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– Hey guys, Scott here for
the first head canon video. In case you missed the
update from a few days ago and you’re wondering, “Why
aren’t we back there doing “Comic Misconceptions?” It’s because I’m taking a break from doing Comic Misconceptions
and the Tie-In videos indefinitely as I work
on moving to a new place. And then also, just do some
business stuff for NerdSync as we prepare it for the future and also get some videos prepared, so I’m not trying to make videos in like three days like I have been. So yeah, while I’ll be back
doing Comic Misconceptions whenever I can, I don’t
have a set day and time yet. But I will fill you in
as the time goes on. So, in the meantime
we’re going to be doing these headcanon videos, which are little supplementary videos
where I present a theory or an idea, a concept, that is not fully worked out. I haven’t done any research on it, I just think it was interesting and I wanted to ask you guys and we could workshop it in the comments, because I don’t know if I can turn these into full Comic Misconceptions episodes. So hopefully with your guys’ help, if you think I’m on to something, if you think I’m totally crazy, than you can let me know in the comments. And I want to stress again, that I did not research these at all. That would defeat the
purpose of taking a break from doing heavily researched videos. So these are just ideas that I wrote down and never touched again, so I want to present them to you guys. So if your take away from these
is that this guy is an idiot and he clearly didn’t do any research, than you are right on both parts. So the first idea that I
want to present to you guys is something that I workshopped
over on my personal channel a few days ago, maybe a week ago, and it’s about the Bat Family, so Robins and Batgirls
and all those people, where, I think it’s
interesting that it seems the Bat Family has these
natural abilities that Batman himself has to train for. So, for example, Bruce
Wayne in becoming Batman had to do a ton of
training on physical stuff, mental stuff, all sorts of things, whereas it seems like the Bat Family has these natural abilities
that Batman had to train for. Like Dick Grayson is a natural acrobat, Barbra Gordan, Batgirl,
has a photographic memory, and we’ve seen in the video that we did about Batman remembering
the death of his parents that that is something that Batman has to train his brain for. He has to constantly test
himself on his memory, whereas Batgirl, just comes naturally. Then you have someone like Tim Drake, who is a natural detective. In fact there’s a comic
out there that I heard, I haven’t been able to find it, if you know, let me
know in the description if you know the exact issue. But there’s supposedly a comic out there where Batman himself says that Tim Drake is a better detective than Batman, which again, that’s something
that’s kind of interesting. And then you could argue
as well that Jason Todd has a natural drive to rid crime of Gotham, or wherever he is depending on the story you read I suppose. But these are just some
ideas that I think, and I guess the main point
that I’m trying to get at is maybe the Bat Family together is, like each having their
own natural abilities, might be better than Batman as a whole. And I don’t know if that was on purpose, if like maybe secretly behind the scenes Batman was handpicking all
these different people, saying, “All right, obviously
this guy has a natural ability “to do this, this girl has natural this. “Put them all together so
that when I’m gone someday, “boom, Gotham is in better
hands than when I was here.” I don’t know, again, did
zero research here on this. I could be a crazy person and this is just an interesting idea, at least I think it’s interesting. Let me know what you guys
think in the comments, whether or not the Bat
Family is better than Batman. I guess that’s the overall theme. All right. Now, I would say naturally
better than Batman, I should add. Okay, so with that in mind,
I will see you guys next week for another one of these videos. Bye.

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