Jackie Kong & The Eye Creatures

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growing up as a small lad in Luton was racing home after playtime on Wednesdays
to catch a new episode of UFO the classic Gerry Anderson program which
essentially was a prequel for what would become Space: 1999 Gerry Anderson he’s
the one that had the children’s programs with the dolls dolls they were
state-of-the-art marionettes operated using an advanced process called supermarionation
that might explain your peculiar fascination with dolls Mr. Van Dahl
I have no fascination with dolls my good fellow nor for vans for that matter now
do shut up and allow me to complete my opening remarks oh so now you’re going
to join in this mockery as well are you I think not moving onward welcome to
Creature Features I am your host Vincent the menacing mademoiselle manicured for
mayhem stomping her way off screen would be the capriciously captivating Tangella
and the high standing horrendous heckler disguised as my typically soft-spoken and
mild-mannered Butler would be Mr. Livingston tonight I mentioned UFOs
because we shall present a film for you that revolves around UFOs namely 1965’s
The Eye Creatures which follows the chilling tale of an alien craft
terrorizing the citizenry of a small village in Texas it does not star
anyone particularly famous but who cares it’s likely one of those films that is so
terrible that it is simply divine or so we should hope but forget about the
movie for joining us tonight will be the wonderful Jackie Kong she’s directed
many horror films including Blood Diner The Being and Night Patrol she’s been
called the queen of camp and we’ll find out what it was like making all those
films when she joins us in the chair tonight you know Livingston she even did
a television series called Karaoke Nights he likes singing karaoke so don’t
go away because it’s going to be another night of alien invasion fright right
here on Creature Features stay tuned it’s that time of the week again you
know what time it is it’s fun time right yes that’s because we’ve got Jackie Kong
it’s gonna be fun tonight because we you’re like a famous director we don’t
get too many of you really I love it here I’m looking forward to exploring
your mansion well you know people have asked if they could film movies here and we’ve
said no because we’re busy we’ve got our own cameras maybe you’ll make an exception for me I would
you know for this woman who has done fantastic films I would but you know I
would take a week off yes do that Jackie Kong has done Night Patrol and
Blood Diner and a number of other ones those are you’re like old movies right yeah I
directed Blood Diner oh god when I was 27 years old 27 28 you were a baby I don’t
want to tell you how long ago that was it was the 80s it was the 80s what I like about
your films is you captured the 80s it’s just the perfect 80s film I mean it’s still
shown on television sometimes right no I’ve been on tour with Blood Diner Lionsgate
re-released it because of the fan base we have a worldwide cult following of
people that feel it’s the best film ever made which is a big compliment so when I
we when we I didn’t even know about it actually was actually generated on the
internet the fan base started writing about it
Lionsgate called me and wanted me to do the commentary and do a release of a
blu-ray and then then I was on tour for two years with the film at every in
every major city starting with Austin Alamo Drafthouse is in New York Denver
selling out in fact I just sold out of the Quentin Tarantino’s theater in LA oh fantastic
the New Beverly I bet he’s a fan of yours a huge fan of mine actually he knows
every scene in all my films he acted them out for me when when I was hanging
out with him early in his career and he was a video store manager and so he he
knew every he said Jackie Jackie Jackie which is your favorite scene in you
know Reservoir Dogs and and I don’t have a favorite scene I
didn’t really have a favorite scene I said the most memorable probably was the
torture scene but it wasn’t my favorite I mean it wasn’t but he could he
actually acted out his favorite scene from Night Patrol I want to hear more
stories about Tarantino but we’ve got a cutaway here and when we come back we’re
gonna talk some more with Jackie Kong so you guys stay with us you definitely
stay with us and we will be back soon stay with us (orchestral music) – Come in. – General. – May, I see your credentials? – Certainly. You ought to have the key. – Yes, it arrived by special
messenger late this afternoon. (dramatic music) Here’s your receipt. – Thank you. I don’t need to remind
you of the necessity for absolute security on this general. – No. I realize that civilization
itself may depend on it. – Good luck. – Sergeant, send that
Lieutenant Roberts in from security sector three in here. (suspenseful music) (door opening) (doorbell buzzing) (door opening) – Sir, Lieutenant Robertson
reporting as ordered. – Sit down Lieutenant, relax. (papers rustling) As you know, Robertson, your sector three has not been cleared
for receipt of materials on Project Visitors. So, I’ll have to give
you a verbal briefing for relay to Colonel Harrison. I’ll ask that you not take notes. But that you observe
everything you see and hear. Now, due to certain events
which I’m not at liberty to disclose, we feel
that sector three will be the probably place for the next contact. Now, pay close attention
to the information recorded on this film. It was prepared by L section
of your UFO division. – [Narrator] This latest
military film concerning Project Visitors was obtained
from the remote controlled high altitude satellite space eyes, as well as from ground tracking stations. The latest ship sighted
was at a completely unfamiliar design, and
came under hyper radar and infrared surveillance
at 2300 hours yesterday. The alien ship veered
for a close pass at the United States Remote
Meteorological Laboratory in orbit 15 CX. No attempt at communication was made. The orbiting object then resumed
its Earth intercept course at a rocky point along the Sierra Madre in the western portion
of the United States. The ship then set a low altitude course to the east at an extremely
low rate of speed. The official evaluation
of headquarters command is that the space vehicle
is probably manned, will affect the surface
landing, and must be presumed to be unfriendly. It is imperative that
absolutely no public information be released at this time,
to prevent a probable world wide panic. Infrared scanners lost
contact with the vehicle over the central United
States in the general area of security sector six. – Any questions? (knocking) Alright Lieutenant, your
transportation’s waiting. You should be back in your
sector within an hour. – Oh, Lieutenant, you tell
Colonel Harrison that I want those infrared scanners
manned every minutes, 24 hours a day, and that’s an order. – Yes sir. – Take off. (dramatic music) (beeping) – Got anything on the infrared scope? – Yep. Moving body. – Get it on the scanner. (jazz music) – Ain’t science wonderful? – I only found about it
after I got in the Air Force. Go to close scan. – Yes sir Sergeant. – Harold. – Hmm? – Harold, some how I
have the feeling that, oh that we’re being watched. – Well, sure we are Belle,
the kids in the other cars. Later on, we might watch them for awhile. Right now, let’s get back
to minding our business. – But Harold, I just
know they’re watching us. – Good. Now, that’s over. Let’s go back. – Wait. The feeling I have is like
someone out there is watching us. – It’s just your imagination pussycat. There’s no one dickens. – Ah, I truly admire science. (orchestral music) – Alright, Sergeant, what’s up? – Nothing, sir. Just testing
the infrared equipment. – That means, you’re playing
peeing tom again, right? – Right, sir. – Culver, how many times
have you been busted for pulling shenanigans just like that? – You mean this year, sir? – Altogether. – Three times, sir. – We’re here for a reason. A reason important to
the national security, and don’t ever forget it. – No sir. – No sir. – We’re here to watch the skies
and not the skylines, right? – Oh, you’re ever so right, sir. – Bad things are going on up there, right? – Right, sir. – Right. What kind of things, sir? – Never you mind. You’re here to watch the sky
and not the skyline, right? – Oh boy, are you ever right, sir – Right sir. – Now that that’s
