Is the Supair DELIGHT 3 the right paragliding harness for me?

[Nancy] Supair Delight 3: a fantastic harness
I’ve just been flying today. They have made some really great improvements on it. They
changed a lot about the back protection and the shaping, the back support, and it’s
really noticeable in flight. You’ve got so much comfort in the back.
[Carlo] I think that’s the biggest single change from the Delight 2, which was a great
harness, but I always felt I’ve got a long back, and I’m particularly fussy in the
back area about my harnesses. With the Delight 2, I found the back support a little bit short.
With this, what’s really noticeable right away is that it’s got very good support
which goes a long way up as well, and I think a big part of the reason for that, let me
see if I can show you, there’s a good thickness high density foam piece that goes all the
way across your back and all the way down to your bum right up to the top of your shoulders,
and I think that’s what gives it such good support on the back. And also it’s going
to be really good protection. It’s pretty light, 3.7 kilograms for the
Medium, but I think they’ve decided to not compromise on the comfort and the support. [Nancy] It’s a very nice balance between where the back support ends and the seatplate
is, I can feel the difference between …. That I’m sitting on a seat, I’m slightly used
to a harness, I fly with a harness that is more of the hammock style, so for me having
a seatplate is a more unusual feeling but actually I found I t very comfortable because
of the back support and everything, and because of the way the harness feels is reassuring
but able to still get a really good turn and movement with it.
[Carlo] I think there’s a very good balance with this mini seat plate in there, and the
option to remove it, yeah it’s a very nice compromise, it feels very easy to fly very
comfortable and you’ve got the seatplate that you can lean and weight shift and use
that to give extra leverage. But what you don’t have is like harnesses that have a
full seatplate especially when you’re on the ground the seatplate bangs into the back
of your legs, this harness makes you feel more free to move around on the ground. This
gives you a nice balance of giving a seatplate but without the compromise.
[Nancy] Yeah, noticeably with the groundhandling, you don’t notice the seatplate, it seems
to be in the right position to give you the support in flight, but not hitting the back
of your legs. [Carlo] So they’ve decided to go to quick-buckles,
which is different to the Delight 2, which has pass-through buckles. I think that’s
a smart choice, because the difference in weight is minimal but the convenience is quite
a lot. And they’ve gone for these high quality Cobra buckles.
This system … your legs are very free to move and walk around. So you do get a little
bit of, especially for the guys, a little bit of … pressure.
[Nancy] didn’t notice anything, it was fine for me!
[Carlo] but not as much as some other harnesses, they’ve made this very padded and quite
comfortable. [Nancy] I can feel those in flight so when
I’m weight shifting and when I’m turning you do feel those straps by your thighs, but
not in an uncomfortable way but in a supportive way, you feel like it kind of gripping you
a little bit, but you can move with it too. [Greg] Did you find those were restricting
you, I found when I was thermaling, and when I was turning, at some point it got quite
stiff, turning and trying to put in more weight shift .. it was resisting me but it didn’t
feel like it stopped me. [Nancy] I could feel that when I was turning
and thermaling and there is a little part of you that feels like you are being restricted,
so I think what I was managing to do was to shift the butt slightly so I was sliding in
the harness and doing more of a push out onto your footboard and do more of a hip bum shuffle
to get the turn in , which is how I fly with my non-seatplated-harness, so more of twist
and a turn with my body and pushing out on the footplate, using leverage to turn in the
pod. So a slight restriction with that, but overcomeable,
depending on how you like to thermal. [Greg] I’m getting enough feedback that
I can feel what’s going on with the air, but it’s taking out a lot of the movement,
which is kind of what you want. It looks very well styled, everything is smooth and clean.
That’s to release, that’s to tighten: super easy in the air. I’m doing a bit of
weight shift there and I come up against some stability at about 30 degrees. Flying out
to find a climb here. OK, I’m getting enough feeling in the harness that I can feel what
the air is doing. [Carlo] I think first of all I was trying
to weight shift it like I was in my other harness, and it’s like Oh, that’s not
quite working. And then I changed my technique a bit to suit the harness and then it’s
like Oh, that feels really nice. It smooths out the bumps, like in the first part, it
kind of feels like, at first I thought Ooh, is it dampening things out? You do need to
adapt to different harnesses a bit, but just relaxing and going with it I was noticing
it smoothing things out but then when you want to weight shift and pull it out it was
fine. [Greg] I was very impressed with that, it
was noticeable, some of the other harnesses I’ve tested recently had a lot of roll or
movement which you had to counteract, and this was definitely smoothing things out without
getting rid of the information. The things that I wanted to react to, the big thermal
movements, I could feel, and all the little rubbishy bits of turbulence it was smoothing
out. [Carlo] and then there’s a point where,
I was doing some wingovers on the harness and it’s totally capable of doing them,
but it’s definitely not an unstable acro harness, it’s kind of, it’s made for cross
country, that’s how it feels to me. Just like the Delight 2, this is an ideal
first pod harness, it’s quite an easy pod to get into , whereas some of the seat-plateless
harnesses tend to, for some people, some people adapt to those really quickly but some people
clearly don’t. This is a harness you can adapt to quite easily. Because of the mini
seat plate and how smoothened out the feeling is, it doesn’t have lots of roll and yaw,
it’s quite an easy harness. So pilots who are looking for that.
Probably pilots who want something that is really unstable, you know they want to wang
the glider around and do acro or something, this probably isn’t the harness that they
are looking for. I don’t think pods are a good harness to
go for first, for new pilots. I don’t think it’s a good idea, we saw some very good
demonstrations today of new pilots in pod harnesses having an horrendous time with them.
They do take a bit of getting used to, there’s a bit more to think about, getting into the
speedbag. [Nancy] What most people are familiar with
is having a seatplate, so having that seatplate option there is definitely important, and
I think generally the harness is very accessible to a lot of people. Obviously, everyone fits
differently and things will need to be set up for them, but for a first pod, and for
being light weight … ideal. [Greg] This is the reserve channel, and I
found this zip was actually just opening itself because there’s nothing stopping any pressure
pulling the zip open. [Carlo] Yeah, so you have to just do that,
you do that all the way down to there. [Greg] OK, and then you zip it up
[Carlo] Yeah, these can start to come undone, but I will point out that the reserve is not
going to come out. You can see inside there the inner workings of the reserve. They’ve
actually done a nice, the nylon rods they put in go quite long, so there’s no danger
of that just slipping out, so they go well past and they go into little holes, so they’re
not going to get caught on something, so it’s kind of a little annoyance.
They haven’t spared on the pulleys, they’ve gone for really big (not quite the ratchet
pulleys) but they’ve gone for big Harken 29mm pulleys, and you really notice that when
you use the speed system. It’s very light. Yeah, the flight deck sits very nicely, but
for me it sits a little bit low, you have to be careful how you set it up, because it
can sit a little bit low and be slightly concealed by the waist strap, what I’ve got, the flight
panel I put on, I just put the panel slightly higher.
There’s a nice pocket here, which you can use for food or whatever in flight.
Another nice little feature, you can put that onto your instrument and then instead of having
to lanyard your instrument on you can just clip it in.
[Nancy] So when you pack away the harness, I think it’s really important to undo the
zip so that that folds flat, so I always recommend people to do that. The space in here is great.
[Greg] There’s a pocket here, if you pull on this and you get a spare karabiner. For
throwing around a tree, and then you tie it on and you can’t fall off! [Nancy] I just tie it on, yeah, just hold
on … and then hook it on [Carlo] He wants details, he wants details,
he wants us to talk and then we start talking and he says Shut Up! I think they’ve been very smart, worked out which are the bits that people love, and
which are the bits that needed changing, and they’ve gone and made the changes in all
the right places.

