onto the field of play. (MUSIC PLAYS). (MUSIC PLAYS). Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the competitors from Estonia. Led by their captain, number 17 Margus Hoop. Number 5, Ivan Smirnov. Introducing the team from Poland. Led by backup turn, are Marek Stosio. Krzysztof Polusik. Tomasz Rozniatowski. Lukasz Wojciechowski. Wlodzimierz Wysocki. Andrzej Skrajny. Jan Koczar. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the sharp end of the sitting volleyball final. A bronze medal up for grabs. Let’s hear it for the team in blue. We are here are Sydney Olympic Park Centre. The bronze medal showdown is before us. The climax of the sitting volleyball competition, the 1st of the teams sports to be decided, a roll-out for the remaining 4 days of the competition, the wheelchair Rugby could take centre stage starting tomorrow morning and then following that on to the wheelchair basketball which closes out the Invictus Games on Saturday before the Closing Ceremony out hereat Sydney Olympic Park. Plenty of local support, despite the fact the Australians aren’t represented in this session. Now the 2 teams before us, playing off for bronze. Undefeated throughout the group stage. Both Estonia and Poland dropping the semifinals. Poland on the right-hand side of the screen. Their semi-final opponent was the United Kingdom, playing in every final, despite it and is tournament today. The Polish unable to beat the UK out of a fourth consecutive Invictus Games gold-medal match while for a Stonier, they were the surprise packet yesterday, beating the United States, denying the US a medal. They were victorious against the Netherlands in their 1st encounter and earlier today, they fell to the defending champions Georgia. Let’s take a look. We will start with a Polish. The lineup for Poland. Switching over the page, and looking at the stony in lineup Erreline, Hinrikus. The captain. Ergo Mets has been busy throughout the week. Smirvnov and Tetterman ran in doubt. — rounding it out. On your screen, number 13. There is the Polish lineup. They bring plenty of support with them and will make a heap of noise as we saw in their group matches yesterday. They played only 1 game out here. There are 2 preliminary match ups across the way the netball Centre. Taking centre stage for the metal match ups. Later in the session, the gold medal to be decided, the matchup between Georgia and the United kingdom. My name is Corbin Middlemass. It’s going to be a great game coming up.>>Both teams in their semi-final match. You got to love this crowd, it is a packed stadium. We want to see the 2 teams going at it. Giving everything they’ve got. Seeing them with that medal around the neck. What did you think of a Stonier? They are quite structured, Estonia.>>It was their lack of communication towards the latter parts of the 2nd set. The Polish team, skilful team. The Polish, they put a really good match together. They unfortunately couldn’t get the job done earlier today. A lot of height of the front of the court. It would be great to see how they stack up against the Estonians. The captain and his team, turns 46 tomorrow. He takes a seat at the back. The Polish team, trying to wrap themselves up all in readiness. Points calculation being done by the referee. Only about 15 points. The sitting volleyball at any 1 time. The countdown clock on. It will be the polls to serve first. — Poles. They are pointing towards the Estonian team.>>An interesting way to start the match. A little bit of confusion early. Just a reminder, the winner of this match will take the bronze medal.>>Two of the underdogs of this tournament, a familiar classic, red versus blue to decide the bronze medal. Poland and Estonia. Let the ride begins. — begin. Some fancy footwork from the Estonians doesn’t quite pay off.>>Almost a soccer match in the latter part of that point. You are allowed to touch the ball with any part of your body but you can only touch it once before a fellow member must touch the ball.>>Piirimagi, the last touch on that. What a way to start the bronze medal in counter!>>An epic rally to get going.>>Everything happened in that point. Different parts of the body is being used, backends, forehands, at the battle at the net was vital they are. — there. Poland, there Invictus games debut, the 18th nation to join. — their. Great lock by the polls and it brings about another winner. — block. The Polish, 3-0 they lead. — Poles. The captain Stosio, to continue. The Estonians saw, the Polish got a touch on it but it wasn’t the case for them. Stosio continues on the serve. Straight back at him. A little short by the Estonian captain, Hoop. For a man who didn’t want the serve earlier, he is probably happy he has in our. Five serves in a row for the Poles. Perfect start to a bronze medal play-off. Stosio continues. Flag in the air from the official. An error of serve from Stosio, getting Estonia’s scoring under way. Straight-backed, drifting wide by Joesaar.>>Joesaar there with the mohawk and the beard and attack to as well. Got a it of everything about him, wearing the number 69 as well. Most players between one and 20, a slight adjustment to the rules because there are a few players on the Estonian team with high numbers.>>A few renegades, Erreline has 23 himself. The captain, a double digit number, but well within the 1- 20 numbering. He will go to serve you. Interestingly, in contrast to the Poles. To do not have a player without double-digit. All single numbers. 6-3, Hoop continues to serve. A block at the net and successful by the Poles.>>Dystonia has already nullified the Polish advantage, back down to two points. — Estonia. Great touch. Rozniatowski brings about another winner, 7-4.>>You can see everybody moving up to the net. Wojciechowski serving for Poland. A bit of a panic to play, pushing it just over. Hinrikus comes off.>>Couple of the Polish players telling him to calm down, take your time, you got three shot. A little shallow on the serve. — three shots of this. Poland back with the serve, it is deep. Great dig there. And it proved to be the winner! Made at the net. The number of touch is going the way of Estonia. Closing the gap back to two. Thunderous serve catches the take.>>That is three serves now for Estonia, giving three easy points away to the Polish. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being too costly. Erreline was in the sailing earlier, part of the four person crew who made it to the final. Flag bearer for Estonia, you can see in the background there. Also competing in archery and athletics. So close. Not quite. Almost with a volley off the foot, just needed to get that over the net. Fortunately that wasn’t — unfortunately it wasn’t the case. Great reactions and thereby both teams. — there. Polish came away with that point, keeping the two point advantage. — their. — their. Erreline with the set, over it goes, and net touch. All going against Poland, another point for Estonia. Very close here in that first set, that five point advantage by the Poles early has been completely nullified.>>Nice block, beautiful work at the net. The block by Stosio, the captain, sliding to the back of the court, he will serve you. Poland by two.>>Will he push the serve across, trying to get first base.>>Great attack on the net. Too much on that serve again. Coming off early with his service game.>>To service, both wishing wide earlier and that a little longer.