established, let’s take a look how the infrared scanner’s working. (easy listening music) – Oh, Harold. – How about that pussycat? – Yeah, how about that? Sir. (classical music) – I think I may make Harold my hero. Well, back to business, men. – I’ll just have to look that girl up when I get into town. – How will you find her? – I’d recognize her eyes any place. – I’ll clue you Corporal. – The place most of these kids end up is– – The Pokey. – Of course not. They’re good kids. They end up at the terrace at the lake. Not that I go to places like that myself. – Oh heaven forbid. – But I’ve heard of it. – Whatever the Lieutenant says, sir. – I’m with him sir. (rock music) – Now, will there by anything else? – Right now, I can’t
afford what I’m thinking. – (Laughs) I’m sure of that. And I’ve got news for you. You never will. – Say, there is one thing. I was wondering if you
could tell me how to. I can’t read my own writing here. Could you tell me how to get
to first base with you tonight? (sighing) Well, at least I tried. – Trying’s all we ever do
ever since we hit this town. We should have never come
here in the first place. – Guess a guy’s gotta
be a native in this burb before a dame will give him a break. – Don’t give me that. – Let’s go home. I’m bushed. – This is country man. People move slow here. I tell you. I tell you I got a tip
that this town’s a cinch for a quick buck. Look, so all we have to do is
get some kind of pitch going at the fairground. Now, all we have to worry about is finding the right thing. – Skip it. I’m going to bed. We’ll pull out in the morning. – Well, I’m loaded for action tonight. Think I’ll take a drive
and see what I can pick up. – Fat chance. Remember, the car is half
mine, so drive carefully. – Your half’s the front seat. I won’t be using your half much tonight. – Oh, big lover. All mouth, no action. – [Man] Wanna lift back
to the hoarding house? – No, I wanna walk off
my great expectation. I wouldn’t want to hold
back the wheels of progress. Or should I say the
progress of a big wheel. (thunder rumbling)
(crickets chirping) welcome back we are still with Miss
Jackie Kong creator of Night Patrol if you’ve not seen this film you have to go
out and do it that was 1984 right yes but the blu-ray
just came out in fact in January 2020 I think around the 14th
so it was like remastered for blue-ray my films get are having a resurgence right now both Blood
Diner and Night Patrol have been re-released on blu-ray but they like
remastered the original oh yeah from the negative straight from the negative it must look
beautiful it’s fantastic you should try to catch it in the theater because it
was designed for a big screen I shot it on 35 millimeter film so it’s if you
look at Blood Diner there’s layers and layers of action that takes place that
you don’t really see on a small screen but on a huge screen there’s a lot going
on and it does not it really I create that’s sort of my trademark is having
all this action in these films at the same time a busy scene yes foreground
action dialogue mid-ground and then even I gel the windows and you see outside on
Hollywood Boulevard so you see all this it looks like a very expensive film
because of that and when you say it looks like it was not it was not neither
are you kidding I was gonna ask how you got into this what was this self made lets put it this way
there was really no opportunity for a Chinese female director in horror which was a
totally male-dominated genre and comedy also male-dominated so I don’t know what
possessed me to make these films because I didn’t see a limitation I just went
and recruited everyone to make the films including the actors and Night Patrol it
was Andrew Dice Clays first movie Billy Barty’s in it Pat Paulsen Linda Blair
the unknown comic Pat Morita would who was I don’t know if you know who he is
from Karate Kid these were Happy Days that’s what we
know Pat Morita from yes and from Karate Kid he was Mr. Miyagi right and so
anyway our film I shot it on weekends only because
I was only 25 and I turned 26 while we were filming and we didn’t have any
money it was pre Robert Townes and making his movie on credit cards and
I didn’t publicize it cuz I didn’t want anyone to know we didn’t spend much
making it because we wanted to sell it for a lot of money well it looks like a big budget film
with that cast and when I told them I spent 4 million dollars on it new world
believe me and they gave me a big half a million dollar advance oh I was gonna
say because it looks like it’s like professionally done no no we had some of the best
cinematography had five different cinematographers the reason why we shot
it on weekends is because I went for all pro crew which meant they were working
on other projects during the week and they would give me their weekends
because they believed in the project and then the crew finally came to me and
said Jackie we love the film so much we’ll just give you all of our time let’s
finish it up in two weeks yeah it was a 38 day shoot and so we ended up
finishing it and and selling it to New World for distribution fantastic we’re
gonna talk about some more about that and we’re gonna get to Blood Diner as
well but first let’s get back to the show and we will see you after the break
stay with us (suspenseful music) – How about that, baby? – [Woman] Oh, Harold. When you kiss me, I just see explosion. – You know what? When he kisses her, I see explosions. – Come on, come on. Stop talking. Now, let’s watch. (dramatic music) (suspenseful music) (car driving off) – You sure it was about (mumbles). – Sure, dead sure. – Oh, it was probably a plane going down. Anything can happen in these
crazy electrical storms we’ve been having. – That’s it. Low lightning. What else? Do you still believe the
old Bailey house is haunted? – Maybe the ghosts have come back. That old place was built
before the civil war. – Could be. – Well, how’s your recruiting
coming along, Lieutenant? – Not bad. – Hey, why don’t you
Shanghai a couple of them? – Are you kidding? – I wonder what they’re jabbering about? – I don’t see any girls around. So, what’s keeping you Romeos so busy? – Jim just saw a spaceship. – Only one? With all the beer he
drank, you’d think he’d see at least a six, in different colors. – This one was green. – I almost prefer the yellow ones myself. Say, speaking of the yellow ones. Why don’t you all go over and talk to that Air Force recruiting officer? – So, that’s what he is. I’ve seen him hanging around town. – That’s what he says he is. Ah, the boys were just
kidding about seeing a spaceship, Lieutenant. – Everyone know there’s no such thing. How many times do we have to deny it before people will believe us? – Well, excuse me, fly boy. – Better watch out. The way things are going, he may be giving some of you orders next month. – Man, I’m booked. They’re
dragging me in feet first. – [Man] I thought you had
a date with Susan tonight. – I do. I’m picking her up at 9:30. She’s fussing with a new dress. – Son, we know you’re
waiting for her old man to get out of the house. – What kind of dress takes
that long to get into? – Got to admit, Susan’s got
a lot of the right things to put in the right places. – Yeah, and they’re all mine. I’ll see you guys later. – [Man] Right, we’ll see you . (dramatic music) – Another car load of
them blasted smoochers on my property. I’ll get the law after them. (dramatic music) (droning music) Ah, I’ll fix them. – The hill top’s crowded tonight as usual. – Well, why not? We’re only getting worse. Besides, I’m gonna show you the moon. – The moon I can see anytime. – You can? – Uh hmm. (easy listening music) Hey, whoa. Take it easy. Not so fast. I’m out of breath. – Just proves you love me, that’s all. – I’m eloping with you tonight. That’s proof enough isn’t it? – It sure it is, seeing
how your father hates me. – Oh, it isn’t that bad. (easy listening music) Hey. Coming up here was a great idea. The gang doesn’t expect a thing. – And we’ll be back
before they even miss us. – No more sneaking up here to be alone. – And no more outsmarting your father. I mean, he is the city attorney. Close your eyes. Okay. that will make it official. You like it? – Oh, it’s beautiful. Let me try it on. – Uh huh, it’s bad luck. Come on. We’re wasting time. – Hey, cut those lights. – What are they having? A night ball game. – Hey. Let’s not attract attention. – Turn them off. – We are on old man Bailey’s property. And I don’t think the
police like us up here. – Yeah. I can see your father helping me. Tonight of all nights. (laughing) – Be careful. I’d hate to
run into old man Bailey. – Honey, I can drive
this road blindfolded. – You’ve had enough practice. – A lot. But never enough. (dramatic music) – Mike. (door opening) Mike, we’ve made it. At last, we’ve hit the jackpot. – Turn off that light, you bum. – Wake up, I said. Mike, we’ve got it made.
