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– [Alex] And finally, it’s
time for Dodger baseball. Champ. – It’s time for Dodger
Baseball, a thousand. – [Alex] In 1986, this Dodger lefty from Mexico led the National League with a now-mind-boggling
20 complete games. James. – Who is Fernando Valenzuela? – Yes. – Dodger baseball, eight. – The 1970s Dodgers had
the longest lasting intact this group. Garvey at first base, Lops at
second base, Russel shortstop, and Cey at third base. James. – What’s an infield? – [Alex] Infield. Yes. – It’s time for Dodger Baseball, 600. – [Alex] This Dodger co-owner
knows how to lend a hand. Playing across town, he led the NBA in assists per game, four times. Jim-Bob. – Who is Magic Johnson? – [Alex] Yes, he’s the one. – It’s time for Dodger Baseball, 400. – [Alex] Longtime Dodgers
catcher, Mike Scioscia, drove to Orange County to become
this team’s longtime manager. James. – Who are the Angels? – [Alex] Yes. – Dodger baseball, 200. – [Alex] Sandy Koufax won
this annual pitching award with 100 percent of the first place vote in 1963, ’65, and ’66. Sara. – What is the Cy Young Award? – [Alex] You got it

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  1. Congratulations on your progress with chemotherapy, Alex! I hope you can read my best wishes before any news updates get Trending here. Keep fighting and bear the remnants to perdition.

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