>>Gets a bit of encouragement from his captain, Hoop. The 37-year-old captain of Estonia. Great saviour at the net. — says it there are. Number five bearer in Wojciechowski, Poland by three. — there are in. — there in. Touching their net there,. No, the net will go against Poland. Turns out OK for him.>>Great touch.>>Back involved again for a third time. A little too long. Great story, Hoop. 32-year-old, four years in the Estonian army in virtual Africa on a peacekeeping mission, contracted a virus that affected his central nervous system. He says his motivation to return to a full fitness is to be able to dance again.>>We saw some dance moves earlier today, who knows, we might be them at the end of this match again if they are to come away with medal.>>What a save! Still alive. — with a medal. Great touch there. Tremendous rally. Desperation, just throwing their weight out to catch that ball before he made contact with the ground. Kept it alive and it proved vital for the Polish winning that point.>>Website desperate to go home with a medal. Nothing in this first set.>>And Erreline just kills it off. Beautiful strike. Good luck getting that act.>>At the net it is the last thing you would want to see, his dominant hand over the top ringing it back down to your site.>>That serve their from Joesaar, out it goes. Estonia have lead, 15-14, the scoreline. Serving from Pori, buried deep in the court it goes. Pushing it over, fading away, got a touch on it before it goes out over the sideline and it proves winner.>>Almost anything on the net there. — almost dancing. The Estonian coach wanting to chat it over with his crew. Has been some tremendous rally is already in this game. Let’s have a look at one of them here in this opening set. Both sides having to try and turn defence into attack on numerous occasions.>>It has been an amazing effort I both teams, just there, you can see the desperation. At this. A couple of tremendous locks. — by both teams. — locks. A perfect setup, therefore Erreline. That dig takes a bit too long. — blocks. Able to send it back wherever they like. Estonia, a small team, the smallest nation, with just 1.2 by people residing in Estonia. 15 competitors across six sports. It has been an evenly poised battle so far. So close. The third serve going out for Estonia there. Maybe they had been served back and maybe they will put it long. Off the hand of. Now a 3-point break serve from Erreline. Estonia’s dig is lead of this set. Make that four.>>They have found the lead at the right time. Polish team had a massive advantage early on, 5-0. Now Estonia holds the event is late in this set. Calling a second time out to chat it over with his Polish team. Just one point since that last time out the Let’s have a look at that last point, the serve of Erreline. — last time out. Right on the fingertips of the back row. A fist pump their from Hinrikus, happy with that. Lot of positive eyes on the east than in venture. — Estonian bench. Gets these. Maybe he wants to get back dancing as well, some moves there.>>Wins over the Netherlands and the US, did the hard way to get through the group staged. The United States had never missed out on a medal in team sports until now. Estonia kept them out, the US. And as a result, it is themselves who are playing for a medal here>>They could have the early advantage taking away the first set if they can get these next points going their way. The Poles have been fighting back very well. It will be interesting to see how this first set plays out. A play-off for the medal means it is Estonia’s best ever finish in a sport. Two more sets to close it out. And now it opens up a number of points for Estonia.>>Takes a lot of treasure off now for Estonia. — pressure.>>Erreline continues to serve at speed, into the net.>>That is what the Polish team needed, a bit of luck going their way. Estonia giving up the serve, but obviously they need for in a row here.>>Wojciechowski plays it too long, Estonia take the first set!>>Far too long on that serve game and Estonia have the upper hand. We have seen fight from both of these things throughout route stages as well as the semifinal play-off. I have no doubt the Polish team can bring this one back.>>A bit of support for the Estonians. A lot of real blue and black in the stands at. — Royal. There is the captain for Estonia. Let’s look at the first set highlights. Really, a number of tremendous long winded rallies that we saw in that opening set.>>A lot of that in the opening set, as you can see with the foot, all about making sure that that ball not only stays off the ground but you set it up for your teammate to make a move.>>Sometimes getting a hand or a foot to the ball is all that you can do. It brings out some of the most amazing rallies.>>The serve from Erreline late in that and the Poles at full stretch. — late in that set. As a result, Poland drop the first set. And now Estonia with a significant advantage and perhaps one hand on that runs medal at the Invictus games.>>The Polish team know what they are playing for, they know they have to come out here firing and take skein right on and put it to Estonia and put themselves up here for a third set. Can they push it to a third? That is the big question.>>The Polish Ambassador to Australia drove up from Canberra to watch the medal match today. So they have some support locally in the house. Facing the United Kingdom, the UK have made every final of the sitting volleyball in its 4-year existence at the Invictus games. Poland the ones needing to respond to. A lot of positive vibes on that venture. A lot in the crowd, a few kids dancing along to the music. Is quite enjoyable to watch, seen the crowd get so involved copy no doubt a lot of people are here for that gold-medal match later tonight. UK and George are still to come. For the first time we will have a 2-time gold-medallist in the sitting volleyball in the three editions previously. — Georgio. — Georgia. London — of UK one in the inaugural match in 2014 and the United States picking up the gold at home in Orlando in 2016. The second set of the bronze medal match, those of you new to sitting volleyball, Denmark must win this to stay alive in the hunt for Bronze. Estonia can close out the second set it to read, if Poland win will be pushed to a third set tie break to 15. First to 21 here.>>And for those who might be wondering the server ‘s legs are out past a line, it is OK as long as both buttocks are behind the line.>>Nice lock, could start either Poles. Helped down by Koczar. Red elbow pads on arteries work in the front court, he will slide to the back and serve. That is a good result for Estonia and is Joesaar pushes it along for the winner. He too will serve.>>Serving both of his serves wide or long, get to put the serve into play tonight in this bronze medal play-off. — yet. It will be interesting to see if he adds power or places in the middle of the court. Bit of luck there. Catching the net. Wojciechowski, the user-friendly role on the way through. Now he will serve. Classic rally, he defining touch by Erreline.>>How can you not like this game when you see rallies like that happen? Roadsides, pure desperation, getting a limb to the ball. Great job there.>>Court on the line. — caught. Piirimagi with a touch there. Falls on Poland’s side. Estonia jumped out to a little break here to start the second set. Too long. Pushing to the back court, Wojciechowski.