Jalebi | Official Trailer | Rhea | Varun | Digangana | Pushpdeep Bhardwaj | 12th Oct

“You’re the one that
lights up my world.” ‘That love is out of the world…’ “You make my nights and dawn.” ‘Those who are never
supposed to be together.’ The heart of Old Delhi,
which is the mansion of Netaji… …and its heart still
beats…with our breath. If you’re really in love with Delhi
then I will recommend you a book. I will fall in love
with Delhi as well. “We will never part ways…” I am not going to keep in touch,
so don’t come in my dreams. I won’t…my Jalebi. “You and me…” I wanted to marry you. Yeah… Is that ‘Yeah’ as in
yes or was that a question? “You’re the one that
lights up my world.” “You make my nights and dawn.” Senior copywriter and their youngest
partner in their company ever. But you were trying for freelance,
weren’t you? I am bored of working
on my laptop in these ruins. Whether you call it
melodrama or whatever. But if I leave this family
and home then I can never be yours. If you can understand this,
then we can be happy. Otherwise. I wish I could live without you. I will try. My heart kept lying to me. You never loved me. I destroyed myself because of you. “You’re the one that
lights up my world.” “You make my nights and dawn.” “We will never part ways.” Ayesha, this is Dev. Your husband. “You and me…”

48 thoughts on “Jalebi | Official Trailer | Rhea | Varun | Digangana | Pushpdeep Bhardwaj | 12th Oct

  1. भाई मेरा मुझे जलेबी मूवी देखना है इसको यूट्यूब पर डालो

  2. সৌমিত্র চট্টোপাধ্যায়ের পড়া "হঠাৎ দেখা" না থাকলে কী সেটা 'প্রাক্তন' হয়? 🙂

  3. Unse mohabbat kmaal ki hoti hai🥰jinka milna mukadar mein nhi hota😭 this is a truth. Of.. Almost 79,% relationships. .. Jo incomplete reh jnde a. I m also among of those.

  4. Liberating her from the binds!! Without even asked her opinion. All the decisions were made by him and him only. He just left her and moved on.

  5. I really don't understand why they left each other why they divorced from each other? They really loved each other i didn't like the end of the movie it pissed me off though it made me cry yeah

  6. These anti feminists are hurting my brain. All these comments saying that the female lead in the story was was self centred and left him for her career totally missed the point.
    First of all, how was she selfish? his mother was constantly making her feel bad about herself, he didn't want her to have a career.. put emotional pressure on her to have the baby even though she said she didn't want to. And later even after she gave him an extra chance of getting back together, he decided himself that he will leave her for HER career without even talking to her about it and left her questioning herself thinking she married someone who never loved her. And then he goes on living a happy married life where on the other side she constantly suffers for years.
    Secondly, the movie showcases how lovers don't need to be together to love each other. Being happy living apart is way better than living sad together. They're both good at their places at the end and that's what matters.

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