ITV GMB: Kate Garraway red-faced as she makes embarrassing cricket blunder

 Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway made an awkward blunder while reading out a news report on the Ashes tournament earlier today  In the studio, Kate was joined by Ben Shepard, Susanna Reid and Richard Arnold. Kate’s co-hosts couldn’t hold back their laughter as the ITV presenter made an embarrassing mistake by reading out the wrong phrase  She began: “England’s hopes of retaking the Ashes look good after Australia’s opening batsman were blown away by our fast bowlers   Tripping over her words, she continued: “But even the powerful wind that blew the balls off… “Blew the bails off I should say, couldn’t help England take the wicket of Steve Smith…” As her co-hosts could be laughing at her mistake, Kate remarked: “There’s a ball involved in this story!” Continuing on with the report, she said: “The star batsman didn’t lose his concentration even when a beach ball, that’s what I was talking about, blew across the pitch, instead he hit it for four ”  Kate added: “The match resumes in a few hours time.” “The ball was blown on to the pitch!” Kate said before explaining: “I just got new contact lenses it’s not my fault ”  Light-heartedly making fun of his co-host, Ben sarcastically remarked: “It’s the contacts’ fault isn’t it ” “And what a lovely pair they are,” joked Richard. Elsewhere, Sir Keir Starmer was shut down for blasting Boris Johnson’s decision to call for a vote for a general election  The Labour MP said: “When the result came in, we accepted the result and triggered Article 50  “But a lot of water has gone under the bridge now.  “Boris Johnson isn’t even negotiating a deal Now, given the mess we’re in, we need permission from the public. “This is a million miles away from where we were in 2016 ” Piers Morgan jumped in to hit back: “The biggest threat to me is if the UK doesn’t leave the EU, that seems to be an overriding threat to democracy  “At what point is parliament conspiring, is collectively conspiring to stop it happen  “They vote against every Brexit deal that was offered. What are they going to do to make Brexit happen?” Piers and Susanna continued debating the issue with the politician but the trio failed to agree  Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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