>>This isn’t the start the Polish team needed. Looking forward to a timeout now try to calm their nerves, bring it back in, try to gain some authority in this match. They must win this second set to push it through to a tie breaker. The Polish coach on your screen moments ago, as we touched on already, the coach calling for calm. His side in control, Estonia. Let’s look at this epic rally already in this second set. The two teams just absolutely picking up where they left off in the first.>>You can see here the absolute desperation, bodies going everywhere, making great contact with the ball, setting it up but just there, that deft touch to throw the Polish team all sorts of ways. Great to have given us here in the sitting volleyball. Bronze medal to be decided. Estonia with the momentum and the lead at the moment.>>Very delicate touch, trying to set the team up. Great touch with the foot, works out OK. Puts it into the sky. The teammate did the rest.>>That is a skill in its own, get the ball up and are not in any direction, just up in the air. — not in any — and not in the. Straight of his hand and off the box of the Polish competitor in Piirimagi. — Kurowski. Big advantage for Estonia, a substitute coming in for the Polish team. After copping a ball in the forehead, Kloc, I think, coming on for him.>>They need dominance, the Polish team. Kloc coming on, the oldest member of the team, 46. Great touch. With the push and it pays off!>>Nothing is going the Polish team’s way at the moment. Hoop with the serve, punched across the net, too long. Another timeout has been called right away. It is a huge advantage now for the Estonian team. Eight points in this second set.>>The Poles need something dramatic — dramatic. Is all against them, in the bronze medal play-off. Let’s take a look at that point, deep back in the court, Poland able to recover and look at the push from Hoop. Eventually makes its way across the side of the floor, Hoop, a little mixup, pushes it back down the line and the Poles are not able to control the return. And eight point break in this second set, Estonia 11 point away from getting out with a metal.>>As you said, it needs to change it for the Polish team, they really do need to find something. They need a bit of luck to go their way. But they need to have more aggression at the net, releasing it back to the Estonian side of the net. That is better, that is what they need! Good work at the nets there. Seven point break and Rozniatowski will go and serve. Wojciechowski is back in and Kloc is back out.>>It is an understatement, they need a few here in a row.>>Seven point differential is changed. A touch there from that man on the screen, Piirimagi. Pushes it deep in the court. Beautiful touch. Piirimagi, as you can see, the Polish team playing high up in the back court, leaving a lot of space for that deft touch over the back. Not much to play with, all it has to do is catch the line. Nice block. Doesn’t work out.>>They have kept that 8-point advantage here. Pori is going to serve. Just in a conversation here with the referee. Hoop passing on the message to the rest of his teammate. — teammates. Great work. Is that man again, Rozniatowski. As you can see, he is an upper limit on duty, only 81 point. Players are given a grading. — one pointer. No more than 15 points are allowed on the floor at any one time. A miscommunication amongst the Poles, lending amongst five of them.>>What do the Polish team need?>>Rozniatowski is central to everything happening for Poland at the moment, if they can find him, that would be a start! They get a lucky break with a net all going against Estonia. A bit of a ruckus in the centre of the screen, a man infringing. Is still a 7-point advantage for Estonia. — still. Great saves there. Great work, that is real good. Great backhand effort.>>Great desperation keeping the point live and is thought there they almost had it. — alive. — you thought there. Great work there, spectacular for the stony and 10, forcing the polls. Now it is at nine, a new set high. Again, it is Rozniatowski.>>Almost try to beat them at their own game because that is what the Estonian team have been doing so well. The youngest member of the Polish volleyball lineup. A busy week too. WACA three in five sports. The equal most of any of the 10 Poland members. — ACCO three in five sports. — Rozniatowski. A bit of cleanup needed, some perspiration on the court. There would be some sweat. Each competitor giving it everything they have right now. Can see neither team really wants to let this go. Hinrikus to serve. How many times have we seen that happen in this set ) a lot of times off this meant’s hand. — in this set? His range unlimited, exactly where that endline is an ES added numerous times in this second set.>>That is three times now that the Estonian team have caught the back end of the court. Interesting to see how the Poles respond to that.>>Served a little long. Hinrikus, there wasn’t much in it until the flag went up at the bottom of the screen. If you have just joined us, Poland in their national colours, the red and white on the left and Estonia, having taken the first set and protecting the buffer in this set, real loose. — Royall blew. Kept alive, not quite! — royal blue. Poland throwing everything at it, Rozniatowski throwing everything at it. It wasn’t to be. Three points from victory now, Estonia. Twice with the play over the net, now the block. .2 Poland. Nine the spread. A Stonier with the more polished look here. — Estonia. I would say the Polish teamheart rate’s would be higher than the Estonians. Can they do it? Can they do the almost impossible? You can hear the roar and see it in the top right of the screen. The salute to the crowd. 8, the margin. Wojciechowski on the server. 7 points, the margin. 3 consecutive points for the polls. — the Polish team. Can the captain get 2 successive serves you for a Stonier? — serves here for the Estonians? The side of the net. Closing the Gap. As we often the same sport, the hardest points are always the last 1. Down to 6. 2 points away from a bronze medal. He opens up a 2nd match point. And not just match points. They are points in bronze. A medal ways. At that goes there it is. The Estonians win bronze. Look at the jubilation thereby the Estonians. A great effort. Commiserations to the Polish team. A valiant effort. The smallest country but in this Invictus Games. Just by reaching the bronze medal play-off, in a team sport at the Invictus Games, they now have some thing to take home for their efforts. Ron ‘s medal for the Estonians. They close out the win. 21- 16, 20 1- 13.>>And being the 1st time here, it will be great for them. It’s almost like a gold medal. They will love that moment up there. Congratulations to the Estonians. They had a tough draw for the United States. Every volleyball event previously, Estonia made sure they will the only team coming out. They earned their place through the semi-final. It fell to Georgia, the defending champions. The bronze panel play-off. A popular figure who we chatted about throughout the course of the commentary, number 17 the air. The centre of your screen. The centre of everything that took place for Estonia. A pocket of Estonian fans and fellow competitors. The sitting volleyball team salutes. Good on them. You can see now, the match point coming up here now. A great way to finish at the net. You can see what that means to the team, you can see the excitement and the happiness. A gold medal for them right now. Suddenly great stories to tell. There is the man on screen. Overcoming a virus which he contracted in Africa as part of his military service. Hoping to be able to dent again. Part of his motivation in rehab. Really taking through just about any member of this team. We’ll get to some highlights momentarily but 1st, let’s check in with that man, the captain of the Estonian team. Margus Hoop. Congratulations. How do you feel?