I’ve Never Told Anyone This Story

This happened when I was about nine or ten years old and I’ve never really told anyone this story before. I was at this rugby competition which happens where I live at the beginning of December every single year. And it’s a competition that goes all around the world And I always go with my mum and dad I have done for as long as I can remember, but as I got older, I stopped spending the entire time with them and odd sometimes go off by myself be with my friends and I would just walk back to their stand. And we always had a VIP ticket So I never walked back with my friend but it was fine because I knew the area – we’d gone over a year – and my parents trusted me. So I left my friends, and I’m heading back to my mum and dad. And to get up to the stands you have to go down this corridor. And it’s quite dark and it’s rarely busy when there’s a match on because everyone’s watching the match and you often don’t leave and it was an England game. So, everyone was watching it. So there was no one in this corridor but there’s the security guard there because in VIP they have to make sure you are a VI person before you can go up to the stand. So I showed my VIP badge and he let me go. But then he stopped me. He asked me a few questions. I mean he didn’t seem intimidating at all, and I’m not on a mean person, so I’d answered. He’dl be like where’re you from? How old are you? How long have you been here, stuff like that, just generic questions. I didn’t think much about it. and then I tried to walk away and he grabbed my arm and he said where are you going and I said to look for my parents, and he pulled me closer saying don’t go yet, and I didn’t really know what’s happening. I mean I was ten, I hadn’t even kissed a boy yet. And then I just felt something come up between my legs and I had no clue what was happening. Because I didn’t even know what it was and he just pushed me against the wall. I was stuck there. He was a grown man, and I was a ten year old girl. What could I have done? And I just stood there, thinking what the hell have I gotten myself into? And he just pulled my trousers down. I was standing there paralyzed and then he violated me. I didn’t know what it meant. I didn’t know what had just happened. So I ran the moment I could but I didn’t tell anyone. I’ve never told anyone because how can you tell someone you were violated when you were ten?

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  1. Everyone here being like

    “I never told anybody this story” but you just did 🙄.

    This is serious so stop I see so many comments that’s say this

  2. He…Did…WHAT THAT F*CKING PEDOPHILE HE SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT TO YOU OR ANY OTHER GIRL YOUR AGE OR ANY OTHER AGE Pulls Kim into hug and calls 911 Hi yes I liked to report that a “Security man” just raped a poor girl named Kim…Your on your way now ok great see you in 5 thanks Bye Hangs Up don’t worry Kim they got him in ja he’s not gonna be a problem anymore HE BETTER BE IN DEATH ROW RIGHT NOW *Fumms with anger

  3. How did he became a cop??? The girl should have told her parents right after the situation, now read carefully all the girls out there u should not be scared if something like this happens to u u have all the rights to tell ur parents, and all the boys out there read this carefully u should never ever do this in your life!!!! That so called cop should go to hell!!!!!😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  4. Bro my heart plz if anyone goes through tell someone your parents or friends to help you 💔 I was sexually harassed I don't want people to go through the pain as me😢

  5. oh my gosh. when she said “then he raped me.” my heart sank. i can’t believe how strong she is. that guard is gonna rot in hell.

  6. Bruh no offense to the girl but if you are gonna tell someone don't tell the internet, then other ppl may see it (example family and bullies)

  7. This guy needs to get his arms and legs ripped off and get kicked in the face by all the animals in the world and then get forced to watch cringey undertale videos (I like undertale but there is cringe in the fandom) and then get chocked by a snake and get yeeted into a volcano

  8. *They say honesty is the BEST policy and that is 100% correct. In the long-run, lying, is NEVER worth it, because eventually the truth does come out.
    Even little white lies are not worth it. Because if your partner finds out you've lied to them about a little thing, they WILL start to question about what else you have told them. And they may get the point, no matter what you do, that they will NEVER be able to trust you again, no matter what you do to try and fix it. Thanks to the hacker I met who helped me discover that my ex have been lying and cheating on me. It was heart broken but it is a step I needed to love on. I will recommend him to anyone who really want to know for sure. You can reach him via [email protected] gmailcom. Tell him Tui referee you, thank me later.*


  10. Why do grown men think it's ok to do this to a little girl that doesnt even know what sex is. And that the face no one walked by and did anything. I personally if I was in this situation as the girl, I would've screamed for help but she also didnt know what was happening so I can understand why she didnt

  11. I… I have nothing to say….. Every time I hear stuff about or like this, the more I regret existing………………

  12. I was also raped by my lan lord 3 times when I was 6-9 and molested by my moms older friend, the lan lord is now in jail for 15 years since I told the police but I still get trauma for getting sexual abuse….

  13. Anyone that does something like this deserves to die in my opinion, Not just raping somebody but anything that hurts them for life or kills them.

  14. That Fucking perv bitchass pedo! I feel really sorry for you…If I was there and I would see such thing,I would probably kick him in the nuts from behind!

  15. This is why creeps exist

    To clean up our pee

    Like the poomps they are I mean how can he be a guard but rape a 10 yo girl.This is why I look forward to being a vigilante when I grow so stuff like this can't happen
    Her life was ruined
    Don't let yours or any other person have the same happen
    Like the vid to support the cause(es)

  16. This just brings tears to my eyes
    It’s not even an uncommon story
    Loads of young girls and boys and being taken advantage of
    And its just horrible

  17. I wanted to be wrong about what I think would happen as this video progressed. I really hope the wretch got what was coming to him.

  18. i hope she's doing fine now. it's really hard to leave something very traumatic behind and that breaks my heart 💔😢

  19. If I was the president of there country I would get every rapist and the death penalty would be chopping off there weiner and bleed there (not joking I would)

  20. I just wanna slap the shaaaaaa outta that fake security i feel so bad for that girl but why did he do that?!!!!!anyways my sister is called kim too


    My dad says that if someone even touches me inappropriately, he'll beat the hell out of whoever did that.

  22. it's sad that things like these happen and some people don't trust women like they're making stuff up, there's even a hashtag to it called #metoo ..

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