We’re millionaires. – [Mike] Yeah, yeah. Go to bed. – But this is different. It’s big. – [Mike] Ugh. – Now, look. I’m not trying to give
you pitch, but get this. You and me are gonna put
on an exhibition with the first and only truly authentic spaceship. – You woke me up to tell me that? – Told you it was big, didn’t I? Well, I’ve seen one. Just all these jokers have been saying. It’s big and round and
glows sort of funny like. And gives off this funny sound like, rooh, rooh, like that. – Oh. Rooh, rooh. Like that, huh? – Yeah. And it landed somewhere
near that old house that’s supposed to be haunted. Great. Isn’t it? (classical music) – Alright. Alright. But when I’m rolling
in the dough, don’t say that I didn’t invite you in. Okay, you’re invited out.
I’ll handle it myself. Go on. Go back to sleep. Sleep your life away. welcome back to the show Miss Jackie
Kong stepped away for a moment so you know what that means we’re gonna read
aur letters from you to us right right right right how you doing I’m well thank
you yeah well you know it’s getting uh
getting rather fluffy it looks like one of Tangellas sheep it does goats perhapse
goats and what are you doing with that she’s she’s sewing knitting crocheting
oh it’s for the goats you know she makes her own clothing for her own animals and
she does not yet know that animals don’t need clothing she seems to think so
she’s silly all right let’s read some mail what do you got for me tonight Mr.
Livingston all right so you know it would help if I had these things on my
face because I cannot see a thing close without them all right first one is from
Carl Lamagno a nice Italian man I think dear Creature Features Count Orlok
only blinks once in Nosferatu I watched the episode with Dacre Stoker and
noticed you blinked probably 1000 times maybe the lights no it’s it’s the lights
he’s right I’m going to go back and see if I can see if Dacre blinks at all in
the interview thanks for making my Saturday night strong again Carl Lamagno
well that that’s a nice note I think yeah blinking is okay it’s not like I
have a twitch or anything so it’s alright thanks for riding Carl next
up this one is from Jeremy Truggs in Los Angeles California
and he writes Creature Features I for one enjoyed Bikini Planet you know we
got a lot of complaints on that one indeed did you like Bikini she didn’t like Bikini Planet
well there wasn’t that many bikinis right it was all it’s too risque for
this show it was nice having something so different and completely wacky please
consider showing more fan films lower budget and indie films they’re always
quite fun to laugh at we’ve got an indie film coming up pretty soon so
good good thinking Jeremy thanks for writing and last of the night this one is
from Mr. Rick Sartirello oh another Italian man in Cleveland Ohio and he
goes dear Vince I read a story in guitar bender magazine that you’ve stopped
playing guitar and now live in a haunted house and all you do is sit around all
the time and watch spooky movies that’s really stupid get the band back together
come to Cleveland and shut up and play your guitar
yours truly Rick Sartirello Cleveland Ohio so okay yes I have not stopped playing
music I still play the pipe organ now and then and the haunted house were sort
of and sit around and watch spooky movies all the time only once a week the
only time I watch a spooky movie and you know I’m keeping myself busy with other
things right indeed I’ve taken up photography in fact I’m starting to do
video now as well so because one picture is just not enough I want to do multiple
pictures at once so maybe maybe we’ll post something soon of Tangella on the
roof again that’s some good footage all right thanks for writing Rick and that is it right that’s it all right if you’d like
to send us a note mail package send the notes in the email to the address you
see down here if you’d like to send a package money a parachute for Tangella
when she’s on the roof sent it to this address here we’ll be right back after
the next break but first let’s get back to what we normally do Sir. – [Man] Come in. (dramatic music) Why are these blasted
alarms always at night? About this so called spaceship of yours. Just where do you think it is? – From what these kids
said, it must be somewhere northeast of town. – Well, that checks with the last report we had from the radar station. I assume your man had it on the scope. – And we’d better get
right out there, sir. The general was pretty
sore at us for letting the last one get out of our scope. Army intelligence really
scooped us that time. – Scoop, did you say? – Just a figure of speech, sir. – Well, I hope so. Lieutenant, there’s
just one thing I want to caution you about. – Yes sir. – In civilian life, you
were a publicity man. – What are you getting at sir? – Just this. Our job is to prevent a
possible nationwide panic by keeping the information
from the public. I figured, a public
information officer is about the last thing we need. – I didn’t request this assignment, sir. – I know that. But get this straight, Robertson. If you leak one word of any
of this to your cronies, I’ll have you court marshaled and shot. Do I make myself clear? – Yes sir. Yes indeed, sir. – Good. Now go down the
hall and get your men. And tell them to load their weapons. (dramatic music) – Them dreaded kids. I’ll get them yet. – [Man] Can hardly see the road. – We want to get there in one peace. – Relax, honey. It’s only about
a half mile to the high way. We’ll make it. Nothing to be afraid of. (suspenseful music) (screaming) (thump) – What was it? – I don’t know. It happened so fast. – I didn’t even see it. – Hey, wait for me? Stan, what have we done? It’s a body. – Come on, give me a hand. Let’s take him to the hospital. (suspenseful music) – Stan, what is it? – I don’t know. – Is it still alive? – Whatever it is, I killed it. – Oh. I think I’m going to be sick. Stan, take me away from here. (crying) (tire hissing) What was that? – It’s the tire. The fender must have cut
it when we hit that thing. – Are we stuck here? – Well, we can’t drive on it. It’ll ride off the rim
and I haven’t got a spare. Look, go to the old Bailey
house and call the police. That’s all we can do. – What was that? – Wind, I guess. Come on. (low beat thumping) (dramatic music) Come on. What’s the matter? – Well, the kids. They
say this place is haunted. – Look, it may be. But I got a feeling that
whatever’s in there is a lot safer than what’s out here. (knocking) Hello? Anybody home? – Hurry, Stan. We’ve
got no right to be here. – I wonder where he keeps the phone. – I wonder if he has a phone. – Come on. (dramatic music) (screaming) – Honey, I’d rather do it myself. – I’d rather you did it too. Opening strange doors isn’t a thing for a good, clean living
American girl to do. – You’re right. You can never
tell what’s on the other side. (door closing) – Hey, Stan. There’s the phone on the wall. – Oh, fine. Now, you see, there’s
nothing to be afraid of. You just keep your wits
about you, and things begin to take on the proper perspective. – Oh, you men. So masterful. – I know. You’re a very lucky
girl to have a guy like me. – Keep telling me. – Operator, give me the police department. It’s an emergency. (phone ringing) Hello? My name is Kenyon, Stan Kenyon. I’m out here at the old Bailey place. – What’s the trouble? Yeah. Yeah. Oh sure, you’ve seen some old spacemen. I know. From another planet. Look, do me a favor. If you see him again,