18 thoughts on “Is the Supair DELIGHT 3 the right paragliding harness for me?

  1. Get a great part-exchange from us, get help choosing the right harness and get our fitting service included!

  2. Why oh why would somebody neg this video!?! Great review and professionally captured and edited. I fly a Delight 2 which is a cracking POD Harness. So easy top get in and out (I even fly it on Dunes!) nice and stable, comfortable and extremely well made. I have 80 hours on mine and it still looks new. With this in mind I am not sure where the trade up value is based on what I have seen so far? Also, not sure about those buckles. I had them on my Kortel Karamsutra 2 and they where a bit of pain when grit gets in them and they add weight. The lightweight buckles on the Delight 2 are perfect. As you say, the Delight POD harnesses are great if you want a stable harness which is not talkative so you can relax and enjoy the flight which means you ultimately stay in the air for longer.

  3. Nice! My 1st Delight 2 was a Medium with a Medium pod, and after a year I realized I was always cramped. I have quite a bit of kifosis. My 2nd Delight 2 is a Large with a medium pod, it fits better. How similar are the sizes? I have no shop nearby, so I have to mail order. Also wondering about the cargo volume, does it have a similar capacity, and did they keep the under seat compartment. Did they keep the wonderful, large, zippered side pockets?

  4. Great edit as usual Greg! About the harness, I'm between this one and the GTO light as my next one. Currently flying a very comfortable and easy to get in Delight1 I bought second hand, no biggies after getting used to it, the one thing I can't stand is the strap going exactly over the instruments, I can't read my vario and the metal buckles keeps touching the screen of my Oudie.

  5. Hi! Great review thanks. I currently fly the Sigma10 + Delight 2 combo, does the D3 feel more stable compared to the D2?

  6. Hi! What about the packing volume? Does it fit in a Lightpack 2 90L with a regular ,small sized wing and open face helmet? Cheers, AirGabor

  7. Just purchased this harness from Flybubble. Thanks to Nancy for helping me with the fitting with my broken collarbone! Can’t wait to try it out in a couple of weeks!

  8. Nice Review! Thank´s a lot. I just wanted to order an other light weight pod harness but after your review(s) I order the Delight. I´m a bit sensitive in turbulances with my connect race , that was the reason why decided to change it. Hope the Delight is a bit more muted.. 🙂

  9. HUGE problem with the Delight 3! Mine just arrived, ditto another friend. We have Delight 2, Large. We take the reserves out of our D2 ( 38m Gin) but they fit VERY tight in the D3 reserve compartment!!! FAIL. The D3 reserve compartment is tiny, and I'm not switching to a smaller reserve. Also, the reserve handle is stitched onto a tiny proprietary reserve bag, too small for my Gin. I had to cut the handle off their proprietary tiny, BLACK impossible to find after deployment bag, and sew a small loop onto the handle so I could make-ahead it onto my Gin bag. I'm VERY dissatisfied, the D2 is great, but this D3 is not only a PITA, there are safety issues.

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