Jacuzzi® Performance: Olympic Gold Medalist and Ice Hockey Player Mike Eruzione

I think my whole career as a hockey player
was pretty successful. My strength as an athlete was dedication and hard work. It was instilled in me the young age you know You don’t do something just to be ok. You work hard, if I was gonna be successful in sports that had to be key ingredient. I’m Mike Eruzione I was captain of the 1980 Olympic gold medal winning hockey team and I played left wing. You know hundreds of people tried out for the Olympic Games. They narrowed it down to 20 of us and I was fortunate to be one of the 20. To represent your country and
capture a gold medal was pretty special. I look back on my hockey career and the injuries that I deal with now, really correlates to the sport itself. Skating when you’re bent over puts a lot of pressure on your knees, back and your hips. It’s a physical game. Shooting a puck you know puts a lot of
pressure on your shoulders, your elbows, your hands, your wrists. At the time you’re playing you don’t realize what you’re doing because you’re in pretty good shape but you pay the price later down the road, and I think I kind of feel that now. A lot of ailments in hockey I think it started at a young age Whether it’s my knees right now, my shoulder, my back, my hips. I don’t lift weights because of my shoulders. I do skate once in a while when the grandkids skate. I do love to play golf so that keeps me pretty active. I enjoy that kind of workout. The reason I was you know looking forward to having a hot tub was from a therapeutic standpoint from some nagging injuries I have from athletics. The massage from the Jets, the heat relaxes my back, relaxes my
muscles, makes me feel a lot better. I’m Dona Eruzione, I’m Michael’s wife
and we’ve been married thirty six years. We have three grown children, four grandsons. We are surrounded by family constantly. She’s always carrying the kids on one hip or the other hip so She’s got some health issues. I have the kids from morning till night, it’s hard on my hips and my back. I have C-colitis and I have a bad a bad hip and knee. and at the end of the day it’s nice
to just relax, and it’s warm and the jets are great. The reason we were excited about
having a hot tub was the entertainment side of it. Add a little entertainment to
our winter parties, we get a lot of snow living in the east the wintertime. Because seasonally it’s great to go out there in the wintertime and enjoy it. I was worried about the in ground with pipes freezing or something could possibly go wrong. if it was in ground it would have been you know a nightmare. I thought the above-ground hot tub was the easiest thing for us. It’s so easy to maintain. I have to agree, I think that’s the best part. And it’s just so relaxing, in our backyard It’s perfect for us.

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