will you give him my love and tell him to go home. Well, it’s Saturday night alright. That just made it official. – He thought I was kidding. (thunder rumbling) – Oh no. – Take it easy, honey. Go into the kitchen, see if
you can find some candles. Before the cops come. – Operator. Hello? Hello? Operator. Operator. (dramatic music) Operator. The darn phone’s dead. I
guess the lightening got it. (screaming) – Stanley, there was something out there. It was looking at me. No, but I saw it. No. (dramatic music) – What are you doing at my house? – You’re right. He does
look like a spaceman. Hi, Mr. Bailey. We hit something with our
car and we came up here to call the police. You were out. – The door was open. – That don’t give you a right to walk in. Who was it you hit? – It wasn’t a person. It was a thing. – Ah, it don’t make no difference. It all spells people. And people spells trouble. I knew it. I knew it was gonna
happen if you kids didn’t stay off my property. Yeah, we’ll call the police alright. – The phone’s dead. – That’s what you say. – Look, we didn’t kill
anybody. It wasn’t a person. – It was a space thing, a monster. – I know it sounds crazy. – You kids been drinking? – No, sir. – What’s your name, sonny? – Stan Kenyon. I worked out
of Blender’s gas station. – Yeah, I thought I’d seen you before. – We didn’t hurt anything human. – Okay, we’ll go. – And you tell your friends
they’d better keep off of my property, or they’ll get
a backside full of rock salt. – Yes sir.
– [Old Man Bailey] Now, you get. – Alright. – Alright, come one. Get. – Okay. (dramatic music) (orchestral music) (phone dialing) – Hello, Sarah. Tell them to send some
cops out here and chase these smoochers off of my property. Ah, alright, yeah. See that you do. (suspenseful music)
(crickets chirping) (thunder rumbling) (suspenseful music) (low beat thumping) (dramatic music) you know there’s a film that I don’t
think we could show here because we need more finances it’s called Blood Diner
and it was created by our guest Miss Jackie Kong and that was like three
years after you did Night Patrol yes um Night Patrol was a huge hit
theatrically opened in New York number 1 film went from 90 number 1
over Woody Allen which was unheard of in New York oh my goodness we went from 90
theaters to 125 theaters which will we end up three percent which normally a
film drops 30 percent after the first week so and then Vincent Canby in The
New York Times wrote a great review which of Night Patrol of Night Patrol
so I sent him flowers afterwards to thank him because it was unheard of to get
a good review he said this movie made me laugh I didn’t want to laugh but it made
me laugh from beginning to end which was a which is it was a great compliment of
course well you know it seems like it was one of the first horror comedies
well Night Patrol was a straight-out comedy but Blood Diner which is what I
ended up when Vestron saw the success of Night Patrol Vestron was the biggest
video company at the time right they wanted me to make a horror film and I
was probably one of the pioneers and of horror comedy I was going to say because what do we
have else from that genre we’ve got Evil Dead yes and Sam Raimi had a kind of a quarry
very stylized quality to his direct and you could always tell the Sam Raimi movie with these
and you didn’t do anything like that no mine was you have to see it you’ll see it’s very it’s
considered worldwide it has this big following cult following because it
truly affects the audience I mean you don’t come out of that film the same
this is this is Night Patrol no Blood Diner Blood Diner people so there’s comedy in Blood Diner Blood Diner
has humour and at that time horror did not have that kind of humor it was
either straight horror and you know there was no such thing when I made that
film Blood Diner was the first film to introduce killers
as being likable characters good-looking handsome guys
and it wasn’t scripted like that they were scripted it was scripted the two
killers were supposed to be gruesome and you could see them coming a mile away
and I said no that’s so cliche right I said let’s make them guys you want a
date that run the corner restaurant that when you walk in you want to give them
your phone number and the inspiration for American Psycho I think in fact you
know I’m on the list with Mary Lambert on top female horror directors Mary
Lambert myself the what does that show a couple of other who are I’ll send it to
you but there’s like she’s number one I’m number three there’s but there’s one
other in between I can’t remember what the film was but I felt pretty honored
to get on that list of top female horror film directors that’s a great list to be on and
that’s where you belong oh all right well speaking of horror we’re gonna get back to the show
but when we come back after the break we’re gonna talk about other films
you’ve done even did a TV series once I did the first internet TV series I got
the sponsor to put up the money for when I was everyone was saying no one is
gonna watch anything on the Internet all right so let’s get back and when we’ll
see you on the other side of the break stay with us (knocking) – Anybody home? – Mike, it’s Carl. Now, listen. Listen, Mike. This time I’ve got proof. – What is it, Carl? – Now, listen, Mike. I
can’t tell you what it is. But I swear I’m telling you the truth. I can’t tell you what it is. Because I don’t know what it is. It’s stuck under a car. Now, listen, Mike. Get
a cab and come out here. I need your help. – Yeah, well that’s too bad.
I’m going back to sleep. – [Carl] But Mike. – But nothing. Good bye. – Mike, don’t hang up. Now listen. Do me just one favor. Clean everything out of the refrigerator. – The refrigerator? – Yeah. What I’m bringing
home is perishable. We’ve got to keep it on ice. Got it, Mike? Including the shelves. That’s my boy. You won’t regret it. I swear to you. You do believe me, don’t you? I’ll be right home with it. – Sure, everything out
of the refrigerator. – Everything. Got it? – I got it, I got it. (dramatic music) (sighing) (dramatic music) (car driving off) (orchestral music) – Here. What the heck am I doing? I’m as crazy as he is. (orchestral music) (dramatic music) (low beat thumping) (suspenseful music) (man grunting) – I see it. But I don’t
think I believe it. – What a story. – That’s the green light
our jet pilots have been telling us they’ve seen. – Now, you’re cooking with gas, sir. – Enough with the jokes, Lieutenant. If those things turn out to be unfriendly. – You’ve got a point there, sir. Shall I drive closer, so
we can get a better look? – No, let’s stay right here. Something may be watching us right now. Airman, get me guard headquarters
on that shortwave radio. I’m gonna get some
engineers right out here and see if we can get inside those things. – You think we should get
some photography, sir? – Lieutenant, when
you’ve been the Air Force as long as I have, you’ll
learn you don’t have to think. All you do is follow standard
operating procedures. – Yes sir. – In this case, SOP calls for
engineers, not photographers. – [Airman] Excuse me, sir.