>>Amazing. We started in Orlando. Yesterday was great. We are so, so happy. It was like boom, are released arise. It’s crazy. What you think was the key to this team doing so well in Sydney? We have shouted each other previously. This was great. We saw you saluting the Estonian fans. What’s it like?>>We will sit down, all the Estonians, we will celebrate without families and friends.>>Are we going to see some dancing? Not at the moment. That is 1 way to close out. What a way to close at an interview. That’s brilliant. Let’s take a look at a couple of the highlights. Brad Scott, 3-time Paralympic in. The Estonians, were the winners of the bronze medal.>>As you can see, there were a lot of battles during that match. It seems the Estonians had it up. As you can see there, coming through. That was to wrap up the 1st set. Along serve, but then the 2nd set was all of their own as well. They really were a dominant figure going into that 2nd set. As you can see, so many of those touches that just had the baseline right at the end. 1 more there, just incredible. The culmination of 3 years of hard work. They finished in the positioning down under that. In 2017, they finished and they were a little bit off the pace. They featured here against Georgia. And to bounce back in the bronze medal player, not just to make it this far but to actually walk out with a medal is a tremendous performance. The team must be super proud of their performance here. As you said, 3 years of hard work. Anyone who thinks some of these competitors just rock up here to be a part of it, it shows the hard work they put into it. But it’s a great match and looking forward to the next match coming up. The Estonians get out to the bronze medal. The sitting volleyball. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our teams and officials on to the field. The grudge match will be between the United Kingdom and George. Here is the captain of the United Kingdom. Ladies and gentlemen, the final game, the gold-medal match of the seated volleyball. The team from Georgia. Is there anyone here supporting United Kingdom? Have you had a good time at the Invictus Games, ladies and women? Coming up soon, the final match, the gold-medal line. Sydney Olympic Park, the setting of the gold-medal match between Georgia and the United Kingdom, for the 2nd year running. These 2 nations will contest the gold-medal here at the Invictus Games 12 months ago. His name is Richard Osborne anti- helped guide Georgia to a breakthrough gold medal. He is now coaching his home nation. , the United Kingdom. Can these 2 nations have another chapter in this short and story history of the Invictus Games. Both sides conducting their preliminary warm-ups in the gold-medal encounter. He 1st met a group of Georgian military personnel and got them to compete in the sitting volleyball and they ended up making their way to the bronze medal match and finished fourth 2 years later in Orlando. Last year, the culmination of a 4- emission as they were able to win gold against the United Kingdom. It will be Georgia the UK again will start by taking a look at the UK team. The captain of the United Kingdom team. James Rhodes, Daniel Shanahan, Aveuta Tuila, macro true, Alan White, and Darren Young. Now the 2 lineups. Georgia, the defending champions. The UK featured in all 4 finals of the sitting volleyball at the Invictus Games. Winners in the inaugural addition. Runners-up, the last 2 years. Brad Scott, it’s fair to say we the best 2 teams through to the final. Really, we have the perfect stage set for the volleyball member.>>The crowd are really behind both teams here. It means so much to everyone. The Georgian team confident. The UK did lose 1 to Jordan in their pool matches but they played dominantly in the semi-final. A few other places stood out in me were Darren Young and Paul Dadge ritual. — Paul Twitchell. An absolute classic during the pool stage. The UK had to overcome a significant obstacle. Now they test themselves with a chance to turn the tables 12 months ago. The sitting volleyball, is Georgia and the UK. It is going to be hard to pick a winner here. Both teams really want this gold medal. Away we go. The gold-medal encounter. The 1st points. Going the way of Georgia. A nice early point up on the board. A short rally. A bit of a sideline. That is good as well. He has had success before with the Georgian team, part of the gold-medal outfit in Toronto. We are all going against the Georgians. The UK, on the board. You must keep 1 buttock on the ground when you make contact with the ball at all times.>>Royal Air Force veteran in Michael Mellon. Giorgi Jabakhidze there. The UK getting the point. A bit of contact by the Georgian player. Georgia was celebrating. They thought they had that point. Beautiful overheads spike. Gudushauri was very dominant in the semifinal, lot of spikes like that and I am sure we will see more of those as this match goes on. Deep in the court. Fingertips on that one there, going long, but the UK made contact with the ball before it travelled out. Osepaishvili will continue to serve, 3-2, 3-point advantage for Hinrikus on — Gerogia. Capped a live by Matthew Mellon. — Georgia. Well done again, that man again, Rana. Beautiful work by Georgia. Zirakashvili, featured prominently last night in the evening session, trying to motivate his team, it is Georgia by three.>>Why far the best point we have seen of this match so far. — by far. — Osepaishvili. Beautiful work, a little deft touch.>>That space created in the front court, you don’t see that happen too often. And early timeout why the UK is trying to nullify Georgia’s advantage. They had the momentum early in the set but I have no doubt the UK will come back firing.>>Good time to call for a halt in proceedings.>>Most definitely. As you can see, Georgia has the advantage, you can see on this replay, that long rally. Both teams doing very well, moving around the court to gain an advantage but it seemed to be too dominant for Georgia, in the end, as they finished the point. Zirakashvili, in — Zirakashvili, coming into the fray. That glorious little deft touch by the captain in Gudushauri brought about the winner. 6-2, a 4-point advantage. Seen 60 that down for the UK. — saying that six sick back down. — Down. — same six sit back down. The ruling goes against Manuchar. Phenomenal sitting volleyball!>>What can we say ) absolutely amazing point there. — what can we say? Teams had a right to win that one. — both teams. 8-2, six point rate. Tuila reaching up on the net with a block on the serve.>>He needed that one right now.>>He has had a great tournament, Tuila. Army corporal, training to be a part of the Paralympics team in sitting volleyball. Just means judged — just misjudged. The captain back with the ball in hand, a former Paralympic in himself in this discipline. — Paralympic and. — Paralympian. Captain of the George in volleyball team. — Georgian. It is Tuila again.>>You would think that the Georgian team would avoid going towards Tuila with the serve on front court. Such long arms, such a dominant figures. Very hard for them to be able to react when he attacks the serve.