IT’S RAINING ACES!!! | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 15

Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Video Game Beach Volleyball come on now let’s go gotta get focused
I’m out I’m on focus nice pass let’s stop again what hello – welcome
back – yes guy gaming we’re back playing spike volleyball here in episode 15 of
the career mode whoa done a lot of episodes of this game it’s
really fun but also really strange if you’ve seen any of the episodes if you
haven’t check out the link in the description go to see some of the other
episodes where we get whoa we have some fun in this game and also get incredibly
frustrated so we’re working our way through this career mode I’d like to see
what it’s like at the end so I’m on a bit of a journey to get there so
hopefully you guys are enjoying coming along with me on that journey when the
internationally group phase I think that’s the last round of our second full
play in this one we’ve got some better players we’re looking at increase that
and get even better players hopefully with some wins keep some things going
okay let’s go yeah I don’t care announcer ok if you need some voice
acting give me a call all right here we go
playing the bass shot there pretty good let’s start off with a pound over that
way as we always do nice sir buddy get over there they passed it perfect oh yes
great start run that quick off the guy’s chest into the net I will take it found
that deep corner take a guy out great serve now get over on this guy he’s the
guy oh he tipped it yeah upset right side you know I’m gonna
bounce it oh man what a dig watch right sighs come on
that pisses me off so much how I can’t dig the tip why this guy tipping on us –
he’s scared but ya are I’m looking for that successful block
nice pass absolutely set the middle yes that’s nice that was actually pretty
fast and the phantom hit again love it when it happens for me nice right here
we go on the rope new guy pound it buddy deep line all
sorts of problems get over there what a terrible block you guys like so
many holes why even bother here we go pass up nice pass I’ll dump
it gosh they’re on me Oh No dang it I I guess totally wrong my bad
boys come on now let’s go gotta get focus I’m out I’m on focus nice pass
let’s dump again what even jumped you just put it in the net
Oh we’ll go alright I needed that time note it’s time to stop playing like an
idiot actually get some shit done let’s go get some sigh dose set this guy
pounded buddy sharp gosh they dug you where is it going back set Oh
Oh why didn’t the third guy oh man off the chest and in the net
that’s so frustrating they were playing well right now I gotta
put one away let’s go for the good past ya upset middle hit it back this way
buddy gosh they’re diggin me yeah you got won’t go down on that yeah ice into
the net need them to make a few mistakes let’s go down the line pull the power
what ton of it yes much-needed ace there let’s go what ton of it
found it down the line there buddy that’s your go-to right in the corner oh
I thought I had an ace like am i pressing Digg or is it just a
good hit I don’t know I’ll try I’ll try to be better
let’s go pass up nice pass I’ll set the back I for sure
found it buddy yes a same shot I said sharper check your game up here
we go yeah they don’t like this rotation they got us at the left side guys let’s
see if we can get a good block on it Oh Daisy yes guy come on now
loving that it’s keeping me in the game that’s the only way I can score points
I’m a more efficient attacker from the back line in the front court yeah my
kill percentage is way better from way back here then in the front porch all
day baby come on like I’m scoring more points off the ACE and I am
oh my guys in the front court here we go keep it going what’s that four or five
in a row one more let’s go get that at our timeout count it buddy find it yes
come on it’s gotta be some sort of achievement or something now rush to the
timeout we want to keep this momentum going keep the momentum going
find that corner buddy that one was not quite as big get lucky yes come on all
day let’s go one more give me another get me another same spot
oh I pass at this time diving bump set to the I was not ready I panicked there that
was faster than I thought it would be dang it
here we go boys pass up nice pass diving bump says got that set doesn’t
seem to work as well yeah sit score I was just gonna say doesn’t seem to work
as well as the back set when I push it over there
not sure why like it’s the same thing just reversed hitting this way I don’t
know all right let’s see if I I can get another ace here Taylor it’s not as open
as before still works yes let’s go I’m abusing this all day
same serve at that you suck make a dig here’s a dig it’s at the guy in the
front court what’s open buddy line how is he digging that
please tell me great dig libero why does it give me an option to dump there I’m
never gonna do that get out there and block it yep Jimmy I see hit it in the
net why do they ever hit it in the net it’s the computer like they have an
option to just never hit it in the net like that’s a possibility when when
you’re an AI control team great day dump it it’s too soft I want to just turn and
pound it oh that’s me that’s me there’s a timing and I missed it sign up for the
set boys here we go yep set the seat ball found at line 90 buddy
yeah sneaking it through that block nice well done boys wit comes back all right
said number two coaches telling the boys that we’ve only really score points off
the ace serve so we should keep that going to go nice rip get out there boys
leave that great day I like sometimes it tells it shows you the buttons like you
can you can do this and I’m jamming the frickin button nothing’s happening now I
guess some balls you just can’t get to even though it looks like they can