I got the National Guard. – Give me that thing. I’m gonna report this personally. – Hey, listen. – Yeah, come on. Let’s see what it is. (clanking) – What is it? – It’s one of those
space things, a live one. – What’s making that noise? – He’s banging away at
the fender of the car with some kind of a hammer. – Oh, let’s get out of here. – I’m with you. (suspenseful music) You okay? – Yeah. Oh, how much further? – Just about another quarter
of mile to the highway. – Oh, I wish we had
stuck to the main road. These shoes weren’t
made for plowed fields. – I know, honey. But
believe me, it’s shorter. Okay? (crickets chirping) (siren ringing) A police car. – But they must have
believed you after all. – Come on. Let’s back there. The police will take care of those things. (dramatic music) (siren ringing) – Okay, now let’s have this again. You say you were driving
along without your lights? – Yes, sir. But that didn’t
have anything to do with it. See, he just suddenly appeared. – Suddenly appeared? – From out of the dark. – We were really scared. Man, I’m glad you guys game along. – Yeah, I’ll bet you are. Doc, over here. Now, kids before I take
you down to headquarters, I want you to do something for me, okay? – Sure. – See this nice little balloon? Well, I want you to blow it up. – Balloon. What for? We gonna have a party? – Never mind. Just blow. – Hey, come on. Look,
we’re wasting time now. Aren’t you gonna do
anything about the spaceman? It may be a whole invasion. – Blow I said. – Man says blow, he means it. – The balloon test. – Yeah. Did you ever hear such
a cock and bull story? Spacemen, spaceships. – Wow. In my day, we were content
with pink elephants. But kids these days. – And Tuff, the gal says to me, “you don’t call him human, do you?” What do you think about that? – Well, what can you expect
with all these bad books being written nowadays. – Hey, Mr. Detective. I’m finished. Now, can we get going? Or shall I throw a little
confetti around for you? – You know, fella. For someone who’s
committed a serious crime, you are very anxious to
get to the police station. – A serious crime? – You call killing of
those monsters a crime? Something’s weird around here. – Uh hmm. Something or somebody. Come on, let’s go. – What (sighs)? welcome back to the show we are still
with Miss Jackie Kong you were telling me during the break that the sencores
tried to shut down Blood Diner well we had to get the film rated back then you
had to be rated in order to advertise if you got something worse than an R-rating
you couldn’t advertise in newspapers and television so we sent it over to the
censors MPAA and the film is so out there was so far ahead of its time
because the killers were sort of like likable right and this upset them a lot really
yeah the ratings did not like that no because they said it was like lacked
they wanted to be able to see a killer if it’s a killer you gotta look like a killer and
it this sounds like 1950s code or something it was amazingly strange for the time and I
remember you know saying that but they said they shut off the film and I can’t
tell you in which scene but it’s when they’re wearing president’s masks and
they’re killing a bunch of people and they seem to be more upset about the
president mask because it was an actual presidents right the president no president the
President of the United States masks Reagan and his wife were like supposedly
shooting all these women people oh how fun yeah it was like pre you know Point Break
they did it in Point Break as well but but no one had done it before and then I
have a mambo playing during another van killing a biker and they said oh my god
you know this was you know a mambo joyous mambo so what do they want to do
it was pre Quinton Tarantino’s you know Mambo Italiano but did they want to give
you an X rating for your film because they said that if they had to rate it
they would give me like five X’s why because it was so violent there’s no pornography
in it right no it’s violence I mean there’s violence but it comes from the
fact that these two guys sort of like the Son of Sam believe that this brain
like sort of like this brain right here is telling them to do all these horrible
things so I patterned it after the Abortion
Bombers and the Son of Sam who said the dog was telling him to do all these
things and this really upset the sensor so they
said look you know you can cut it down if we you know you could I can tell you
to cut it but the movie would be like 1 minute long because now if you were to release this
film today you wouldn’t would not be a problem because it’s pre Dexter I mean now you see
likeable killers Dexter was a likable guy right you understood the psyche of
the of the killer this wasn’t I went against the cliche at the time and I
made the guys likeable super likable and somewhat joyous and what they were doing
they believed they were on a mission and so this upset the censors they said
they turned it off it said the film had no socially redeeming values at all that’s not theirs to
choose exactly but get this thirty years later people are loving this film so much because they
get it now it’s like it was so far ahead of its time that back then it was like
considered just like they couldn’t wrap their brain around it the only audience
we fit that loved the film and it played like gangbusters was in Japan and
in Germany and in San Francisco it played the Castro Theater yes in San Francisco of
all places all right well I’m getting the signal we gotta get back to the show however
when we come back we’re gonna talk about what you doing next oh yes yes alright so we’ll be
right back you guys stay with us it’s gonna be fun – Now, if you’ll just read
this before you sign it. – Look, this is sill. We
told you what happened. Now, why don’t you do something? – That’s exactly what we’re doing, Miss. – This is not a statement.
