Is that a stump? – Fortress Defence

Did we start yet? Teammate: No Okay Ref: Ready? Ready! I need two more guys over at this wall Owen: I didn’t hear please Please I will cup you later Owen: You better promise me Poi ha ha ha Where they at? Johnny: This V tree right here , in the ceder right back Johnny: so the V tree straight right in front of us, he’s on the right hand side Johnny: and way back you can see him in the tree line back there Yeah they’re pushing They’re pushing towards They’re pushing right Matthew: We got like 3 guys coming up back side too eh K Did they split up this way and this way? Quack: Yeah! K Quack: Except one of them cut through the swamp he’s at the far back now Oh S#$% Okay 12′ o’clock, 2 contacts Quack: What? 12′ o’clock 2 contacts On the fork of the tree Owen: Hey Quack, this reminds me of that time you reminded me that SAO (Sword Art Online) was a good Anime… Quack: Hey! Shadup! Quack: Blue tarp! Left of blue tarp 3 o’clock guys Quack: Ridge line by the blue tarp Is that a stump or is that a… Owen: I don’t F$%^ know looks like a dude Owen: It looks like a dude peeking It looks like a dude peeking but its not Owen: It’s F#$% sketchy as F#$% Owen: who ever invented trees F$%# sucks Well Nature… Quack: Naw, it’s not a peeking tree if it gets out of the way ha ha Well it hasn’t moved… ha ha Scott: Were you just shooting at it the whole time? Owen: Oh I have… I was… he he he Owen: We both were, is that what you called out? Yeah… Owen: Oh my F$%@ god I know right! Owen: You’re suppose to be the good one! Owen: Im not! Owen: I’m just here for comic relief! Owen: and, like shoot things badum tish Quack: Hey! Ridge line blue tarp You got 2 guys moving left towards the uh… swamp 3 guys moving left towards the swamp Quack: Single running far left side moving into swamp! We have Lloyd moving up! Left side! Left side center! Quack: Lloyd! I see you! Owen: Don’t wear all black next time Scott he’s close Very close Come on Lloyd! Show your self! Quack: Lloyd is firing from the 10 Yup! 12 o’clock close! tires in front of the fort! He’s making a move! You got contact close, bunker in front of the fortress I’m gonna let this guy waste ammo, he’s just wasting ammo Hey 10 o’clock again, one dude ready to rush up Quack: At the F#[email protected] tree again? Yup! That tree! Yup Quack: Shooter at the 10 again Yeah I see him He’s not moving anywhere, i can pop up if he moves up Scott: I’m going to make it real difficult for them to get in here. Yup! Go for it Runner! Center 12 o’clock going right He’s running towards your right side there Watch out! Owen: Wohoho Where’s this guy at? Scott: Oh I forgot there’s a big ass hole right here Yeah yeah yeah They’re making a center charge watch out! watch the door! Holy S#$%! Door! Quack: Keep an eye on that door! Did anyone kick it? Scott: I don’t think so K Dude charging at the front! Ref: Players! You got 30 seconds! 30 seconds! Ref: 4 Ref: 3 Ref: 2 Quack: Keep an eye on that door! Ref: 1 Ref: That’s game over! Game over! Ref: Game over! Owen: F$%@ me dude Ref: That’s game over everyone! Owen: Oh my back Owen: So F#[email protected] out of shape

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