frustrating yep nice set back new guy pound it
wow what a dig oh and I guess okay pound it again buddy that look better
with the date shoot oh yes come on huge break you see
that dig from that libero though holy shit that’s a great store from this guy
that’s gonna be a yes come on I’m going to abuse this let’s see if this guy can
serve out the game it’s early on it’s a little bit cocky but it’s working yes
guy okay let’s see if he can do it that would be a mega great all right one at a
time now one at a time okay yep one at a time that’s three in a row now yep
loving it I’m gonna let’s keep this going
more oh this is the new guy I like them maximum power
pound it oh he got to that one it’s got a defend out yes come on time out no we
got momentum don’t take the time out don’t need the time out make the admit
make them call their time out here it is buddy back to your old reliable spot
perfect serve he’s on it though what’s that pipe what that was bullshit Moreau you
dumbass you did such a great job serving then
you screwed it up nice pass set the guy back bounce it he dug that like as if he
dug that nice so the guy back pound it cross yes come on
balancing it feels so good to bounce it would feel better if there was a block
there and actually to like go around in there between it or whatever into that
corner what side of it you did well last game yeah get three guys over there hi
yeah I I’m trying guys I’m trying like I’m pressing I’m pressing the same
buttons at the same time and some oh now it’s across yes come on with authority
let’s go alright they hate this rotation a tough serve in this rotation would go
a long way we’re going down on everything oh I shouldn’t have done that
backs that yeah pound it gosh they dug it down on that it’s a
date late oh let the right side guy take an
approach buddy or don’t it’s fine wait what I got that looks like I looked
like I got slammed found a deep corner buddy yes
come on like it’s such a weird feeling that I get when I serve it I just watch
them do nothing and let it land like did I earn it I know like I kind of earned
it but did I really earn it like the game just giving it to me
I don’t know T here we go let’s see if I can earn another now it’s on at this
time we’re going down on everything down I really make a dig there’s a dig it’s
at the left side guy do something with it buddy
Jassa bounce that’s something well done all right looking for another
ace go even deeper this time buddy here we go one more one more let’s let’s
pummel these guy this twelve three yes guy come on when are you gonna make an
adjustment that I’ve served it there every time I don’t think you are so I’m
gonna serve it again and again and again yes guy gotta be a record for the amount
of aces in a freaking match she sets the fifteen I’ve got like 20 aces pound it
ah you passed it didn’t want to give up an ace for the win it down on the seat
I’ll play that so the last night guy bounced it buddy what okay went up went way up nobody’s given
the chance to play it everybody just lets it drop what a bunch of idiots sign
up for the win here boys see fault dang it why did I set the seed while I was
done it never scores trips it in the net for the way what dominant victory match
ends with a 2-0 win for the Canadian team they looked uncertain throughout
the match but took the win we looked uncertain throughout the match is that
what you’re gonna say a commentator most uncertain toward the match ii said it
was 15 to full let’s hope this result will propel the team on Wichita ok let’s
check in on our agents oh we got a new opportunity to scout a big hitter okay
we got this three star libero fingers crossed this guy’s good oh whoa Quentin Dubois has strong points in
power float smash and set all really crucial skills for a libero come on oh
whoa oh well maybe he’s really good that would be great okay what am I gonna do
with this guy I can only send three of them I have three of them descent expert expert rookie only 79 percent
lock with that I got three really good agents and I only have a 79 percent lock
that’s weird yeah I don’t want to give this guy float
I want three-star guy only 79 percent locked oh really I’ll do it yeah do it let’s check on
that libero let’s see what he’s at whoa quentin dupois eighty or overall nice
ninety-five reception woo love that he’s going in I don’t know why he needs power
but he’s now all of a sudden our best player maybe I can sub this guy in at a
different position because his attack and stuff is really good too got a great
flow sir strong power can I do this can i sub this libero in at hitter you could not that is dumb gosh okay
we’ll have to sub them in for the Libero packin Gill mass sorry buddy look at the
stat change over there oh my goodness pack and yield as you’re out bot see ya
Quentin Dubois whoa definitely improving our team
alright guys well that’s gonna do it for this episode of spike volleyball I gotta
thank you for watching and stick it all the way through the video support for
the series in this channel has been great I love making these videos kind of
fun making the videos playing this game even with all the bugs I gotta admit I’m
having fun thank you guys for supporting and all the comments and support you’ve
shown I really really appreciate that anyways thanks again for watching hope
to see you next time on yes guy gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Video Game Beach Volleyball

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  1. Hahahaha This game…I wasn't going to play it until we get an update but I went back. It is fun but the ''what'' moments can be frustrating in a tight match. I always enjoy watching it though 😀 Great game against Russia….dem aces tho! haha

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