>>Real air force veteran, Darren Young, on the serve. Swatting it across court, of his palm and it drifts wide. 10-5. — off. Early momentum with the defending champions, Georgia, old medallist in Toronto 12 months ago. Gudushauri on the serve, the captain. Too long.>>The UK will take that point right now. As we can see, Tuila on the serve and he will have his signature a few slaps on the back before he takes his serve. Three times up it goes, serving on the right-hand. This time it is spiked, a little bit Miss communicated by the George Inn is and Osepaishvili couldn’t get much on it. After having a 6-point lead, they are down to just three. Tuila continues. — Georgians. Great lock on the serve by Zirakashvili. For experienced players like Zirakashvili, when you have that much time it is easy to do.>>16 competitors for Georgia at the Invictus Games. Five points, Georgia AdVantage.>>Young is trying to get a dig out there, just a little too deep. You can hear the chanting going on, generated mainly by the Georgia support. Well left by a Tuila bear, fought it was long and it was.>>Look tight — looked like he was go to play that one but he left it to the last second. Thankfully he did. — going. The service back with the UK. Limbu, into the back row. Beautiful strike. Sat up and put away by Giglemiani.>>Very hard to keep those ones in play, when they come with that ferocity. Both ends trading blows, Zirakashvili serving a long one from behind that line.>>Reflects return from Darren Young, George elected goes.>>I don’t think Darren Young can claim that one as a placement. Almost a fist getting thrown at the ball there. Trying to animate his team, build some confidence. They need a few in a row there. Paul Twitchell servers, straight back down by Dardzuli, pushed wide. — serves. Two men for Georgia in the front row. Paul Twitchell, who competed in the swimming earlier today, here competing for gold tonight. A second touch on it, the UK win consecutive points.>>I think now the nerves have worn off for both teams, out there playing a game. The UK are starting to assert their dominance with a couple more points in a row. Paul Twitchell, will he serve once again?>>The union Jack emblazoned on the socks of Darren Young. This is Paul Twitchell serving. — Union Jack. Kept alive by Zirakashvili, but drifts wide.>>Very he is getting animated again, Young always an alighting figure on acting.>>Timeout called by Georgia. The new coach of the Georgia team, taking over from Osborne, now coaching the UK.>>You can see the number nine bear, Paul Twitchell, swum earlier today, he must be tired. He must be tired after that.>>With take a look at one of these lengthy rallies that we saw in the opening set.>>Such amazing reflexes.>>We mentioned earlier, Tuila’s ambitions to compete in the Paralympics in Tokyo. To get to this stage of the tournament, as you can see, not just competitors, but high-quality athletes in the sport as well.>>Most definitely. Paul Twitchell again with the serve.>>Dardzuli attempting despite. Caught in a tussle on the net and it is Michael Mellon who carries it here. All square once again. The UK trailed by six early doors, it was 8-2, the scorer at that point. Georgia’s way. The UK have one 11 of the last 16 points in the gold-medal match. — won. Young attempts the spike, comes back to him along the tape. Over the outline it goes, Georgia with the point.>>You can see why both of these things are in the final. The skills, the reflexes, the desperation. Georgia get one back, they really needed that point there just to nullify the UK’s AdVantage. — advantage.>>Georgia the first three points, the UK are yet to lead at any stage. Tuila keeps it alive. Beautiful work, Gudushauri again, the captain with the heavy spike. Too hot to handle.>>Tuila’s hand there was amazing, to get an arm out and put it back in the field of late, it shows you why these competitors are pure athlete. — athlete we’re. — athletes. On screen, the Georgian coach. The serve from the number seven, Giglemiani. After UK were able to come back up at 13 apiece, Georgia up by three.>>A bit flat there.>>That one made it tough for Young, he finds the net. Dardzuli on the front row, he has a temporary tattooed on his neck of the Invictus Games. There are has really been one, Paul Best, a heavily tattooed men from the UK, has had some permanent ink done already this week. We get another look at this.>>As you can see here, just a reflex, the desperation, great dig there. Setting him up, nice set common touch. Tuila with that save. Unfortunately at the end it wasn’t enough. — deft touch. In the end, too powerful for the UK to keep in place. Gudushauri, the captain, central to a lot of attacking plays that we have seen from Georgia so far.>>Confidence from the UK that they have built up, bringing it back to all square, has been taken away by Georgia, I think that is four in a row now. That touch again from Gudushauri. Giglemiani retains the serve, a below the knee education of his right leg. He won bronze and gold in this event previously, on serve here. Just a little too long there. All of a sudden, after the UK drew level at 13 apiece, George rattle off six consecutive points of the serve of Giglemiani, the flag bearer the sheer fought Georgia in the Invictus Games. — Georgia. Gudushauri, the crosscourt smash, out it goes.>>A bit of confusion from the team, a few players going for the ball at the same time. A need to calm down and collect their thoughts, worked together as one unit and really try to bring back this 5-point advantage for Georgia.>>Georgia’s biggest lead in this set is six points, they have reached that on some occasions. The youngest member of the team at 28, Modou Njie, a private in the army. Discharged in 2012 after a roadside bomb accident in Afghanistan. Modou Njie on the floor in shirt number four for the UK.>>Setpoint. Rana, over the net, Mirianashvili, and Georgia close it out. They take the first set. Great start, Georgia, going into the second set with a lot of confidence. After the UK came back from the six point deficit, they were able to assert dominance again and pull away to win 21-14. It is not over yet, the UK have plenty of talent, plenty of skill and plenty of heart. No doubt, they will come firing in the second set.>>We saw them against the Jordanians earlier in the condition, going to a deciding third set, which we haven’t seen all that regularly, a third set tie breaker in the sitting volleyball, haven’t seen one today in the semifinal and the bronze medal match, nor the bronze — exhibition game earlier. With take a look at the highlights. Brit very hard to separate these teams. I guess it was just Georgia’s composure at the net, their dominance and there was a few players that really stood out. Gudushauri is probably one of the best players on the Georgia team. Some of his touches were just placed to perfection. — Georgian team. Great shot their from Giglemiani, a flag bearer. Darren Young try to pump up the team. Giglemiani setting up Gudushauri with a couple nice deft touches at the net. We have seen a couple of these throughout that opening set. Tuila with that reflex effort to keep the point alive and eventually, Gudushauri, that big handed down the middle, able to win it for Georgia.