IoT EcoStruxure™ at Melbourne Cricket Ground Ensures Sustainability

[Music] Navon Cricket Ground is home of Australian sport it’s an iconic venue to Melbourne but not just to Mel but the people of Melbourne we’ve been here since 1853 everyone knows the MCG here in Australia and overseas sports very much in our blood in our hearts we come here to cheer our teams on for me this is the homeless transport my name is Marshall Holly I’m the operations and contracts manager here at the Melbourne Cricket Ground the MCG we’re a hundred thousand seat stadium there’s not many stadiums around the world which can actually host the crowds each weekend for a sporting events we’re partnered with Schneider Electric’s since the year 2000 in that time they’ve brought in their power monitoring system PCMs also SC bus system which is our locking automation system and now we’ve gone to the umps system my name is James Diliberto I’m the engineering director for a so and we partnered up with Schneider Electric to deliver the utilities monitoring and visualization system here for the MCG one of things that’s really interesting about this project is it follows the ego structure power story originally they were only monitoring electricity here we’ve been able to add to that water and gas being cloud hosted and real-time means that the MCG can track live during an event the cost to run the facility we’ve been able to find up to five percent savings in specific areas of the operation of the facility this is the Internet of Things revolution and we’re starting it here at the MCG quickly schneider electric and eco expert as a we can now see where we’re actually using electricity and energy their end goal is to drive down energy costs reduce our carbon footprint and become a more environmental friendly stadium you [Music]

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