It’s a confession. – Now, look. You admit driving the car, don’t you? – I told you that. – And with the lights off. – Right, but that– – Now, look buddy boy. Whether you realize it or not,
driving without your lights and killing a man is
against a law in this state. – Killing a man? You don’t call that thing a man, do you? – And I haven’t even added
in drunk driving yet. But when we get the balloon test back, that’s another strike against you. – Look, officer, my
father’s city attorney, and I demand that you
send for him right away. – [Man] We were waiting for that. Well, Miss, it so happens
that I know your father, and he’s already been sent for. – He’ll straighten you out alright. – Look, I’m not saying another word. Now, you want to try to beat it out of me, you go ahead. – Beat it out of you? It never fails. Try to be nice to a young
punk, and next thing you know, you’re up on charges of
using the third degree. – What’s this about the third degree? – Oh, Daddy, these people are crazy. Stan and I have had a horrible time. – I thought you told me you
were going out with Bill Moore. Not with this roughneck. – But don’t you want to
hear about the monster? – I heard that ridiculous story
when they Sergeant called. Now, listen to me, Susan. If it’s humanly possible,
I’ll get you out of this mess. As for this boy, he can take his medicine. – Thanks a lot. – They’re ready for the
identification, sir. – We’ll be right over. If you come with me, we’ll
make the formal identification. – Look, Mr. Rogers, why
don’t you see this thing? And then, maybe you’ll believe us. (suspenseful music) – [Airman] Shall I try it again, sir? – Go ahead. – We have you surrounded. Come out and you will not be harmed. – I don’t believe
anybody is in that thing. Probably under remote control. – Would you like to take a
walk out there in the open and test your theory? – Well, no sir. Not especially. – Then shut up. And start thinking of a
way to explain this thing without throwing a nation
into a complete panic. – Yes sir. – I beg your pardon, sir. Maybe if we fire a few rounds at it, we’d scare someone out. Anyhow, get some reaction. – Alright, go ahead. – Yes sir. (gun shots) – Getting nowhere. Lieutenant Robertson, get me a volunteer to operate an acetylene torch. We’re gonna get inside this thing and see what makes it tick. – Yes, sir. (suspenseful music) – [Man] Well? – I didn’t run over this
man, I ran over a monster. – Are you still on that kick? You see, Mr. Rogers, I didn’t exaggerate. – Look, Mr. Rogers. Sir, I swear. I’m telling the truth. It was a spaceman. – [Mr. Rogers] I’ve heard enough of that. – I saw it. – [Mr. Rogers] You know who he is? – Well, according to a driver
license we found on him, his name is Carl Fenton. We also found out he
lives at 121 Maple Avenue. – Where does he work? – As far as we can discover, he doesn’t. He and a friend of his
kind of just drifted into town about a month ago. – A friend? – Yeah, a fella he was living with. We tried to call him to come
down to try and identify the body, but he, well, we
didn’t get an answer. – I see. Can I talk to them alone a moment? – You mean here, sir? – At your office. Alright (dramatic music) – Let’s get this, both of you. You’re lucky in one respect. The man you killed is a nobody. There’s only one person
who’s interested in the charges against you. And that’s his roommate. – But Daddy, I swear to you. Stan didn’t kill anything, it was– – Quiet Susan. At least Stan
has the sense to listen. Now, tomorrow, I’ll go over
and talk to this Carl Fenton’s roommate, and see what
we can do to help Stan. Come on, Susan. I’m taking you home. – I won’t go unless Stan goes. – [Mr. Rogers] Don’t be
foolish, you’re not liable. – Yes I am. Stan’s lying. I was driving that car. – Hey now, wait a minute. – You’ve covered for me long enough. (dramatic music) (flame burning) – How much longer, men? We’ve got a deadline to make. – [Man] We’ve almost got it. (fire hissing) Hey, look at that. Looks
like some kind of fuse. (suspenseful music) (explosion) – What the? – Looks like a mysterious explosion over near the Bailey place. – Okay, let’s go. – What was that? – Something blew up. (door closing) – What do you suppose that was? – I could care less. You know something, those
things, whatever they are, they’re smarter than
all of us put together. – What do you mean? – Remember when we saw
him banging away at the fender of our car? – What’s so smart about that? – Well, don’t you see? They killed that man. And then, they dented the fender of my car to make it look like we did it. It’s to frame us. – And we thought they were mad at the car. – Right. – Honey, some how we’ve got
to go back out there and get something, some kind of
evidence that they’ll believe. ‘Cause if we don’t, I’m going to jail. – But how? They won’t let us. – I know it. (dramatic music) We’ll get it. – What are we waiting for? – Whatever it was it sure
burned itself out in a hurry. Let’s get a prowl car
out there right away. – Yes sir. – Now, what about those two kids? – I talked a little
sense into their heads. Just takes a little teenage psychology. They’re gone. Little fools. – Forget it. So, you talked some teenage
sense into them, did you? – Look officer, they were scared to death. Don’t put this in the record. I’ll take the full responsibility. (phone dialing) – You’re still here. – Well, of course I’m here. Where should I be? – I saw your car drive off. So, naturally I assume– – Oh no. If those car have stolen my car. You know, Mr. Rogers, you
said you’d be responsible. I hope you know what you’re doing. – So, do I. So, do I! – Now, Corporal, if you’d a
been looking at your radar, instead of that scanner,
we wouldn’t have let that spaceship slip by us. – I’m looking, I’m looking. – It’s too late. – It is kind of late. I wonder
if they forgot about us. – Just look at the scope. – But not too late for that date in town. Okay, I’m looking, I’m looking. But it’s kind of dull
though. Blip, blip, blip. – Yeah, blip, blip, blip. – Hey, I should snap on the infrared and take a look at them kids naked. – And get us court marshaled you mean? – Okay. Blip, blip, blip. – Uh, snap on the infrared. We’ll just take a peep at those kids in the line of business. – Well, what else? (dramatic music) (suspenseful music) – [Man] What do you make of it? – I think I have some
weird monster film on TV. Nothing as ugly as that could be for real. – Oh no? Have you looked in your mirror lately? – Funny, ha ha ha. But it must be near
the end of the picture. – How can you tell? – Well, that search light swung by, right? – Right. – Well, that stupid monster
is beginning to stumble. I bet you five bucks he
falls right off that cliff. – Have you seen this picture before? – Scouts honor. No. – You’ve got yourself a bet. – Now, watch. (dramatic music) (laughing) – I still think you saw
that picture before. Snap on a scope before
you cost me more money. – Can do, Sergeant. Can do. Blip, blip, blip, blip. – Oh, shut up. (dramatic music)
(crickets chirping) – Gee, Stan. I’m worried
about taking this car. – Compared to everything else. A little car theft doesn’t matter. (dramatic music) – You see anything, honey? – Not a thing. Hey, Don’t get too far away, I’m frightened. – Don’t be frightened. We’ll handle this. – We? Dear friend, you are
supreme commander in charge of that department. Stan, this is silly. The police were all over here, and they didn’t find anything. – Yeah, I guess you’re right. We might as well go on back. Unless this whole thing is a dream. Which is a polite word for nightmare. Come on. (dramatic music) (car doors closing) (car driving off) – Hey, what is this? A reflex action? – Just seems like the
natural thing to do out here. – Hey, I wonder if any of
the gang saw those things. – What do you mean? – Well, there’s a lot of them out here. And if any of them saw
it, that would convince the police that we’re telling the truth. – You wanna bet? If they police saw it,
they’d say we’d be drinking. You know something? Sometimes I think, no matter how many kids try to tell the police it,
they still wouldn’t believe it. – It’s an idea. Let’s drive up to the point
and see if any of the kids are still there. – What do we got to lose? – I’m sorry, Stan. I just can’t relax. – Yeah, I know what you mean. This would happen tonight
of all nights huh. (laughing) – I expected to be frightened
on my wedding night. But nothing like this. – Thanks a lot. (dramatic music) (screaming) (door closing) – Ah, Susan, take it easy. We got it trapped it inside. – Oh, Stan, take me away
from here please, please. – Don’t you see? At last we’ve got some evidence. – Who needs it? And how are we going to get
it to the police station? – We’ll just have to get
somebody to come down here and see it, that’s all. – But who? – Hey, remember what your father said? At the police station was
right about one thing. The one person who’d be
interested enough to listen to us is Carl’s roommate. We just gotta find him. – But where is he? – Um, wait. 121 Maple Street. That’s it. We’ll go over there and get him. Okay? – Okay. – Come on. – That is without a doubt the craziest story I’ve ever heard. – Look, will you just call
and check with the police. They’ve been trying to get you all night. But nobody answered. – Yeah (laughs). Thanks to these. When you live with a big mouth like Carl, you gotta have a secret weapon. – Oh, please call the police, please. – Come on. – Okay. Okay, but if this is some kind of a joke. – Whatever you say,
don’t mention our names. – If they find out we’re
here, we’re done for. – Don’t worry. (phone dialing) Hello, operator? Give me the police station. Hello, police. This is Mike Lawrence. I live at 121 Maple Wood.