>>Great reflexes, determination to get the ball and there it is, that is the set for Georgia. Double thumbs up from Zirakashvili and the coach, pretty happy with that as well. They are set away from going back to back in the sitting volleyball, claiming a second gold medal in the Invictus games for Georgia. There are only seven small teams for the Invictus Games, plenty of them make up the squad for sitting volleyball, the only team sport that Georgia is entered in. Population of just under five years, smaller than the population of the city of Sydney, the host of the Invictus games. In — military personnel, about 37,000 on active service. The George Inn at their — Georgie and air force established in 1971.>>Their goal is to go through this match not losing asset, going through the whole tournament not losing a set. The UK will definitely be doing everything they can write now to try to not let that happen. Here we go for the first serve of the second set. It is Michael Mellon. Tuila bringing it back in.>>Tuila again with a touch to keep it alive. Putting it deep in the back court for Georgia. Ended in a spike from Giglemiani.>>Didn’t drop a set on their way to the gold medal into Rothko. The last time Georgia has actually dropped a set in the Indic is games, you have to go back to Orlando in 2016. — is games. — Indic is games. go>>He has checked back in, we have seen it happen multiple times so far in the match. That is a lifting call.>>You must have at least one buttock on the ground while having contact with the ball. If you lift both while you may contact is a point to the opposition.>>Zirakashvili to continue serving. Paul Twitchell throwing his left fist at it, and over the sideline. Again, buttock with the early break here, second set, leading 3-1. You did see in the UK against Jordan, turned around when all seemed lost. A couple of times in the game with what the outcome was decided and they were able to turn it around. Placed to perfection there. They are down early again here, Zirakashvili pulling away here, three consecutive points. Tuila plays it straight into the net. Hands up for the block, they were not required. Osepaishvili has won four points off his service. The UK needs of a dramatic to turn around the course of this gold-medal match. — needs a dramatic turn. Took a deflection off the front row of the UK, couldn’t control it. And Richard Osborne, the coach of the UK, calls timeout early the second set. Buttock up a set and lead by five, they have got a fast start, they have got the hot hands, 6-1 they lead in the second set.>>Much-needed timeout for the UK, they need to stop that — momentum up I Georgia, so far they are dominating the second set. As we know, if they win the set they win the gold medal. It means so much, this match. Right now I still believe the UK can bring themselves right back into it.>>We have seen it before. Great comrade is shown by all of the nation ‘s right throughout Invictus Games in the team sport. We really see that epitomised for the coming four days with more sports to be played out right on this floor here, with a wheelchair rugby starting tomorrow, to be played across two days, and wheelchair basketball to bring the games to a close in the final on Saturday. Osepaishvili continues to serve. Tuila sets Rana, over his head. Great save there, Michael Mellon keeps it alive and then puts it into the net. Seven consecutive points one I Georgia.>>The UK will not give up here, they will keep fighting all the way to the end. I still believe they can get themselves back into this one.>>The UK falling in the gold-medal match to the champions of the sitting volleyball. And unforced errors takes a lot of pressure for the UK. They get the serve back I think it is now the captain taking serve, Rana.>>Represented Team GB in the Paralympics recently in this event, the sitting volleyball. Brilliant work, Mirianashvili, the number three for Georgia, has come up with huge attacking moves at the net. It will be the number 12 to serve, Jabakhidze. Left-handed serve, it is deep, it is long.>>Exactly the same thing happen in the first set, Georgia had a 8-2 advantage and the UK came back to win and keep it at 13 at peace. Will they do it again? Darren Young went on a match defining set earlier, it won’t happen here. At all stretch, neither can get a hand to it. Trading blows at the moment on the second set, but Georgia protecting one set advantage and a 6-point buffer. There is Darren Young.>>Gudushauri with the Sir. Locked by Rana. — macro Tuila. The return from Zirakashvili is a little long. Tuila with his emphatic slap coming down. You can see Zirakashvili bear, Tuila ready for his serve, coming through. — of there. — there. Call from the referee. He has given it to GP. — G D. Going against that man, at number seven, Giglemiani. — GB. Great saves there. The ruling bear, he was outside the field of play.>>Is OK to hit the field from the outside, but the ball went back into plate outside. The ball must cross the plane of the net in between the two antennas. If it goes around, it is a point to the opposing team.>>A good timeout called here by Georgia. Will get a look at that last one. Or people who are not familiar with the sport of sitting volleyball, looking for the return from the man out wide, I think it is Mirianashvili. The red and white antenna neither referee, Mirianashvili through his hand at it, drifting the wrong side of that red and white antenna and as a result, that point has been deemed to be out of way and the point goes the way of the UK.>>Very hard to see from that angle but the officials are right in position to be able to pick those up straightaway. Tuila with the ball slammed. Up it goes. UK on service. — serve. Beautiful work again at the net, Zirakashvili, perfect placement.>>You have said his name plenty of times over the matches over the past few days and he still sets his dominance here in the final. Dardzuli takes his place in the front row. Tuila pushes him straight back and pushes it long.>>Getting told by his team-mate to calm down, three shots at this get it back into our favour. Mirianashvili on serve, too long on a couple of unforced serve. Four points, that advantage. Leading by as many as seven in this second set, the UK hanging tough, they must win the second set to stay alive in the race for the gold-medal. He is the youngest member of the team, the 28-year-old, Modou Njie takes the place of Tuila in the UK line-up. Dardzuli, beautiful work.>>Five point advantage now to Georgia. We are in the midway section of the second set. Zirakashvili now with a serve from way back. He got it back over there for the UK. Although our crosscourt or Limbu and all of a sudden, it was a 6- point advantage for Georgia. Usually a bit more room to add a bit more power so they can drop inside the field of play. Miscommunication. That’s an unforced error. Going against Georgia. Dardzuli, making it look like they would win the point regardless. You must keep your hands and your side of the net when you make contact with the ball. As you can see, as we said, the UK now have the serve back. Royal Air Force Sergeant Paul Twitchell on serve. 3 in a row. Beautiful shot from Mellon. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the last step, it was Twitchellserve that’s they held countless times. Can they do it in the 2nd? A few brats after his efforts this morning. Twitchell puts on the back row and Dardzuli catches some trouble just out. Twitchell strings 3 in a row together. He called for a break, and they need it. A great save there. Over the net. The 2nd time it comes off. Georgia win the serve back. A 4- point buffer. Georgio, 7 points away. So close, so close to that the middle. Can they go back-to-back? The flag bearer, military veteran of 6 years, Giglemiani. Dardzuli onscreen there are serving. Off the hands of number 9 in Twitchell, and it goes over the side.