It’s my Passion – A short film by Javeed Hussain

My Name is Vishal Mishra I work with MCS solutions in the department of Customer Support Services Customer is everything to me Today I am retiring from my position after 33 years Friday it is I don’t feel like working today I have six tickets yet to be resolved Let’s close it on Monday Good Morning Mr. Mishra Good Morning Mr. Sharma Last day ? Yes How do you feel ? Can’t express my feelings in words Did you close those open issues assigned to you ? I have closed them “on time” I am happy to close all the tickets before my retirement. Completing the work on time is the best feeling you get I am proudly retiring today I feel like I have scored a century in international cricket match Exactly We will be missing a dedicated person like you It is a team effort. You all have supported me, * Computer beep sound * * Computer beep sound * * Computer beep sound * * Computer beep sound * What happened ? Looks like app crashed * Mobile rings * * Phone beep * Mr. Mishra. This is P1 bug. It will take 2-3 days to resolve. This customer is very important to us If we lose this deal, there will be huge loss to management You better inform higher management and assign this to someone else. This is your last day. Don’t waste time on this. I will not let my company go down Hey listen.. Mr. Mishra feels he is “Dhoni” and he can hit six runs out of the park on the last ball. Watch your step Mr. Mishra. You might be bowled out Yes. I am Dhoni.

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