My roommate, Carl Fenton. – Did you say Carl Fenton? We’ve been trying to get a hold of you. Your roommate was killed tonight. A hit and run victim. – Killed? Do you know who did it? – Yeah, they were two
kids, boy and a girl. They’ve given us the slip.
Temporarily, but don’t worry. We’ll catch them again. – You mean you had them and they got away? I’ve been living a fool’s paradise. I thought the police were alert. – Uh, yeah. And were they scared. You should have heard
the stories they told. All about little spacemen and. – I have. – You have what? – Oh, nothing. Never mind. Thanks a lot officer thanks. – Can you come down
tomorrow and claim the body? – Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. – Well. We tell you the truth? – The story checks out. Carl tried to tell me something about it. – Now, will you come with us? – I’m a nut. Yes. Give me a chance to get dressed. Now, I’m saying there is a claw mind you. But if there is one, I’m
going to get a picture of it. – Hey, great. – This is a hot one. – What’s so funny? – I’m just thinking how Carl
will feel when I put him on exhibition of the world’s
first victim of a spaceman. Well, let’s get going. (dramatic music) – I thought you said
the police had your car. – They do. This is Susan’s. Battery’s going dead. When’s the last time you got some water? – Whenever the filling
station man asked me? – Not the radiator. He
means the batter water. – What’s that? (sighing) – How about a little push? – I’m a guest here, remember? – Okay, okay. Come on. – I like this. No top, no motor. But a
brand new shiny spotlight. Somebody afraid of the dark. – Oh, I didn’t get it for that. – What did you get it for? – Well, the chrome makes
an excellent mirror. – Well, at least she’s got muscle. No brains but muscle. (car exhaust rumbling) (car door closing) Pile of junk. – Oh, please watch your language. Elvis is very sensitive. – Elvis? – Yeah, the gang calls her Elvis. She shames and shimmies a
lot, but she can really go. welcome back to the show we are still
with Miss Jackie Kong talking about movies horror movies horror movies she’s
done fantastic films now you’re one of the first if not the first horror film
female director how did you get into this well I started writing and to me
it’s all about the story you have to have a good story so when I was I’m
making film since I was 15 making super 8 films silent films and
then when I got to college I used the facilities to make 16 millimeter films
but my main focus was writing you have to be able to have a good story and I
told this to the film students at Chapman University I said if you don’t
have a good story you’re you’re working you know you’re just shooting images so
you’ve got to be able to tell a story and elicit a emotional response and
that’s what all my films did whether it’s a laugh a scare horror film nobody
walks out the same but that’s why these films have legs and years later decades
later people want to watch a good story’s important oh yeah you have the good story
so basically I wrote this script my first horror from I wanted to make a
monster film because I knew I could get it out there my films always get
out there I don’t even understand the concept of making a film that doesn’t go
into release so I wrote this horror film called The Being and I was been looking
for my cast and so I liked Martin Landau for one of the characters and I didn’t
know him this is what I tell people you have to do if you want to make a film so
I didn’t know him but I knew he had a he had an acting class studio in hollywood
in a playhouse so and part of the getting into that class is you have to
audition so I am 23 years old with my script in hand and I make an appointment
to audition as an actress as an actress to get into his acting class to meet him to say I want
you in my film that’s right so it’s a great story yeah so he was like where
I go in we were told to do this scene I said no sorry I’m not an
actor I’m a director and here’s a script that I wrote I’d like you to star in
and he was so taken aback but yet flattered I bet he was flattered and he said okay I’ll
read it and he called me the next day after he read and said I’ll do it and he
helped me get other cast members like Jose Ferreira that’s fabulous yeah he’s
a really wonderful he was a wonderful man very generous to not only the
director who’s worked with the best directors out there but he also was good
with the other cast members would always be there for their close-ups he seems
like a very kind man very very funny storyteller and so he helped me with my
first film he was the first star to sign up and then he helped me get other cast
members on board so you you you owe him a debt of gratitude to some degree don’t
you yes I suppose so and you know you a shoot for the best he was he’s had one
account an Academy Award in fact I had three Academy award-winning actors on
that my first film in that monster movie I had Jose Ferrer who is the king of
Broadway at the time man and Dorothy Malone played the mom of the monster it
was a straight-out monster movie from there it was just next movie next movie no that film
bombed at the box office because the producer didn’t want the time Samuel Goldwyn wanted to release
the film but they didn’t the producer wanted more money so we didn’t get
Samuel Goldwyn ultimately and and then we went with a smaller distributor and
it didn’t do as well and you’re only you know people in Hollywood they only look
at your success box-office so it says it didn’t pan out my career was over by 24
basically and I so they thought so they thought so they thought I want to find
out what you doing next in the next segment but first we got to finish up
the film and when we come back we’re gonna hear what you’re doing next for
sure right yes all right so you guys stay with us and we’ll be right back – What’s going on here? – It’s alright Sergeant.
Of our jets crashed. – Had a busy tonight too. Been flooded with calls
from people who say they’ve seen flying saucers
and little spacemen. (laughing) I wonder how that rumor ever got started. – Well, you got me Serge. – Well, good night. – [Airman] Good night Sergeant. (dramatic music) – Well? Did you get rid of him? Just can’t stand fuzz. – Fuzz? – Well, that’s what my nephew calls them. That kid has me brain washed. – Yes sir. I gave him a story that one
of our jet planes crashed and that we were taking
care of everything. – Did he believe you? – Colonel sir. You are talking to the man
who made the papers believe 45 year old B girls were teenage maidens. This was duck soup. (dramatic music) Did you find any signs of life sir? Anything I mean, besides the fuzz? – Whatever flew that thing
down here went up in smoke. Nothing left but ashes. – Job well done sir. – Makes you proud, doesn’t it? – [Air Man] Clean all over, sir. – That’s the ticket. Being a part of a sole axis,
protecting your country from alien invaders, think of it. Nobody but this special
unit and the President of the United States know what
really happened here tonight. – You mean, you think
we know what happened. – Well, of course we do. I think. – This top security business
is like scratching, Colonel. Once you get started, it’s hard to stop. – Just what are you
getting at, Lieutenant? Spit it out. – Colonel, did it ever occur
to you that there might be other things being hushed up
by other units just like ours? (low beat thumping) (suspenseful music) (crickets chirping) (dramatic music) – I can’t see anything. – It’s in there, it’s got to be. – Hey, wait a minute.