>>They can taste it now, the Georgian team. Can they bring this right back? A battle on the net. Georgio, with a break for the UK. Contact with the ball at the same time cue the serve now. Can he go back to back and string 1 together? Great reflexes by Mellon. You can see Darren Young has displaced 1 hand up. It proved costly for the UK as it went straight to ground. Time-out, caught by Richard Osborne of the UK. And all of a sudden, it is reached that point of reckoning for the UK a little earlier than they would have hoped. Georgia, 5 points away from defending the title here at the sitting volleyball at the Invictus Games. As you’ve seen before, Great Britain, or the UK, they’ve made the final on countless occasions now. Can they go back to back. Will he go back to back. The UK really need to fight back year. They also have the serve. 150 gold medals have been decided this week. Very popular with the athletes. The 1st of them, the sitting volleyball, about to be decided right here. A nice little deft touch the captain. Very dominant in this game throughout the tournament. He is holding his own here. In the latter part of this 2nd set. Twitchell, with the spike. Young puts a deep in the court. This firing. An unfortunately, he couldn’t lift the ball over the net, Twitchell. 3 points ahead, Georgia. His team-mates in the sideline, he moves in and finds the ball with a beautiful spike, Mirianashvili. Moments away for Georgia. You would think they are going to claim this gold medal. Appreciating this more than anyone. Men who have never played sitting volleyball before. They finished fourth. Then came back 2 years later. Walked away with a bronze medal. Last year, the combination of everything they’ve been working towards. A group of defence personnel from Georgia. Here they are, defending their title in Australia. They are in a championship points. You can almost chase that golden — the gold medal. Championship points for Georgia. The Georgians sitting volleyball team with the latest chapter. This wonderful fairy tale. They defend their title without dropping a set. It means so much outfit. The UK as emotional after this. You can see there, embracing each other through this moment. Georgia win in 2 straight sets. Pictures tell the story. Clearly elated. Georgia still haven’t dropped a set at the Invictus Games. Since 2016 in Orlando. They won the gold last year without dropping a set. They do so in emphatic fashion. They put on show, that’s for sure. Straight sets victories the whole way through. Khamenei and in the group stage. Then earlier today with the straights sets win over Estonia. And the might of the UK. All 4 of them running to the Invictus Games. For a 3rd straight games, the UK will have to settle for silver. Gold goes the way of Georgia. So much to do with the program. A touching moment now we are back to see the match point coming. There it is, does a deft touch. They are jubilant. Probably the most animated player on the Georgian team. There he is all tournament. The celebrations continue. There it is, Georgia, the gold medallists, definitely their moment in the spotlight. They become a dominant figure in sitting volleyball but to me, that game against Jordan, it’s by far the match of the quarter. They did an amazing job. In the group stage, the UK in Jordan, they were able to make their way through. Very impressive earlier today. The coach can’t help. Looking a little bit worried. A great effort by the team considering they must be pretty tight. The played 2 matches today. Brad Scott, talk us through the highlights. As you can see, it’s just gone back and forth. Both teams really wanted this win. Some amazing touches and reflexes. So many fights. Darren Young Mayor. A great spike there. We’ve seen it so many times from the Georgian team as well. Really putting the ball down. And that was the 1st set. The 2nd set was very much a repeat. Dominance shown by Georgio. Just couldn’t do enough of the latter parts. That is much point once again. There never is so happy with that result. They made it the niche sport in the way they targeted this event. When Richard Osborne took control of the program, they were able to come back and win a bronze medal shortly after that in Orlando. The girl — A gold medal last year. For a lot of people in the audience, it might have in the 1st time they witnessed sitting volleyball. Explosive. Keeping you on the edge of your seat. You are not probably would’ve been called a violation. An absolutely amazing experience. As far back as the 1976 Paralympic Games in Toronto, there are a number of players out here. Competing in the sport at the highest level, including the captain of the UK team. Batman, Tuila, said he was going to try out for Team GB. If he doesn’t make it, what kind of team is it? He has all the reflex and the length and the power. But it’s even just, I guess, the intimidation, 3 emphatic slams on the ground. I have no doubt we will see him on the world stage. What a performance from where they have come. Cheap from the outset. Now king how way to the Invictus Games. They lent on the support of Richard Osborne. A number of the competitors. Somehow they were able to do it. As we touched on it, 2 years later, winning bronze. For years on, a number of these guys 1st took up the sport. As you said, 15 competitors here. 10 of them getting a gold medal. Just the 2nd gold medal for Georgia at the Invictus Games. Let’s go down to Amanda with the captain, Gudushauri. Besarion, congratulations. How does it feel?>>We did a good, hard job. Congratulations to my team, to the coach, to the staff, and all people who helped us all the way to victory.>>What is it about this team that made you able to win another gold medal after winning last year?>>You know, it’s too difficult to play as a champion Sir everybody wants to win, all the champions, so we did our best. It really was hard work to beat the UK but today, we are better. Maybe next year, the UK will win but we will be ready for fighting. Also, I want to say a big thanks to His Royal Highness, Prince Harry, for his idea to establish this. Really, the Invictus Games exists in the spirit of friendship. And everybody is happy. There are all the winners. Congratulations to all who participate in the Invictus Games.>>We have loved watching the play. To everybody, to all the volunteers thank you very much.>>Gudushauri, the captain of the Georgian team. Such wonderful. — such a wonderful impact. So important for their attacking frost. A loving, taking it all in. The crowd wants to see this medal ceremony take place. Players are still doing laps of honour. Let’s go back to Amanda, she is downstairs with Michael Mellon.>>Michael, hard luck, but what can you take from this experience? Despite the loss, such strong spirit shown from your team.>>The guys have been training hard together the last 6 months. Within working really hard for each other and at the end of the day, we were beaten by a better side. They had a lot of determination and a lot of passion. Hats off to Georgia, they played fantastic. We can go back with our heads held high. We deserved it. The guys worked hard it.>>Is to be here and be competing, how significant is that for you and for the British team?