42 thoughts on “Jackson’s FIRST BASEBALL GAME! (Hilarious!)

  1. Welcome to the vlog! Today is filled with fun, laughter, family, baseball, and mistakes!! Haha! I love this party of life!

  2. Jackson's a big boy!! He's a great example for his little brothers!! ✨ I love your family so much!!😍❤️

  3. Jackson is growing up so much. Calvin has such a big heart. We love hearing him talk more! Nothing better than a baby smile! Jared, you are such a great dad!

  4. Getting my little girl up in the morning (6months) and seeing her big smile first thing makes mornings so much better! Baby smiles & giggles are the absolute best!

  5. I too played softball/fastpitch for over 14 years. Loved it! Such a fun sport! Jackson did amazing hitting the ball.👏 Too funny when he stood there while his team was already in.😂
    JARED, I think Calvin needed the tee moved down, it was too high for him to hit it. Just a thought. 😁

  6. love you guys the absolute most!! it’s a good break to watch your videos during finals week to make my load a bit easier to get through!!

  7. Am i late to comment?
    Oh I hope not
    But what i'm here to say are
    Jackson, calvin and tommy is so cute
    Your guys vlogs make me smile and laugh
    I'm happy i find you guys youtube channel
    I 'm sorry for my bad english.

  8. Finally comments or back on in a couple of weeks ago you were talking about places to live in North Carolina and my opinion is a great place to live

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