I’ll give you some light. (suspenseful music) – [Mike] What was that? – That was it. – [Stan] Mike, did you see it? – I saw something. Whatever it is, it’s on the floor. Look at that Stan, I’d never believed it. – Seeing is believing. – Man, can I clean up
with a dozen of those. – What could they do? – Play six pianos. Or three pianos and three drums. What a combo. We’d call them the Fingers. – You’re pretty sick. – And I maybe. – I got to get a picture of this. (flaming sparking) – [Stan] Well, I’ll be. – If it lets you live. – [Susan] It’s gone. – But, Well, I saw something.
It was right there. – Look, come on. Let’s go in back to town. I mean, they’ve got to believe
us when Mike backs us up. They can’t accuse him of
being a hysterical kid. – Alright, come on. Let’s out of here. (low beat thumping) What was that? – Don’t start getting excited now. You’ve got to be absolutely
calm when you call the police. – I’m glad you told me. – This darn car. – Turn off the lights.
It’ll give you more juice. – Good idea. (suspenseful music) (sighing) (screams) There comes another one, oh Stan. (crying) – [Mike] Did you hit them with the light? – [Stan] I don’t know.
I can’t see anything. – [Susan] It sounds like you did. – [Stan] They’re in the bushes. – Stan, use the spot light.
Turn the spot light on. (suspenseful music) (explosion) – It’s the light that kills them. – Are you out of your rocker? – No, she’s right. It burns
them up like it did the claw. – Stan, remember the batter.
You better cut the headlights. They don’t do any good. (suspenseful music) – Now, what do we do? The spot light’s getting dimmer. – The battery’s dead then. – It looks like we’re goners. That’s it. Let’s make a run for it. (screaming) – The camera, the flash bulb. Let’s go. Now or never. (suspenseful music) – Oh, Stan, I can’t go another
step. We’ve got to rest. – Okay, honey. Alright. We should be safe here
for a minute anyway. – Do you think they killed Mike? – I don’t know. I saw them pick him up and carry him away. – Oh, we’ve got to get help. We’ve got to. We can’t leave Mike to those creatures. Oh, what are we gonna do? – I don’t know. – What if turned
ourselves into the police? – What good would that do? – Well, don’t you see. Once we get the police out there. We’ll get them to help Mike someway. – Hey, I’ve got an idea. Come on. – Where are we going? – To use Bailey’s phone. – He won’t let us. He’ll shoot us. – I’ll be charming. Come on. – Right. Look, I’m trying to tell you. We want to give ourselves up. If you’ll just come out
here to Bailey place. – You’re not wanted anymore. Go home and sleep it off. – Well what about Carl? – Well, according to the
autopsy we did on him, the cause of death was heart
failure due to alcoholism. – Well, how about the fender on my car. Now, you said that proved I hit him. – Oh, you hit him alright.
But only after he was dead. – After? – Well, the way we figured, he was drunk. And he must have ran his car
off the road down the hill. We found an empty liquor bottle in him. Yeah, that’s what gave us the tip off. He must have managed to get out of the car and climbed back up the hill. But the exertion and the
liquor were just too much for his ticker, so copped out. And then, you kids must
have come along and run over his body. – But won’t you come out here? – What for? You’re cleared. – What about stealing your car? Don’t you want us for that? – Well, we will get the car
back. Just don’t sweat it. – But we’ve stolen it just the same. – Young lady, don’t worry about it. Your father took care of it. Now, please, don’t bother me anymore. Just go home and sleep it off. (phone hanging up) (dramatic music) – Great. – Trust Daddy. He came through again. – Yeah. Hey, how about the gang up at the hill? – Oh, no. Not at a time like this. – Don’t be silly, honey.
They’ll still be there. Maybe they’ll help us. At
least they’ll believe us. – What makes you think so? – Because they’re not like our parents and they won’t think
that we’re drunk or nuts or something just because we’re young. – Maybe you’re right. – It’s worth a try. – Come on. (dramatic music) – Nancy. Nancy, we were attacked by weird creatures and they captured him. – And the police wouldn’t believe us. – Phil? Phil, will you help us? – Come on, I’ll show you the way. (dramatic music) – Well, that does it. – Not a trace. – Good nights work. Now, we can get some sleep. – And read about the jet crash
in tomorrow morning’s paper. Oh, aren’t we regular devils. (laughing) (dramatic music) – They were heading for this clearing, where there used to be an ice plant. Remember? – [Woman] Yeah, yeah. – [Man] Yeah, remember. – Okay, now turn your lights off. Now, look, when we get up
there, we surround the clearing. Once everybody gets in possession,
then I’ll blow the horn. Like this.
(car horn honking) That’ll be a signal for everybody
to turn their lights on. You got it? – [Woman] Yeah, we got it. – Okay, let’s go. (dramatic music) (car horn honking) (fire sparking (fire sparking) – What happened? Where am I? – You’re alright. They had you but- – But we burned them up. (men and women talking loudly) – But how did I get here? Where am I? – Don’t you remember? Spacemen. (gun shot) – It’s old man Bailey. Man, when he fires that
cannon, he means business. Let’s get out of here. (orchestral music) – You know, I bet that
nobody will ever believe us. – [Stan] Of course not. Why should they? After all, we’re just
a couple of crazy kids. – But what if they come again? What if there are more
of them around right now? – I guess all we can do
is hope that the next guy that runs into one is
100% certified adult. – I guess you’re right. – You know, being young
does have its compensation. – Like that then? – Ralph? Ralph? How’d you like to be my best man? – And Cheryl can be my maid of honor. – [Ralph] Hey man, have
you slipped your track? – [Stan] I just got back on it. (orchestral music) – Poor Daddy. He really
will never believe it. – So, why tell him? and that’s it for the film you know Tangella
was upstairs watching a different film than us she was watching Blood
Diner you liked that film what did you like about that film
oh she liked the ending ah you have good taste
she does have good taste but you know she likes to eat strange foods so that’s
not oh my god no wonder she loved the ending there’s a lot of strange foods Blood Diner being
eaten all right well maybe someday we’ll show this film I need to see this film you have to catch it all right
so what are you doing next Miss Jackie well I’m working on a film that will spin off into a
series a horror film an a la Jackie Kong version of a
horror film right and the idea is to create an urban legend an urban legend that’s never I’ve
created one for the show all right I can’t tell you all of the ins and
outs it’s a secret I can’t even tell you the title but I can only say that you
could track the progress on my website which is its Jackie Kong Director Jackie Kong Director
that’s a long one yes Jackiekongdirector.com .com simple
easy peasy and my appearances I’ve been on tour with Blood Diner and other films
and so my appearances are also listed so you’ve got a schedule yes yes fantastic well I
wish you the best of luck with this new secret project yes and hopefully next
time you’re in town we can get you back out to Bodega Bay again oh I would love
to come all right fantastic thank you so much for coming as far as you guys go
thank you for staying up late and watching the show you know it’s it’s
it’s funny how people stay up late to watch this show because you could be
sleeping I would prefer to sleep but I have to do the show so we’re both up
let’s have fun see you next week so Jackie this new project you need an
urban legend what about me well um if you could become a woman

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