>>Huge importance for everyone. The support that everybody gets is amazing. We are getting guys have been stuck in their houses for years. Fit, healthy, bonding, making new friends, meeting old friends. It’s a great experience. There has been so much support for you guys. The Australian crowd getting behind you as well. How much of a lift as that given you?>>It’s fantastic. We had the schoolkids in here. It was absolutely amazing. Great atmosphere. It does give you adrenaline, it gives you a buzz, but it got to concentrate on your game. You are here to support things but if you are back on it, had switched on, mind back on it.>>Well done on the silver medal, thank you.>>Scott Michael Mellon, Air Force veteran, discharged back in 2005. Georgia win gold, the medal ceremony is only moments away. The medal ceremony is about to begin after the seated volleyball. The match that jumps to mind is the pool game between the UK and Jordan and the final really lived up to the expectation to teams that have been successful here in the past with George and the UK. And the dignitaries starting to make their way out onto the centre of the flaw here at the Key Centre. The UK from the right of the screen is starting to make their way out into the middle. The silver level. The old is a member of the UK team at 49 draped the Union Jack. — oldest. As a competitor, this is the moment you dream of, this is the moment you have as motivation for every bit of training and every bit of effort that he put into your track stock to be part of the medal ceremony is what it’s all about. Shots thereof the Estonian team who won the bronze medal match earlier today. Victory over Poland. Of course, team Georgia. For the 2nd Invictus Games running. Your gold medallist. Peter Cosgrove, the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia and her Excellency, Lady Cosgrove.>>There he is, the Governor-General, the gold medallists representing the Stonier. Bronze medal for the Estonians. It’s been a big week for them. It started with the President of Estonia. The 1st president ever from Estonia to visit Australia. Now stretching into its fourth edition. The only other team to have done that previously was the United States. Estonia were able to take care of them in the group stage and prevent them to advancing through to the medal matches. The UK now three silver medals. They have picked up a medal on every edition of the wheelchair rugby, which starts tomorrow, and the wheelchair basketball, which commences on day seven of competition. Such a powerful outfits, such a great team as we have seen demonstrated here throughout the tournament.>>How is this experience for the young ones, the children and some of the competitors, and as you can see, that is Darren Young, the voice of the UK team, always supported of his teammates, and such a proud moment to him.>>Turned 49 on the day of the opening ceremony, as his family out here with him as you can see. Such a wonderful moment for the Royal Air Force veteran, spent 16 years serving the UK.>>The Invictus Games 2018 Sydney champions, representing Georgia. (APPLAUSE)>>Rinse and repeat for Georgia. 2017 in Toronto, 2018 in Sydney.>>Besarion Gudushauri. David Dardzuli. Enver Giglemiani, Giorgi Jabakhidze. Parker Jibuti. — Park are Jibuti. Levan Mikava. Maryanne Mirianashvili. Nakishashvili. Osepaishvili. Zirakashvili. (APPLAUSE)(APPLAUSE).>>Lady Cosgrove and their general — Governor General of Australia Peter Cross Grove presenting the gold medals here at the India can games — Invictus Games to Team Georgia — Governor General Peter Cosgrove. It has been a lot of fun for people who have seen it for the first time, the sentiment is we have seen it, we want to see more of it.>>Is a great sport, it is explosive and a reflex sport. You can see the passion. The gold medal means so much to the Georgia team.>>Second gold medal to Georgia in the Invictus Games. (APPLAUSE)(APPLAUSE).>>You look at the wide shot of the three teams, and you go through every individual and every individual here has such a story to tell. It just shows so much resolve and have overcome so much diversity to come here and compete and put on this kind of spectacle. It is really something. Zirakashvili they’re having a few dans moves, as all the teams come together here. They unite as one. There might be gold, silver and bronze medal awarded to each team, but they are all winners when you look at the effort they put out there today and yesterday.>>You touched on the moment standing up there being presented with a medal. Someone who has done it in paraben — Paralympics, what would be the emotions they are feeling right now?>>It is hard to explain because it is a feeling you only get when you are there. To see the focus that moment in time, to hear your name or hear your country, put your head down and receive the medal, there are single is that go down your spine. It makes you feel like you are on top of the world. All you want to do is to read again and again and again, and I have no doubt a lot of these competitors will go again.>>As someone who has done it in the paralytic on the world stage, can you see events like this, or Little athletics around the place, but it ring back a lot of emotion for you when there is a medal ceremony taking place anywhere?>>There is always a lot of nostalgia was any moment like that. It brings back everything and make it so worthwhile. Those moments, you wish everyone could be a part of because everyone has helped you get to that point.>>Let’s take a look at the evening and how it progressed. We will start firstly with the bronze medal match between Estonia and Poland. Estonia in the blue on the left-hand side your screen. Both teams dropping their semifinal earlier today to be in this position. The winner taking the bronze medal. Estonia got off to a fast start.>>We have seen it happened so many times. The ball hitting the baseline, and you can see what that meant to the Estonian team, to come away from here with a bronze medal. And the dance moves by the captain, love it. Here we go now with the gold-medal match. Both teams rallying at the net, and there were those moments where the ball would either carry too long for the UK or just above the net. But it all came down to one final point from the UK where they just couldn’t get it through, and Georgia had that gold medal around their necks.>>Back-to-back in the sitting volleyball. Bronze to Estonia, their first medal in 1840 — in the Invictus Games. Georgia have the second edition in a road, they win gold in this event, which they have made their own. So this is what we have witnessed, firstly the bronze medal match on the bottom of your screen, Estonia, a straight sets win over Poland, and it was really the theme of the day, straight sets encounters as he saw it again in the gold-medal match, we saw in the semis earlier, with or in the exhibition game, and it was Georgia too good for the UK. Gold to Georgia, silver to the UK and bronze to Estonia. The centrepiece again of the sitting volleyball program is that team, Georgia for the second year in a row, they win gold in the volleyball. No doubt now their plan will be, can we go back to back-to-back? The next time we will be seeing volleyball in the Invictus Games will be the 2020 at the Hague and that is part of the program, the team sport feature will continue for a fifth edition then. Thank you for being with us. It has been a lot of fun. On the how of the entire crew, 3-time Paralympic Scott and myself, it is good night on the Quaycentre, Georgia winning gold.

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